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Crab o' Lantern's graphic art depicting getting the familiar in Ni No Kuni: Worlds.

Crab o’ Lantern is one of the rarest familiars in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds.

In this post, we’ll take a look at its skills and their scaling per level, its base stats, bonus stats and its ranking in a tier list.


Crab o' Lantern's in-game icon in Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds.

Basic Info

LightDefenseRare 4-Star

Tier List Rank

PvEPvPFamiliar Arena

Field Passive Skill: Crab o’ Lantern’s Heart

At its base skill level, Crab o’ Lantern’s heart increases your Critical Resist Rate by 10%.

Furthermore, it decreases the Damage Taken by 1% for each light familiar or defense familiar equipped.

Below is Crab o’ Lantern’s Heart skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelCritical Resist RateElemental Damage Taken
Base+10.00%-1.00% Per Light Familiar
1+10.00%-1.00% Per Light Familiar
2+10.00%-1.00% Per Light Familiar
3+20.00%-2.00% Per Light Familiar
4+20.00%-2.00% Per Light Familiar
5+20.00%-2.00% Per Light Familiar
6+20.00%-2.00% Per Light Familiar
7+20.00%-3.00% Per Light Familiar
8+20.00%-3.00% Per Light Familiar
9+20.00%-3.00% Per Light Familiar
10+20.00%-3.00% Per Light Familiar

Field Active Skill: Shining Pumpkin

Crab o’ Lantern encases the partner in gold to protect them.

Gilded status disables any action but grants immunity to damage and increases HP Recover.

Familiar becomes stronger while partner is Gilded.

Note that this skill does not work on Auto-Battle.

At its base level, Shining Pumpkin makes the partner immune to damage for 1.5 seconds.

Furthermore, HP Potion and Heal Recovery are increased by 15%.

Lastly, Familiar Skill Damage is increased by 5%.

Below is Shining Pumpkin’s skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelDamage Immune DurationHP Potion RecoveryHeal RecoveryFamiliar Damage
Base1.5 Seconds+15.00%+15.00%+5.00%
11.65 Seconds+16.50%+16.50%+5.50%
21.8 Seconds+18.00%+18.00%+6.00%
31.95 Seconds+19.50%+19.50%+6.50%
42.1 Seconds+21.00%+21.00%+7.00%
52.25 Seconds+22.50%+22.50%+7.50%
62.4 Seconds+24.00%+24.00%+8.00%
72.55 Seconds+25.50%+25.50%+8.50%
82.7 Seconds+27.00%+27.00%+9.00%
92.85 Seconds+28.50%+28.50%+9.50%
103 Seconds+30.00%+30.00%+10.00%

Battle Active Skill: Golden Pumpkin

Crab o’ Lantern morphs the most distant enemy familiars into pumpkins, disabling their ability to fight.

At its base level, Golden Pumpkins will Morph the 2 most distant enemies into pumpkins for 5 seconds.

Below is Golden Pumpkin’s skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelMorph TargetsMorph Duration
Base25 Seconds
125 Seconds
225 Seconds
325 Seconds
425 Seconds
525 Seconds
625 Seconds
725 Seconds
825 Seconds
925 Seconds
1025 Seconds

Familiar Stat Per Evolution

Familiar increases their rarity through evolution. And with each evolution, they can gain additional stats and subsequently increase your CP.

Below is the bonus stats Crab o’ Lantern can gain per evolution:

Stat4-Star (Base)5-Star6-Star
Total CP17,82823,205808
Critical Resist477621765

Stat Bonus Per Awakening Level

On top of increasing the familiar’s skill scaling, getting a copy of any familiar will also further increase their stats through awakening.

Below is the bonus stats Crab o’ Lantern can gain per awakening level:

StatLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10
Critical Resist+84+168+252+336+420+504+588+672+756+840

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