12 Ways to Level Up Adventure Rank Fast – Genshin Impact

Adventure rank is the most important factor that will affect your character’s strength in Genshin Impact.

This is quite different from the level system mechanic of traditional RPG or MMO games. It directly influences your character’s level threshold and even the items you can potentially acquire.

In this post, I’ll list down 12 ways to level up your adventure rank fast.

What is Adventure Rank?

Adventure rank gives you access to better item drops, tougher monsters, higher ascensions and better rewards from quests or dungeons. It will unlock higher character ascension, weapon ascension, domains and world level.

These 4 things are very important in increasing your character’s overall stats.

Let me explain why:

  • Character Ascension – You can easily increase each of your character’s levels by using Hero’s Wit, Adventurer’s Experience or Wanderer’s Advice. However, once you reach level 20, you will need to ascend your character to gain access to a higher level.

    Character access will then occur after level 40 and then every 10 levels after that. Each character ascension will require a certain adventure rank and materials to unlock.

    As per usual, increasing your character’s level will increase his or her base stats. But more importantly, your character’s max level of talent is also dependent on your character’s ascension phase.

  • Weapon Ascension – Your character’s weapon works exactly the same. You cannot increase its level any further unless you reached the required adventure rank level and ascension materials.

  • World Level – this mechanic affects the level of monsters in your world. Monsters will get tougher with a higher world level but this also means they will also drop better items and Mora rewards.

    You can only increase your world level once you gain the required adventure rank. Sometimes you will be asked to finish a quest to increase your world level but these quests are also tied to your adventure level.

  • Domains – These are the special dungeons you can access to hunt for weapon ascension materials, talent books and artifacts. Some dungeons are also locked until you reach a certain adventure level.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at all the ways you can increase your adventure rank.

Ways to Raise Adventure Rank

There are a lot of ways to increase adventure rank but you can only do most of them one-time. Also, some of them give a lot more experience points than the rest and some will require original resin.

If you want to level up your Adventure rank fast, you need to prioritize the ones that give you the most experience points. You can only do most of them one time anyway so you can do the rest once you completed them.

Here’s an overview of the things you can do to increase your adventure rank (ordered by priority):

AR Experience
Original Resin
Commission QuestsNoneVery High
Archon QuestsNone
(one-time only)
Very High
World QuestsNone
(one-time only)
Very High
Story QuestsNone
(one-time only)
Very High
(one-time only)
Hunting World Boss60 Original ResinsHigh
Unlocking Teleport WaypointsNone
(one-time only)
Hunting Elite Boss40 Original ResinsMedium
Clearing DomainsNone
20 Original Resins
Medium to High
Opening Treasure ChestsNoneMedium
Adventurer’s HandbookNone
(one-time only)
Ley Line Outcrop20 Original ResinsLow

1. Commission Quests

Adventure rank experience source number 1 - daily commissions

Commission quests are unlocked once you reach adventurer rank 12. And once unlocked you will get 4 quests you can finish every day.

Each quest will give you 250 adventure experience points. Moreover, you can get an additional 500 exp points once you finish all 4 quests. You can claim it from Katheryne in the adventurer’s guild booth in Mondstadt or Liyue.

This is your most reliable source of AR experience points and will only take about 10 minutes to finish. So this should be the first thing you do once you log into the game.

2. Archon Quests

Adventure rank experience source number 2 - archon quests

This is the main story quest of Lumine or Aether (depending on the character you chose). This will give you the most experience points out of all the options listed in this post.

But unlike commission quests, you can only do this once and is often locked by a required adventure rank level.

I recommend doing this as soon as you’re allowed to.

3. World Quests

Adventure rank experience source number 3 - world quests

World quests are like side quests. This will also give you lots of AR experience points and is not barred by your current adventure rank.

You take it from other people you found in the world of Genshin Impact. Sometimes, it is triggered just by walking around a certain area. There are even hidden quests that will help you unlock new domains and get tons of additional experience points.

Once you’re done finishing your Archon quests and daily commissions, you should be actively trying to finish some of your world quests.

Since finding world quests is not as straightforward as the first two methods listed here, this method will give you some advantage over other players.

I will be publishing all the hidden quests you’ll find in the game. Be sure to check it once they’re done.

4. Story Quests

Adventure rank experience source number 4 - story quests

Story quests are like side quests but have more to do with the story of the playable characters in the game. There are currently 10 known story quests in the game. This means you can have 10 more additional sources of AR experience points.

Some of them are locked until you reach the required adventure rank. Some of them also require keys which you can get by completing 8 commission quest.

You will naturally gain access to these quests as you progress in the game. Just don’t skip on them to get the AR boost.

5. Collecting Anemoculus and Geoculus

Adventure rank experience source number 5 - collecting anemoculus and geoculus

You can offer Anemoculus and Geoculus to the statue of the seven and gain a lot of adventure points in the process. It is pretty hard to collect all of them but they will give you a huge boost in experience points.

This is high in the priority list not only for the adventure rank points but also for the maximum stamina it adds to your character. This is incredible not only for explorations but is very useful for combat.

As you know, dodging and charged attacks will consume stamina. Having high stamina will increase your overall combat capability in the game.

6. Hunting World Boss

Adventure rank experience source number 6 - defeating world bosses

Defeating a world boss will give you 300 adventure experience points. But this is a high priority for the possible items you can obtain by defeating one.

The higher your world level, the better drops you can obtain.

Here are the possible drops you can get:

  • 300 Adventure Experience Points
  • Friendship Experience Points
  • Character Ascension Materials
  • 4-5 star Artifacts
  • 4-star Weapon Crafting Materials

Storm Terror Dvalin and Lupus Boreas are the only world bosses you can fight at the moment.

