Hero’s Prayer Amulet Ingredients and Upgrade Option List

Hero’s Prayer Amulet is an upgrade for the beast fang amulet. It upgrades the tier of your amulet from common to epic. Aside from the additional AP, you can also choose 1 of the 3 effects options.

Each hero needs the beast fang amulet plus an additional prerequisite item. The ingredient differs depending on your chosen hero.

Here’s the list of requirements and upgrade options available:

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HeroRequirementsZephyr TideBlack FireTwilight Forest
Eclipse isle hero: zephyr.
3x peach
Get extra 25 energy points for every raw meat in bag. Also get a raw meat every 90 seconds.Increase damage by 15% when in snow region.Gain shield points equal to 5% of max HP when the Skateboard (ultimate skill) hit an enemy.
Eclipse isle hero: anchor.
Increase AP by 30% when HP is below 40%Increase normal attack damage by 25%.Decrease move speed of enemies hit by the Wave Shackles (2nd skill) skill by 20% for 1 second.
Eclipse isle hero: moran.
3x cola
Get 1 Golden Acorn and 2 Tracking Arrows every 90 seconds.Increase the Hat Trick (3rd skill) skill damage by 10% and storage limit by 3.Shorten the cooldown of the Lezginka (ultimate skill) skill by 5 seconds.
Eclipse isle hero: hawkings.
Throw an additional explosive droid whenever the Explosive Droid (2nd skill) skill is used.Reduce cooldown of the EM Mark skill (large stroke) by 5 seconds.Get an epic weapon immediately and improve the quality of a random equipment. Or gain one if one equip is missing.
Eclipse isle hero: twilight.
Roast fish
Roast fish
Get 300 Exp points bonus immediately and 50% more exp boost.Amplify 25% more damage for enemies hit by the Shadow Grab (3rd skill) skill.Increase the duration of the Demon Form (ultimate skill) skill by 5 seconds.
Eclipse isle hero: scarlet.
Increase damage of the Shadow Blade passive skill by 100% during stealth mode.Expand the stealth duration of the Shadow (3rd skill) skill to 6 seconds.Decrease the cooldown of the Blade Rain (2nd skill) skill by 5 seconds.
Eclipse isle hero: bella.
Dragon lotus
2x dragon lotus
Increase arrow damage by 15%.Decrease armor of enemies hit by Bella by 10 for 15 seconds.The Bird Step skill will no longer consume arrows and adds 5% more damage.
Eclipse isle hero: whisper.
Fire arrows
2x fire arrows
Increase equipment attribute bonus by 15%.Whisper has 100% chance of getting extra item when opening chests.Shorten the Meteorite (ultimate skill) skill cooldown by 15 seconds.
Eclipse isle hero: lily.
Frost arrows
2x frost arrows
Increase critical rate by 15%.Increase normal attack damage by 12% for every electromagnetic mine in bag. Max stack of 36%.Shorten the cooldown of the Electrifying Drum (2nd) skill by 2 seconds and adds 40% exploding damage when hitting enemies.
Eclipse isle hero: cauldron.
Roast bobble
Increase damage by 15% and decrease speed by 50% when in ball form.Automatically use the Pepper Spray (1st skill) skill when Cauldron enter and leave the ball form.Increase damage by 30% when in human form.
Eclipse isle hero: drake
Explosive mine
Explosive mine
Increase damage of the Flame Cyclone (2nd skill) skill by 45%.Increase damage by 12% when backpack capacity is over 50%.Restore 10% HP when dodge is used to escape a stun effect.
Eclipse isle hero: gray
Disguise twig
Disguise twig
Gain bonus 3 AP after defeating defeating an enemy. Max stack of 24 AP.Gain bonus 3% move speed after defeating an enemy. Max stack of 24%.Reset cooldown of the Swallow Assault (1st skill) skill after using the ultimate skill.
Flutter hero in eclipse isle.
Iridescent grapes.
Iridescent grapes
Attacks reduces enemy movespeed by 50% for 2 seconds.Reduces damage taken by 15% for Flutter and 10% for nearby teammates when flutter is using the Wind Rider (3rd skill) skill.Decrease enemy armor by 15 for 8 seconds when hit by the Tornado Skill.


Upgrading your beast fang amulet is something you should prioritize next to mining ores.

The effects the hero’s prayer amulet provides is nothing short of awesome no matter which effect you choose. Plus it is easier to attain than getting legendary equips.

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