Eula: Talents, Build, Ascension, Constellations — Genshin Impact
Eula character profile and overview in Genshin Impact

This post covers Eula’s talent description, constellations of character ascension materials, talent ascension materials and damage scaling.

Use this guide to analyze her damage potential or visualize how her overall gameplay works.

If you’re looking for a build or characters to use her with, check out the dedicated post I made about Eula’s team comp and physical build.

Character Overview:

Eula character profile pic

The Spindrift Knight

Recommended Role:Main DPS
How to Acquire:Character Event Wish

Eula’s Strengths and Weaknesses:


  • Most of her attacks are based on Physical Damage making her effective against many types of enemies.
  • Elemental burst can deal extremely high Physical Damage.
  • Can reduce the physical resistance of enemies significantly on her own.
  • The Press cooldown of elemental skill is very fast.
  • The Hold damage of elemental skill can potentially deal very high damage.
  • Very high resistance to interruption and defense through her elemental skill.
  • The talent scaling and damage of her skills, including normal attacks, is very high.
  • Gains Critical Damage bonus through character ascension.


  • High elemental burst energy cost.
  • May yield low DPS output if you can’t use elemental burst frequently.
  • Can be weak against Ruin guardians or enemies with very high physical resistance if you don’t have a good team.
  • The Hold cooldown of elemental skill is moderately long.
  • As a claymore user, her attack speed is innately slow.

Eula Skill Description:

Icetide Vortex

Icetide Vortex Elemental Skill

See the full talent scaling here

Press Cooldown:4 Seconds
Hold Cooldown:10 Seconds
Grimheart Duration:18 Seconds
Physical Resistance Reduction Duration:7 Seconds
Cryo Resistance Reduction Duration:7 Seconds
Energy Generated:2 Cryo Elemental Particles (Press)
4 Cryo Elemental Particles (Hold)

Eula slashes her claymore, releasing Cryo energy and damaging all enemies in front of her.

This elemental skill can be used in two ways and has varying effects:

Press – Eula slashes swiftly with her greatsword, dealing Cryo Damage to all enemies in front of her.

Successfully hitting the opponent with this skill will give 1 charge of Grimheart. Grimheart charges can be consumed by using the Hold attack.

Furthermore, Press attack has a faster cooldown of 4 seconds.

Grimheart has the following effects:

  • Each stack of Grimheart increases Eula’s resistance to interruption and Defense.

  • These stacks can only trigger once every 0.3 seconds.

  • Can stack up to 2 times.

  • With the 1st constellation unlocked, consuming at least 1 stack of Grimheart will increase Eula’s physical damage by 30%. This effect can last between 6-12 seconds depending on the stacks consumed.

Hold – Eula consumes all stacks of Grimheart, lashes forward and deals AoE Cryo damage to opponents in front of her. Hold attack has a longer cooldown of 10 seconds.

This skill additionally generates the following effects:

  • If at least 1 Grimheart stack is consumed, all enemies hit by the skill will have their Physical and Cryo Resistance decreased by up to 25%.

  • Each stack of Grimheart will be converted into an Icewhirl brand that deals Cryo Damage to nearby enemies.

  • With the Roiling Rime passive talent unlocked, consuming 2 stacks of Grimheart will generate a Lightfall Sword that explodes immediately.

    It deals 50% of the physical damage generated by the original Lightfall Sword from her elemental burst.

  • With the 2nd constellation unlocked, its cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds. This makes its cooldown as fast as the Press attack.

Glacial Illumination

Glacial Illumination Elemental Burst

See the full talent scaling here

Cooldown:20 Seconds
Energy Cost:80 Energy

Brandishes her greatsword, dealing Cryo Damage to nearby opponents and creating a Lightfall Sword that follows her around for a duration of 7 seconds.

Lightfall Sword has the following effects:

  • While present, the Lightfall Sword increases Eula’s resistance to interruption.

  • Lightfall Sword gains 1 energy whenever Eula’s normal attack, elemental skill and elemental burst deals damage to an opponent.

  • Energy stacks can only trigger once every 0.1 seconds.

  • Once the Lightfall sword’s duration ends, it will descend and explode, dealing Physical Damage to all nearby opponents.

  • Its damage scales based on the number of energy stacks accumulated within the 7 seconds duration.

  • If Eula leaves the field, the Lightfall Sword will explode immediately.

  • With the Wellspring of War-Lust passive talent unlocked, casting this elemental burst will reset the cooldown of the Icetide Vortex. Plus, she automatically gains 1 charge of Grimheart.

