Different Dragon Races in Dragon Master NFT

Are you looking for in-depth information about the different dragon races in Dragon Master NFT?

 In this post, we’ll take a look at each dragon specie in Dragon Master, their skills and the advantages they can bring should you choose them for your team.

Dragon Master currently has 14 dragon races, 3 of which are special dragons that have a very low acquisition rate.

The most common races are Prickly, Bloodlust, Life, Armor, Speed, Judgement, Super Dragons, Rage, Lucky, White and Black dragons.

And the three special dragon species, currently available are Demon, Freeze and Bomb Dragons.

Understanding what these races can do is pretty helpful so you’d know what you’re up against.

Let’s start with the Prickly Dragons.

Prickly Dragons

Prickly dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

Prickly Dragons’ skill has a high chance to activate whenever they get pushed back home.

Upon activation, it will deal direct damage to your opponent. 

Think of it as a reflect damage whenever you lose on a track.

Like most in the game, the reflect damage is RNG ranging from 3 to 24 depending on its size.

According to the current information we gathered, small Prickly Dragons reflect damage ranging from 22-24 damage.

Medium Dragons range between 13 – 15 damage.

Large ranges between 7 – 9 damage.

And extra-large Prickly dragons can deal reflect damage between 3 – 4 damage.

The activation chance is also RNG, averaging between 40 – 55% chance of activation.

Do note though that while the activation chance is RNG, it is ingrained once the dragon is born.

So if you get a 50% activation chance from your Prickly Dragon, it will always be 50%.

In the most recent patch, having four Prickly Dragons in your team will increase the trigger chance by a total of 15%.

Bloodlust Dragon

Bloodlust dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

Bloodlust Dragon has a chance to trigger life steal upon successful push.

The activation chance is a bit on the lower end ranging between 25 to 35%.

The amount of life-steal also differs depending on the size.

Small Bloodlust Dragons may trigger around 15 – 20 HP life-steal.

Medium dragon at around 10 to 15 HP.

Large dragons averages around 5 to 9 HP

And extra-large Bloodlust dragons at around 2 to 5 HP.

Furthermore, the life-steal it deals also doubles as additional damage.

So for example, if your small Bloodlust dragon triggers a 15 HP life-steal, your opponent will take 15 more damage on top of your small dragon’s base damage while you get 15 HP in return.

Using a full Bloodlust Dragon team will increase the trigger chance by a total of 10% (2.5% on each dragon).

Life Dragon

Life dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

Life Dragon’s skill is pretty forward. They give you additional HP at the beginning of the game.

You may think this is pretty underwhelming but those bonus HP will allow you to survive longer even if you lose 1 or 2 full-track push battles.

But like everything else in the game, the amount of additional HP it gives depends on the dragon size.

Small Life Dragons can give you around 75 to 85 additional HP.

Medium life dragons around 55 to 66 HP.

Large at around 15 to 20 HP.

And XL Life Dragons at around 3 to 10 HP.

Using a full Life Dragon team will further increase your initial HP by 5.

Armor Dragon

Armor dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

As the name suggests, Armor Dragon gives additional armor at the beginning of the game.

It blocks incoming damage from your opponent, giving you an early advantage as you can pretty much bait them while you push other lanes.

From what we observe, 1 point of armor blocks 100% of incoming damage from one dragon regardless of the actual damage.

So the damage from a small dragon reduces one armor the same way as it would for an XL dragon.

Armor points that are less than 1 reduce incoming damage by 10% per 0.1 points.

And as always, the amount of armor it provides depends on the dragon’s size.

Small Armor dragons provide around 2.80 to 3.25 armor.

Medium size armor dragons provide around 2 to 2.25 armor.

Large dragon provides 0.50 to 1 armor.

And XL Armor Dragons provide around 0.15 to 0.25 armor.

Using a full dragon team will increase your initial armor by 0.1.

Speed Dragon

Speed dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

As the name of their race suggests, Speed Dragon’s innate skill is speed boost.

They move faster on the track compared to any other dragon species in the game.

And unlike the previous type of dragons, the percentage of speed boosts they gain does not vary in their size.

The speed boost they gain varies anywhere between 20 to 25%.

Naturally, large Speed Dragons will move faster compared to large dragons of a different race.

One thing you need to remember is that while Speed Dragons move faster on an unobstructed path, it does not affect the pushing speed once the dragons are on a pushing tug of war.

They will, however, arrive faster and help with the push faster so it will give you some sort of space control advantage within the track.

Using a full Speed Dragon team will further increase the speed boost of each dragon by 10% (2.5% for each dragon size).

Judgment Dragon

Judgement dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

Judgment Dragons gain additional damage on tracks with Judges.

