Disbeleaf: Familiar Skills, Scaling and Analysis — Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Disbeleaf's graphic art depicting getting the familiar in Ni No Kuni: Worlds.

In this post, we’ll take a look at Disbeleaf’s skill description and their scaling per awakening.

We’ll also cover its base stats and bonuses Disbeleaf can gain per evolution and awakening upgrade so you can get a better idea if this familiar will be any good for you either on PvE, PvP or Familiar Arena.


Disbeleaf's in-game icon in Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds.

Basic Info


Tier List Rank

PvEPvPFamiliar Arena

Field Passive Skill: Disbeleaf’s Heart

At its base skill level, Disbeleaf’s heart decreases the Skill Cooldown of earth familiars accompanying the partner by 1%.

Furthermore, it also decreases the Basic Skill Cooldown by 1% for each earth familiar equipped.

Below is Disbeleaf’s Heart skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelEarth Familiar CooldownBasic Skill Cooldown
Base-1.00%-1.00% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
1-1.00%-1.00% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
2-1.00%-1.00% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
3-3.00%-1.50% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
4-3.00%-1.50% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
5-3.00%-1.50% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
6-3.00%-1.50% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
7-5.00%-2.00% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
8-5.00%-2.00% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
9-5.00%-2.00% Per Earth Familiar Equipped
10-5.00%-2.00% Per Earth Familiar Equipped

Field Active Skill: Emotion Beam

Disbeleaf emits a dazzling light.

Instantly restores the partner’s HP and removes Frostbite.

It also temporarily increases the Frostbite Resistance.

At its base level, Emotion Beam restores 7.5% of Max HP + 1,000.

The Frostbite Resist Rate is increased by 50% for 5 seconds.

Below is Emotion Beam’s skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelHP% RestoreFrostbite ResistFrostbite Resist Duration

7.50% of Max HP

1,000 HP

+50.00%5 Seconds

8.25% of Max HP


1,900 HP

+55.00%5 Seconds

9.00% of Max HP


2,800 HP

+60.00%5 Seconds

9.75% of Max HP


3,700 HP

+65.00%5 Seconds

10.50% of Max HP


4,600 HP

+70.00%5 Seconds

11.25% of Max HP


5,500 HP

+75.00%5 Seconds

12.00% of Max HP


6,400 HP

+80.00%5 Seconds

12.75% of Max HP


7,300 HP

+85.00%5 Seconds

13.50% of Max HP


8,200 HP

+90.00%5 Seconds

14.25% of Max HP


9,100 HP

+95.00%5 Seconds

15.00% of Max HP


10,000 HP

+100.00%5 Seconds

Battle Active Skill: Aromatherapy

Disbeleaf shares a small seed with an ally familiar that removes the Frostbite status to all ally familiars within its range.

It also instantly restores the HP of the ally familiar with the lowest HP.

At its base level, Aromatherapy restores 35% of the ally familiar’s Max HP.

Below is Aromatherapy’s skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelFamiliar HP% Restore
Base35.00% of Max HP
138.50% of Max HP
242.00% of Max HP
345.50% of Max HP
449.00% of Max HP
552.50% of Max HP
656.00% of Max HP
759.50% of Max HP
863.00% of Max HP
966.50% of Max HP
1070.00% of Max HP

Familiar Stat Per Evolution

Familiar increases their rarity through evolution. And with each evolution, they can gain additional stats and subsequently increase your CP.

Below is the bonus stats Disbeleaf can gain per evolution:

Stat4-Star (Base)5-Star6-Star
Total CP16,11720,99325,868
Critical Resist429559689

Stat Bonus Per Awakening Level

On top of increasing the familiar’s skill scaling, getting a copy of any familiar will also further increase their stats through awakening.

Below is the bonus stats Disbeleaf can gain per awakening level:

StatLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10
Critical Resist+72+144+216+288+360+432+504+576+648+720

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