  • With the 4th constellation unlocked, the Lightfall Sword deals 25% more damage against monsters with less than 50% HP.

  • With the 6th constellation unlocked, the Lightfall Sword starts with 5 stacks.

    Moreover, normal attacks, elemental skill and her own elemental burst has a 50% chance to grant 1 more stack.

Favonius Bladework – Edel

Favonius Bladework Edel - Eula's normal attack

See the full talent scaling here

Charged Attack Stamina Cost:40 Stamina Per Second
Charged Attack Max Duration:5 Seconds

Normal Attack:

Eula perform up to 5 consecutive strikes using her claymore.

Charged Attack:

Eula performs fast and continous slashes at the cost of draining her stamina per second.

At the end of the sequence, perform a more powerful slash.

Plunge Attack:

This attack activates when you use the basic attack button while in mid-air. Upon activation, Eula plunges from the mid-air and strike the ground. This attack deals an AoE damage upon impact.

Eula Passive Talents:


Aristocratic Introspection Passive TalentAristocratic Introspection

NoneWhen Eula crafts character talent materials, she has a 10% chance to receive double the product.

Roiling Rime Passive TalentRoiling Rime

character ascension phase 1

If 2 stacks of Grimheart are consumed upon unleashing the Holding Mode of Icetide Vortex (elemental skill), a Shattered Light Fall Sword will be created that will explode immediately.

It deals 50% of the basic Physical Damage dealt by a Lightfall Sword created by Glacial Illumination (elemental burst).

Wellspring of War Lust Passive TalentWellsping of War-Lust

character ascension phase 4When Glacial Illumination is cast, the cooldown of Icetide Vortex is reset and Eula gains 1 stack of Grimheart.

Eula Constellation Info:

Constellation LevelNameDescription

Eula Constellation Level 1 - Tidal IllusionLevel 1

Tidal IllusionEvery time Icetide Vortex's Grimheart stacks are consumed, Eula's Physical Damage is increased by 30% for 6 seconds.

Each stack consumed will increase the duration of this effect by up to a maximum of 18 seconds.

Eula Constellation Level 2 - Lady of SeafoamLevel 2

Lady of SeafoamDecreases the of Icetide Vortex's Holding Mode, rendering it identical to Press.

Eula Constellation Level 3 - Lawrence PedigreeLevel 3

Lawrence PedigreeIncreases the level of Glacial Illumination by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Eula Constellation Level 4 - The Obstinacy of One's InferiorsLevel 4

The Obstinacy of One's InferiorsLightfall Swords deal 25% increased damage against opponents with less than 50% HP.

Eula Constellation Level 5 - Chivalric QualityLevel 5

Chivalric QualityIncreases the level of Icetide Vortex by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Eula Constellation Level 6 - Noble ObligationLevel 6

Noble ObligationLightfall Swords created by Glacial Illumination start with 5 stacks of energy.

Normal Attacks, Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts have a 50% chance to grant the Lightfalll Sword an additional stack of energy.
Song of Broken Pines
Song of Broken Pines

Stat Bonus:
Up to 20.70% Physical Damage Bonus

Weapon Effect:
– Increase attack by 16/20/24/28/32%.

– Provides Sigil of Whispers charges when using normal or charged attack.

– Upon obtaining 4 charges of Sigil of Whispers, increase attack speed by 12/15/18/21/24% and attack by 20/25/30/35/40% for 12 seconds.

– Sigil of Whispers can only trigger once every 0.3 seconds.

– Buffs from collecting 4 charges of Sigil of Whispers can only trigger once every 20 seconds.
Pale Flame Flower Artifact Piece - Stainless Bloom
4-Piece Pale Flame Set

2-piece set effect:
Physical Damage +25%

4-piece set effect:
When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, attack is increased by 9% for 7 seconds.

This effect stacks up to 2 times and can be triggered once every 0.3 seconds.

Once 2 stacks are reached, the 2-set effect is increased by 100%.
Snow-Tombed Star Silver
Snow-Tombed Star Silver
(4-star alternative)

Stat Bonus:
Up to 34.50% Physical Damage Bonus

Weapon Effect:
– Normal and charged attack has 60% chance to generate an Everfrost Icicle.

– Everfrost Icicle deals 80% attack damage in a small area of effect.

– Enemies affected by Cryo will instead take 200% attack damage.