These dragons emit a fiery aura whenever they are on the same track with Judges, signaling that their attack power has increased.

If you’re not familiar, Judges are those caped-man holding a flag that randomly pops on a track from time to time.

Like the speed dragon, the percentage of extra damage Judgement Dragons can gain does not vary depending on the dragon size.

However, the base damage of small vs XL dragons is significantly different anyway. So small Judgement Dragons will have a greater damage increase.

These dragons pack a punch whenever they are on the Judge’s lane so make sure to defend well when battling these dragons.

Using a full Judgement Dragon team will further increase their damage by 10% on a lane with obstacles such as HP/Armor powerups, boulders, lanes with Judges, etc.

Super Dragons

Super dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

Super Dragons give an extra push when the sizes are the same.

This means that a  small super dragon will win the push battle with any other type of small dragon every single time.

It may not sound much compared to the effects of other dragon races but this is very useful, especially in a situation where both parties are throwing all they have in a single lane.

Think about it, as you put more dragons in a track, you have less space to maneuver while waiting for the cooldown of your next dragon.

If your opponent just dropped a dragon to equalize the total weight of all the dragons on the track, you will still win the push, while he or she is stuck waiting for the next cooldown.

One thing to note here is that when both parties have Super Dragon in their team, the one with more super dragons (weight-wise) on the track will activate its skill.

Using a full Super Dragon team will increase your team’s attack damage by 1.

Rage Dragon

Rage dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

Rage Dragons have a chance to deal double their damage once it reaches your opponent’s end of the track.

Their activation chances range between 15 to 25%.

Given that the base damage of small dragons is bigger, Small Rage Dragons have the highest damage potential out of all the dragons in the game.

Needless to say, Rage Dragons are deadly and it is not a good idea to leave them alone on the track uncontested.

Using a full Rage Dragon team will further increase the critical trigger chance by 10% (2.5% for each dragon size).

Lucky Dragon

Lucky dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

Lucky Dragons have a unique skill that increases the probability of getting them in your hand.

For example, if you have an Extra Large Lucky Dragon, you will get XL dragons more frequently.

Its activation chance varies between 30 to 50% across all sizes.

Having a Large or Extra-Large Lucky dragon in your team certainly gives you an advantage as you will have more chances of winning the push battle.

Furthermore, having a full Lucky Dragon team will increase your chances of getting an XL Dragon by 10%.

Demon Dragon

Demon special dragon in-game.

Demon dragon is one of the three special dragons currently obtainable in the game.

It gives extra damage to every single dragon on the same track.

From what we gathered, the extra damage boost it provides is around 20 to 25%.

Note though that there is very little information on any special dragons in the game so we could be wrong on this one.

Furthermore, all special dragons come in Large sizes. So their weight is always 60.

Given the enormous damage boost it gives, I don’t have to tell how much of an advantage it can give to your team, right?

Freeze Dragon

Freeze special dragon in-game.

Like the Demon Dragon, Freeze Dragon is very rare and therefore a little OP.

It freezes all enemies on the track preventing opponents to place dragons on the said track for the duration of its skill.

Furthermore, the opponent dragon’s weight is ignored during the duration of the freeze.

So a small dragon on your end will be able to push even your opponent’s XL dragon as long as it is frozen.

In other words, it gives a three-way advantage by letting you push your opponent’s dragon regardless of its size and allows you to put more dragons on the track while your opponent can’t for the duration of the skill.

The good thing is, it is a special dragon, making it very hard to obtain.

Moreover, the Freeze Dragon has been nerfed as to not exceed 1.5 freeze duration from what we observed.

Bomb Dragon

Bomb special dragon in-game.

As soon as you place a Bomb Dragon on the track, it will destroy all dragons on the said track.

It’s great for controlling the flow of the game as you can “reset” a track if it is not looking good in your favor.

However, do keep in mind that it will clear both allies and enemies on the track. So can accidentally clear a track where you have an advantage accidentally.

In good hands, this is definitely one of the best dragons you can get to control the flow of the whole game.

White and Black Dragon

White dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).
Black dragon specie in all sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

While White and Black dragons are technically two different races, they are identical in that they both do not have skills.

At least for now, the only advantage they have is when you use them in a set.

Having all four dragons in the same specie (either white or black dragon), will increase their damage by 2.

Also, they are pretty cheap on Dragon Master’s marketplace, making them the best dragons to buy if you want to increase your daily energy.

If you don’t know already, having multiple, non-rented dragons in your inventory will increase your energy to up 30 per day.

This will give you an edge if you’re planning to get to the top of the leaderboards as you will have more chances of winning compared to normal masters.

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