Chongyun: Talents, Ascension, Constellations
Chongyun Wish Art

Character Overview:

Frozen Ardor

Recommended Role:Support
How to Acquire:Wish

Chongyun Skill Description:

Spirit Blade – Chonghua’s Layered Frost

Chongyun Elemental Skill - Spirit Blade - Chonghua's Layered Frost

See the full talent scaling here

Cooldown:15 seconds
Duration:10 seconds
Energy Generated:4 Cryo Elemental Particles

Chongyun strikes the ground with his greatsword, causing a Cryo explosion in a circular AoE in front of him.

This skill has the following effects:

  • After 0.5 seconds, the skill will create Chonghua’s Frost Field. This will infuse Cryo properties to Sword, Claymore and Polearm-wielding party members attacking from within the field. All normal and charged attacks done within the field will deal Cryo damage.

    This will not override elements infused through elemental bursts.

  • The Frost field will remain for 10 seconds after the initial attack from ChongYun.

  • The Cryo infusion will remain for at least 2 seconds (depending on the skill level) even after you leave Chonghua’s Frost Field.

  • With the Steady Breathing passive talent unlocked, all characters that attack within the Frost Field will gain 8% Attack Speed.

  • With the Rimechaser Blade passive talent unlocked, another Spirit Blade will be summoned at the epicenter of Chonghua’s Frost Field once its duration ends.

    This blade will deal Cryo damage and reduce the Cryo Resistance of all enemies within a small AoE. The debuff lasts for 8 seconds.

    The damage dealt by this passive skill is the same as the elemental skill.

  • With the 2nd Constellation unlocked, all elemental skill and burst cast within the Frost Field will have their Cooldown reduced by 15%.

  • The skill will only generate elemental particles upon hitting enemies from Chongyun’s attack with his claymore. Any subsequent hit after that, even from the Spirit Blade through the Rimechaser Blade passive talent will not generate elemental particles.

Spirit Blade – Cloud-parting Star

Chongyun Elemental Burst - Spirit Blade - Cloud-parting Star

See the full talent scaling here

Cooldown:12 seconds
Energy Cost:40 Energy

ChongYun performs secret hand seals, summoning 3 giant spirit blades in mid-air that fall to the earth one by one after a short delay. exploding as they hit the ground.

This skill has the following quirks:

  • Each Spirit Blade can launch small enemies in the mid-air. Heavier enemies such as Fatuis will not get launched.

  • Each Spirit Blade has an independent critical rate chance.

  • With the 6th constellation unlocked, ChongYun will summon 4 Giant Spirit Blades instead of 3.

    Additionally, it will deal 15% more damage to enemies with a lower percentage of remaining HP than Chongyun.

    Note that it only measures the percentage of HP and not the actual HP so this effect can still apply even when fighting monsters with significant numerical HP value than ChongYun.


Chongyun Normal Attack - Demonbane

See the full talent scaling here

Normal Attack:

Performs up to 4 consecutive strikes.

With the 1st constellation unlocked, 4th attack will unleash 3 small Ice Blades. Each blade will deal 50% of ChongYun’s Attack as Cryo damage to all enemies in its path.

Charged Attack:

Stamina Cost40 Per Second
Max Duration5 Seconds

Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous swirling attacks against all nearby enemies. At end of the sequence, perform a more powerful slash.

Plunge Attack:

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Chongyun Passive Talents:


Chongyun's 1st Passive Talent - Gallant JourneyGallant Journey

NoneWhen dispatched on an expedition in Liyue, time consumed is reduced by 25%.

Chongyun's 2nd Passive Talent - Steady BreathingSteady Breathing

character ascension phase 1

Increases Attack Speed by 8% for Sword, Claymore or Polearm-wielders, attacking within the field created by Spirit Blade: Conghua's Layered Frost.

Chongyun's 3rd Passive Talent - Rimechaser BladeRimechaser Blade

character ascension phase 4

When the field created by Spirit Blade: Chonghua's Layered Frost disappears, another spirit blade will be summoned to strike nearby opponents.


It deals 100% of Chonghua's Layered Frost's Skill Damage as AoE Cryo Damage.


