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Eclipse Isle Food and Medicine List

There are various food and medicine you can pick up while playing Eclipse Isle. Some of them heal your HP, some give you a temporary boost, some adds shield points and some are needed as a prerequisite in creating a certain hero’s prayer amulet.

I used to only get items that help me recover some HP. Little did I know that some of the items you can get in the game are the key to ultimately winning the match. That and of course, your skills as a player.

Food and medicine items can make or break the match for you. In Eclipse Isle, these are one of those things you thought is only nice to have until you urgently need it. And I’m not just talking about items that recover your HP.

There are certain items that increase your hero’s armor or attack power. Needless to say, those items will give a slight advantage over your opponent when engaging them in battle.

To get better at playing the game, you want to understand what each of these items does.

That said, here’s the full list of food and medicine you can get when playing Eclipse Isle, including their effects and “upgrade” effects when roasts:

Item Name:Use Effect(s):Effect(s) when roasts:
Golden Acorn.
Golden Acorn
Tracks the nearest enemy within 300m radius and briefly increase move speed.Tracks the nearest enemy within 360m radius and briefly increase move speed.
Clears tracking and restore +20 energy.Clears tracking. Restore +40 energy. Restore 160 HP.
Dragon Lotus
Dragon Lotus
Increases AP +15 for 150 seconds.Increases AP +15 for 180 seconds.
Gain +8 armor for 150 seconds.Gain +10 armor for 180 seconds.
Restore 180 HP to a maximum of 80%.Restore 200 HP to a maximum of 80%.
Raw Meat.
Raw Meat
Restore 400 HP to a maximum of 80%.Restore 480 HP to a maximum of 80%. Gain +30 Shield Points.
Roast Fish.
Roast Fish
Restore 500 HP and gain +100 shield points.Item is already cooked
Roast Beef.
Roast Beef
Restore 500 HP and gain +150 shield points.Item is already cooked
Electromagnetic Mine.
Electromagnetic Mine
Deals continuous damage for 5 seconds to enemies within its range. Lasts for 10 minutes.N/A
Clears landmines within a 100m radius. If no landmine in the area, it won't be consumed.N/A
Explosive Mine.
Explosive Mine
Deploy a landmine that deals high damage to anyone near the detonation radius. Lasts for 10 minutes.N/A
Disguise Twig.
Disguise Twig
Disguise yourself as a tree.N/A
Iridescent Grapes.
Iridescent Grapes
Chance to gain permanent stat increase, stealth or intoxication effect.N/A
Gain +30 energy points. Recover small HP overtime as long as you have energy.N/A
Gain +55 energy points. Recover small HP overtime as long as you have energy.N/A
Magic Powder.
Magic Powder
Enter stealth that lasts 20 seconds.N/A
Star Scale
Star Scale
Gain +5 armor permanently and +300 shield points.N/A
Pineapple Scale.
Pineapple Scale
Gain 30% shield points and 50% chance to gain +1 armor permanently.N/A


Understanding the effects of each food and medicines in Eclipse Isle can come in handy especially towards the end of the match.

Consider this: The other team you’ll be facing off, probably killed a bunch of other players and acquired some good equips. Stocking supplies like the Dragon Lotus or Bobbles will give you an edge over the opposing team. Or even out any deficiency in if you lack better equips.

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