– Effect can only occur once every 10 seconds.
Pale Flame Flower Artifact Piece - Stainless Bloom
2-piece Pale Flame

2-piece set effect:
Physical Damage +25%


Bloodstained Flower of Iron - Flower Piece
2-piece Blood-Stained Chivalry

2-piece set effect:
Physical Damage +25%

Eula Ascension Materials:

Ascension PhaseRequired LevelMora CostRequired Materials
Phase 1Level 2020,000

Shivada Jade Sliverx1 Shivada Jade Sliver

Dandelion Seedx3 Dandelion Seed

Damaged Maskx3 Damaged Mask

Phase 2Level 4040,000

Shivada Jade Fragmentx3 Shivada Jade Fragment

Crystalline Bloomx2 Crystalline Bloom

Dandelion Seedx10 Dandelion Seed

Damaged Maskx15 Damaged Mask

Phase 3Level 5060,000

Shivada Jade Fragmentx6 Shivada Jade Fragment

Crystalline Bloomx4 Crystalline Bloom

Dandelion Seedx20 Dandelion Seed

Stained Maskx12 Stained Mask

Phase 4Level 60100,000

Shivada Jade Chunkx3 Shivada Jade Chunk

Crystalline Bloomx8 Crystalline Bloom

Dandelion Seedx30 Dandelion Seed

Stained Maskx18 Stained Mask

Phase 5Level 70100,000

Shivada Jade Chunkx6 Shivada Jade Chunk

Crystalline Bloomx12 Crystalline Bloom

Dandelion Seedx45 Dandelion Seed

Ominous Maskx12 Ominous Mask

Phase 6Level 80120,000

Shivada Jade Gemstonex6 Shivada Jade Gemstone

Crystalline Bloomx20 Crystalline Bloom

Dandelion Seedx60 Dandelion Seed

Ominous Maskx24 Ominous Mask

LevelMora CostRequired Materials
Level 212,500

Teachings of Resistance×3 Teachings of Resistance

Damaged Mask×6 Damaged Mask

Level 317,500

Guide to Resistance×2 Guide to Resistance

Stained Mask×3 Stained Mask

Level 425,000

Guide to Resistance×4 Guide to Resistance

Stained Mask×4 Stained Mask

Level 530,000

Guide to Resistance×6 Guide to Resistance

Stained Mask×6 Stained Mask

Level 637,500

Guide to Resistance×9 Guide to Resistance

Stained Mask×9 Stained Mask

Level 7120,000

Philosophies of Resistance×4 Philosophies of Resistance

Ominous Mask×4 Ominous Mask

Dragon Lord's Crown×1 Dragon Lord's Crown

Level 8260,000

Philosophies of Resistance×6 Philosophies of Resistance

Ominous Mask×6 Ominous Mask

Dragon Lord's Crown×1 Dragon Lord's Crown

Level 9450,000

Philosophies of Resistance×12 Philosophies of Resistance

Ominous Mask×9 Ominous Mask

Dragon Lord's Crown×2 Dragon Lord's Crown

Level 10700,000

Philosophies of Resistance×16 Philosophies of Resistance

Ominous Mask×12 Ominous Mask

Dragon Lord's Crown×2 Dragon Lord's Crown

Crown of Insight×1 Crown of Insight

There are many different ways to build any characters in Genshin Impact. Usually, the build changes depending on her role in a team. In Eula’s case, she is best used as the main DPS of the team.

However, I can see her fit as a support due to the resistance reduction she applies with her elemental skill.

Here are some of the builds you can make for your Eula as the main DPS:

If you want a more thorough guide about this build, check out my article about Eula’s Physical Build.

Eula Stats and Talent Scaling:

Each character in Genshin Impact gains a specific bonus during character ascension. For Eula, she gains Critical Damage Bonus starting at Character Ascension Level 2.

All characters start with a stat of 50 Critical Damage, 5 Critical Rate, 0 Elemental Mastery, 0% Elemental Damage Bonus and 100% Energy Recharge. These stats do not increase through character level and can only increase through artifacts or innate character ascension bonus.