Enemies hit by this blade will have their Cryo Resistance decreased by 10% for 8 seconds.

Chongyun Constellation Info:

Constellation Level:NameDescription

ChongYun's 1st Constellation - Ice UnleashedC1

Ice Unleashed

The last attack of Chongyun's Normal Attack combo releases 3 ice blades.

Each blade deals 50% of Chongyun's Attack as Cryo Damage to all opponents in its path.

ChongYun's 2nd Constellation - Atmospheric RevolutionC2

Atmospheric RevolutionElemental Skills and Elemental Bursts cast within the Frost Field created by Spirit Blade: Chonghua's Layered Frost have their Cooldown time decreased by 15%.

ChongYun's 3rd Constellation - CloudburstC3

CloudburstIncreases the level of Spirit Blade: Cloud-Parting Star by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

ChongYun's 4th Constellation - Frozen SkiesC4

Frozen SkiesChongyun regenerates 1 Energy every time he hits an opponent affected by Cryo. This effect can only occur once every 2 seconds.

ChongYun's 5th Constellation - The True PathC5

The True PathIncreases the level of Spirit Blade: Chonghua's Layered Frost by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

ChongYun's 6th Constellation - Rally of Four BladesC6

Rally of Four BladesSpirit Blade: Cloud-Parting Star deals 15% more damage to opponents with a lower percentage of their Max HP remaining than Chongyun.

This skill will also summon 1 additional spirit blade.

Chongyun Ascension Materials:

Ascension PhaseRequired LevelMora CostRequired Materials:
Phase 1Level 2020,000

Shivada Jade Sliver×1 Shivada Jade Sliver

Cor Lapis×3 Cor Lapis

Damaged Mask×3 Damaged Mask

Phase 2Level 4040,000

Shivada Jade Fragment×3 Shivada Jade Fragment

Hoarfrost Core×2 Hoarfrost Core

Cor Lapis×10 Cor Lapis

Damaged Mask×15 Damaged Mask

Phase 3Level 5060,000

Shivada Jade Fragment×6 Shivada Jade Fragment

Hoarfrost Core×4 Hoarfrost Core

Cor Lapis×20 Cor Lapis

Stained Mask×12 Stained Mask

Phase 4Level 6080,000

Shivada Jade Chunk×3 Shivada Jade Chunk

Hoarfrost Core×8 Hoarfrost Core

Cor Lapis×30 Cor Lapis

Stained Mask×18 Stained Mask

Phase 5Level 70100,000

Shivada Jade Chunk×6 Shivada Jade Chunk

Hoarfrost Core×12 Hoarfrost Core

Cor Lapis×45 Cor Lapis

Ominous Mask×12 Ominous Mask

Phase 6Level 80120,000

Shivada Jade Gemstone×6 Shivada Jade Gemstone

Hoarfrost Core×20 Hoarfrost Core

Cor Lapis×60 Cor Lapis

Ominous Mask×24 Ominous Mask

Talent LevelMora CostRequired Materials
Level 212,500

Teachings of Diligence×3 Teachings of Diligence

Damaged Mask×6 Damaged Mask

Level 317,500

Guide to Diligence×2 Guide to Diligence

Stained Mask×3 Stained Mask

Level 425,000

Guide to Diligence×4 Guide to Diligence

Stained Mask×4 Stained Mask

Level 530,000

Guide to Diligence×6 Guide to Diligence

Stained Mask×6 Stained Mask

Level 637,500

Guide to Diligence×9 Guide to Diligence

Stained Mask×9 Stained Mask

Level 7120,000

Philosophies of Diligence×4 Philosophies of Diligence

Ominous Mask×4 Ominous Mask

Dvalin's Sigh×1 Dvalin's Sigh

Level 8260,000

Philosophies of Diligence×6 Philosophies of Diligence

Ominous Mask×6 Ominous Mask

Dvalin's Sigh×1 Dvalin's Sigh

Level 9450,000

Philosophies of Diligence×12 Philosophies of Diligence

Ominous Mask×9 Ominous Mask

Dvalin's Sigh×2 Dvalin's Sigh

Level 10700,000

Philosophies of Diligence×16 Philosophies of Diligence

Ominous Mask×12 Ominous Mask

Dvalin's Sigh×2 Dvalin's Sigh

Crown of Insight×1 Crown of Insight

Chongyun Builds:

Coming soon…

Chongyun Stats and Talent Scaling:

ChonYun gains an Attack Percent bonus starting at Character Ascension Level 2.