They only respawn once a week. If you think you can level up your world level within the week, I would recommend waiting until then. This way, you can get better drop rates.

7. Unlocking Teleport Waypoints

Adventure rank experience source number 7 - unlocking teleport waypoints

Teleport Waypoints give you 50 adventure experiences and 5 Primo Gems. This is very useful when you’re out doing your archon quests, commission and just exploring the world of Genshin Impact.

Generally, it is harder to uncover hidden quests than trying to find teleport waypoints.

Since you can immediately see some clues about their whereabouts just by looking at your map, I would recommend unlocking them as soon as you can. Then just get the quests or chests you’ll encounter along the way.

This will also help you move back and forth between areas on the map easily when doing any future quests.

8. Clearing Domains

Adventure rank experience source number 8 - clearing domains

Domains are where you can hunt for artifacts, talent ascension materials, weapon ascension materials and easy source of adventure exp and Mora. Different domains will give you different types of artifacts or materials.

Most of them will give you 100 adventure exp and will cost 20 Original Resin to clear.

But there are also some domains that you will not cost you any resins and will give you huge adventure experience points for one time only.

You should finish those types of domains as soon as you can if you want to level up your adventure rank fast.

As for the other type of domains, I would recommend focusing on domains that will give you materials to level up your talent or weapons first.

It might not be as fun as looking forward to artifact drops. But talent material drops are consistent. Every domain you finish with these drops is meaningful for your character’s progress.

Unlike hunting for artifacts that may or may not drop the stats you need for your specific characters. At adventure rank 40, you have a high chance to get 5-star artifacts. Even more so at AR 45. If you hunt for artifacts before then, there’s a very high chance that you will be replacing them.

This will save you some Mora, which will honestly be hard to come by once you reach higher adventure ranks.

9. Hunting Elite Boss

Adventure rank experience source number 9 - hunting elite boss

Defeating an elite boss will give you 200 adventure exp. This is something you can do repeatedly until you run out of the original resin.

Since this will cost 40 original resin, I would recommend only doing this if you are collecting character ascension materials. Due to the resin system, you can only do so much in a day.

If you are hunting artifacts such as the Gladiator set, then this would be a good choice to spend your daily resin on. But even then, I wouldn’t recommend going this route until you reach AR 40 or 45.

I would focus on collecting materials to upgrade your characters’ talents and weapons.

10. Opening Treasure Chests

Adventure rank experience source number 10 - opening chests

Treasure chests will give you anywhere around 10 to 30 adventure exp depending on the type of chest you’ve opened.

There are thousands of chests scattered around the world of Genshin Impact and it will take a significant time (and patience) to collect them all.

It’s a good practice to open chests as you find them. But I wouldn’t recommend focusing on them until you’ve depleted the other sources of adventure exp I mentioned in this post.

But if you’re ready to take on the challenge to collect them all, here are some ways to get them aside from the obvious chests you’ll find on the field:

  • Mondstadt Shrine of Depths – These shrines will require a key that you can get from World Quests, Statue of the Seven or some domains (the ones that don’t require resins).

    They are scattered across the areas around Mondstadt and will grant you access to a Luxurious chest.

    The chest will give you 40 Primogems, 60 Adventure rank XP and around 10 Anemo sigils.

  • Liyue Shrine of Depths – exactly the same as the ones found in Mondstadt but these ones can be found around Liyue.

  • Mysterious Seelie – These are the light-blue spirit-like creatures you’ll find in the field. You need to follow them around to get an exquisite chest.

  • Floating Slimes – When you’re exploring, make it a habit to look at the top of the trees. You will sometimes see floating slimes which will give you an Exquisite chest if you hit them with arrows.

  • Floating Crops – Once you reach Liyue, you will notice some plants with 3 circular petals. If you investigate them, they will escape and float in the air. Hit them with arrows and you will be rewarded with exquisite chests.

  • Challenges – Once you completed the prologue archon quests, you will encounter some altars with glowing red symbols.

    These are challenges that will reward you with an exquisite chest once successfully completed.
  • Completing Dandy’s Challenges – Dandy is an NPC that you can find around the world of Genshin Impact. Talk to her to start time challenges.

    Her challenges are basically a race to reach the checkpoint as fast as you can. You can essentially take her challenges an unlimited number of times but you will only get rewarded 3 times.

    Each successful challenge will reward you with a common chest, an exquisite chest and a precious chest in that order.

11. Adventurer’s Handbook (Experience Tab)

Adventure rank experience source number 11 - adventure handbook (experience tab)

If you access your adventure handbook, you will find various objectives under the experience tab. You can access this by pressing F1 or tapping the book icon found in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Each objective you achieve will net you 100 adventure exp. And the number of objectives varies from 4 to 13 and maybe even more as you progress in the chapter.

You can just imagine how much boost in exp you can gain just by claiming them, right?

These are simple objectives that you will naturally achieve as you play the game so I wouldn’t worry about them too much. Just make sure to claim them every once in a while to get that boost in exp.

12. Ley Line Outcrop

Adventure rank experience source number 12 - ley line outcrop

Ley Line Outcrop spawn randomly on the map. You can clear them by defeating the monsters that will spawn once you investigate them. It will give you 100 adventure exp, hero’s wit or Mora and will cost 20 original resin to claim.

If you are a completely free-to-play player, I would not recommend spending your resins on these ones unless you need Hero’s Wit or Mora really badly.

I know that this is needed to gain Battle Pass exp but you can actually just clear the monsters without claiming the rewards. This will still count towards your battle pass missions.


There are a lot of ways to raise your adventure rank. But if you want to level up as fast as you can, you should prioritize the ones that will give you the highest exp within the least amount of time.

Doing so will propel you to AR 30 or above within just a few days.

Hope this helps!  Should you have questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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