Level/Ascend PhaseCritical Damage BonusHPAttackDefense
level 150%1,03027 Attack58 Defense
level 2050%2,67169 Attack152 Defense
Ascend Level 150%3,55492 Attack202 Defense
level 4050%5,317138 Attack302 Defense
Ascend Level 259.60%5,944154 Attack337 Defense
level 5059.60%6,839177 Attack388 Defense
Ascend Level 369.20%7,675198 Attack436 Defense
level 6069.20%8,579222 Attack487 Defense
Ascend Level 569.20%9,207238 Attack523 Defense
level 7069.20%10,119262 Attack574 Defense
Ascend Level 678.80%10,746278 Attack610 Defense
level 8078.80%11,669302 Attack662 Defense
Ascend Level 788.40%12,296318 Attack698 Defense
level 90 HP88.40%13,226342 Attack751 Defense
Skill LevelPress DamageHold DamageIce whirl Brand DamageDefense Bonus
Level 1146.40%245.60%96%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 2157.38%264.02%103.20%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 3168.36%282.44%110.40%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 4183%307%120%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 5193.98%325.42%127.20%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 6204.96%343.84%134.40%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 7219.60%368.40%144%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 8234.24%392.96%153.60%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 9248.88%417.52%163.20%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 10263.52%442.08%172.80%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 11278.16%466.64%182.40%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 12292.80%491.20%192%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 13311.10%521.90%204%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 14329.40%552.60%216%30% Defense Per Stack
Level 15347.70%583.30%228%30% Defense Per Stack
Skill LevelElemental Burst DamageLightfall Sword Base damageDamage Per stackMaximum Stack
Level 1245.60%367.05%74.99%30
Level 2264.02%396.92%81.10%30
Level 3282.44%426.80%87.20%30
Level 4307%469.48%95.92%30
Level 5325.42%499.36%102.02%30
Level 6343.84%533.50%109%30
Level 7368.40%580.45%118.59%30
Level 8392.96%627.40%128.18%30
Level 9417.52%674.34%137.78%30
Level 10442.08%725.56%148.24%30
Level 11466.64%784.25%160.23%30
Level 12491.20%853.26%174.33%30
Level 13521.90%922.27%188.43%30
Level 14552.60%991.29%202.53%30
Level 15583.30%1066.57%217.9130
Skill Level1st Hit Damage2nd Hit Damage3rd Hit Damage4th Hit Damage5th Hit Damage
Level 189.73%93.55%56.8% + 56.8% 112.64%71.83% + 71.83%
Level 297.04%101.17%61.42% + 61.42%121.81%77.68% + 77.68%
Level 3104.34%108.78%66.05% + 66.05% 130.98%83.53% + 83.53%
Level 4114.77%119.66%72.65% + 72.65% 144.08%91.88% + 91.88%
Level 5122.08%127.27%77.27% + 77.27%153.25%97.73% + 97.73%
Level 6130.43%135.98%82.56% + 82.56% 163.73%104.41% + 104.41%
Level 7141.90%147.94%89.82% + 89.82%178.13%113.6% + 113.6%
Level 8153.38%159.91%97.09% + 97.09%192.54%122.79% + 122.79%
Level 9164.86%171.87%104.35% + 104.35% 206.95%131.97% + 131.97%
Level 10177.38%184.93%112.28% + 112.28% 222.67%142% + 142%
Level 11191.72%199.88%121.36% + 121.36% 240.68%153.48% + 153.48%
Level 12208.60%217.47%132.04% + 132.04% 261.86%166.99% + 166.99%
Level 13225.47%235.06%142.72% + 142.72%283.03%180.49% + 180.49%
Level 14242.34%252.65%153.4% + 153.4% 304.21%194% + 194%
Level 15260.75%271.84%165.05% + 165.05%327.32%208.74% + 208.74%
Skill LevelCharged Attack SpinningDamageCharged Attack Final Damage
Level 168.80%124.40%
Level 274.40%134.52%
Level 380%144.65%
Level 488%159.12%
Level 593.60%169.24%
Level 6100%180.81%
Level 7108.80%196.72%
Level 8117.60%212.64%
Level 9126.40%228.55%
Level 10136%245.91%
Level 11147%265.79%
Level 12159.94%289.18%
Level 13172.87%312.57%
Level 14185.81%335.96%
Level 15199.92%361.48%
Skill LevelPlunge DamageLow Plunge DamageHigh Plunge Damage
Level 174.59%149.14%186.29%
Level 280.66%161.28%201.45%
Level 386.73%173.42%216.62%
Level 495.40%190.77%238.28%
Level 5101.47%202.91%253.44%
Level 6108.41%216.78%270.77%
Level 7117.95%235.86%294.60%
Level 8127.49%254.93%318.42%
Level 9137.03%274.01%342.25%
Level 10147.44%294.82%368.25%
Level 11159.37%318.67%398.03%
Level 12173.39%346.71%433.06%
Level 13187.41%374.75%468.08%
Level 14201.44%402.79%503.11%
Level 15216.74%433.38%541.32%

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