Level/Ascend PhaseATK Percent BonusHPAttackDefense
level 10% Attack1,00319 Attack54 Defense
level 200% Attack2,36648 Attack140 Defense
Ascend Level 10% Attack3,05462 Attack180 Defense
level 400% Attack4,57493 Attack270 Defense
Ascend Level 26% Attack5,063103 Attack299 Defense
level 506% Attack5,824118 Attack344 Defense
Ascend Level 312% Attack6,475131 Attack382 Defense
level 6012% Attack7,236147 Attack427 Defense
Ascend Level 512% Attack7,725157 Attack456 Defense
level 7012% Attack8,485172 Attack501 Defense
Ascend Level 618% Attack8,974182 Attack530 Defense
level 8018% Attack9,734198 Attack575 Defense
Ascend Level 724% Attack10,223208 Attack603 Defense
level 90 HP24% Attack10,984223 Attack648 Defense
Skill LevelSkill DamageEnchantment Duration
Level 1172%2 seconds
Level 2185%2.1 seconds
Level 3198%2.2 seconds
Level 4215%2.3 seconds
Level 5228%2.4 seconds
Level 6241%2.5 seconds
Level 7258%2.6 seconds
Level 8275%2.7 seconds
Level 9292%2.8 seconds
Level 10310%2.9 seconds
Level 11327%3 seconds
Level 12344%3 seconds
Level 13366%3 seconds
Level 14387%3 seconds
Level 15408%3 seconds
Skill LevelSkill Damage
Level 1142.40%
Level 2153.08%
Level 3163.76%
Level 4178%
Level 5188.68%
Level 6199.36%
Level 7213.60%
Level 8227.84%
Level 9242.08%
Level 10256.32%
Level 11270.56%
Level 12284.80%
Level 13302.60%
Level 14320.40%
Level 15338.20%
Skill Level1st Hit Damage2nd Hit Damage3rd Hit Damage4th Hit Damage
Level 170%63.12%80.32%101.22%
Level 275.70%68.26%86.86%109.46%
Level 381.40%73.40%93.40%117.70%
Level 489.54%80.74%102.74%129.47%
Level 595.24%85.88%109.28%137.71%
Level 6101.75%91.75%116.75%147.13%
Level 7110.70%99.82%127.02%160.96%
Level 8119.66%107.90%137.30%173.97%
Level 9128.61%115.97%147.57%186.99%
Level 10138.38%124.78%158.78%201.20%
Level 11148.15%133.59%169.99%215.40%
Level 12157.92%142.40%181.20%229.60%
Level 13166.68%151.20%192.40%243.80%
Level 14177.45%160.01%203.61%258%
Level 15187.22%168.82%214.82%272.21%
Skill LevelSpin DamageFinal Damage
Level 156.29%102%
Level 261%1105
Level 365.56%118%
Level 471.88%130%
Level 576.57%138.47%
Level 681.81%147.94%
Level 789.91%160.96%
Level 896.21%173.97%
Level 9103.41%186.99%
Level 10111.26%201.20%
Level 11119.12%215.40%
Level 12126.97%229.60%
Level 13134.82%243.80%
Level 14142.68%258%
Level 15150.53%272.21%
Skill LevelPlunge DamageLow Plunge DamageHigh Plunge Damage
Level 174.59%149.14%186.29%
Level 280.66%161.28%201.45%
Level 386.73%173.42%216.62%
Level 495.40%190.77%238.28%
Level 5101.47%202.91%253.44%
Level 6108.41%216.78%270.77%
Level 7117.95%235.86%294.60%
Level 8127.49%254.93%318.42%
Level 9137.03%274.01%342.25%
Level 10147.44%294.82%368.25%
Level 11157.85%315.63%394.24%
Level 12178.26%336.44%420.23%
Level 13178.66%357.25%446.23%
Level 14189.01%378.06%482.22%
Level 15199.48%398.87%498.21%

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