How to Get Red Diamonds in World of Dragon Nest

Red Diamond is an in-game currency that you can use to buy lots of items including the ones you would not get normally on field monsters, dungeons or even nests. Also, some of the most effective ways to increase your CP are bought using red dias.

The easiest way to get it is by topping up real money in exchange for it. But not everybody has lots of money to spend on virtual items.

In this short beginner’s guide, I’ll show you all the ways you can get free red diamonds in World of Dragon Nest.

What Can You Buy with Red Diamonds?

Shop items you can buy with red diamonds.

Okay, if you are a beginner you might be wondering what items you can exactly exchange it for. Well, there are quite a lot of items you can buy using red diamonds but most of them are not worth it if in my opinion.

Allow me to list some items which I think may be worth spending your red diamonds on:

  • FTG Potions – Increases FTG depending on the size of the potion.

    You can recover 1 FTG per minute and that’s it. It doesn’t reset even after the daily reset of quests or maintenance. So it is a good choice to stack a couple of these in time of need.

    And if you want to rank high in the Season Ranking, you can even stock a couple of these and use it all on the week you are planning to rank high.

  • Dragon Nest Resurrection Scroll – Allows you to revive if you die on any Dark Nest or Dragon Nest.

    Dark Nests or Dragon Nests are somewhat hard if you are not familiar with the proper strategy or it is your first time.

    You may find yourself dying when trying to complete one but I won’t recommend stacking a couple of these. Only buy this if necessary.

  • Mount Ticket or Slot Imprint Tickets – You need one to roll a random mount or slot imprint.

    These two are pretty useful and will definitely help increase your character’s CP. The only other way to get this is by completing Irene quests or topping up blue diamonds.

    Irene quests are pretty time-consuming and you need real money to acquire blue diamonds. Spending red diamonds on these is a good choice if you are a completely free-to-play player. Don’t expect to gain much out of these though since everything you’ll get is random.

  • Pet Growth Potions – Increases the exp points of your pets.

    Epic pets such as Arendel Violet or Crown Corgi give a huge boost for your character’s stat. You can level them up by producing some pet food through cooking but once you get them to level 23 or up, it will become pretty hard.

    Plus, having a lot of high-level pets will increase your Pet Butler Grade which will also increase your critical and defense exponentially. This alone makes it worth spending red diamonds on.

  • Protection Jelly – Prevent gear from degrading during enhancement.

    If there is anything that will greatly boost your stats, it is gear enhancement. However, the chances of success become lower as your gear enhancement becomes higher.

    To give you an example, +20 gears have a 20% chance of success and if it fails, it will go down to +19. By the way, the maximum enhancement you can possibly acquire is currently +30. I can’t imagine reaching that without using any jellies.

    If you don’t want to spend any real-world money on this game, spending all your free red diamonds on these is not a bad choice.

  • Dragon Jade Heart – allows you to lock one stat when resetting the grinding stats of your Dragon Jade.

    Grinding stats are given randomly when you evolve your dragon jade. And a unique jade will give you 4 different stat boosts. Furthermore, the stats you can potentially get are ranked from C to triple S.

    You can reset them to improve it through the use of the Grinding option. The problem is, using this option will reset all the stats your Dragon Jade currently has. What if you already have a triple S attack stat? Well, using Dragon Jade Heart will allow you to keep that stat and reset other useless ones.

  • Daily Quest Reset – You can only do daily quests once a day but as the name suggest, you can reset it by spending 100 red diamonds.

    This one is one of the best methods to gain gold fast in this game. And if you’re just starting out, gold is pretty important to increase your CP. I will recommend doing this until you get to a point where gold is no longer an issue for you.

    I recommend reading my Dragon Nest Gold Guide for other ways to acquire gold fast in this game.

Ways to get Red Diamonds

Now that we have an idea what the importance of red diamonds, let’s get to the main dish of this post.

Here are all the possible ways to get Free Red Diamonds in World of Dragon Nest:

Normal/Hell Dungeon

Tacitus hell dungeon.

You can get red diamonds from finishing any normal or hell dungeons as long as you finish it with a full party (4 people).

Finishing a hell dungeon 3 times and a normal dungeon 5 times will reward you with a total of 10 red diamonds each.

Currently, there are a total of 12 dungeons (6 from normal and 6 from hell)  so you can get 120 red diamonds just from doing this.

And the best part? It resets every day so you can get 120 red diamonds daily.

Season Ranking

Ranking on either production, colosseum or time & space will also give you additional red diamond rewards every day. And by the end of the week, you will also receive higher red diamonds based on your final ranking.

The higher your rank, the higher the rewards you can potentially acquire.

Here’s a tip: If you really want to rank high like in the top 10s or 20s using a bunch of FTG potions will help. All categories in the season ranking will require FTG to gain points. And having lots of FTG potions will give you some advantage even on the colosseum matches.

Here’s how it works:

Even if you lose in a PVP game, you will still gain ranking points. It will help though if you are really good at it because winning will give double the points compared to losing the game.

Furthermore, if you are familiar with MMR or PSR from MOBA games like League of Legends or DOTA, colosseum in World of Dragon Nest also has this. If you have a higher MMR, you will receive higher points per game.

For example, you will gain 400+ points winning with 1400 MMR. While winning a game with an 1800 MMR will give you 500+ points each.

Irene Quests

Irene quest reward.

Once you finish the main quest from Adventurer’s Guild Master Gunther in episode 2, chapter 4, you can start receiving quests from Irene.

Every day for 7 days, she will provide 5 series of quests that you can finish and receive some rewards. You can choose which quest you want to undertake but you can only accept 5 at a time.

Most of them are pretty easy to do but some of them are pretty hard depending on your available time. If you find that the quest you took is too hard, you can simply talk to her again to cancel it.

Anyway, you can get 15 red diamonds for finishing each quest.

Note that quests from Irene will reset every week.

Friendship Gift

Friendship gift reward list.

Throughout your play in this game, you will acquire some gift items that you can give to NPCs.

In return, NPC will gift you back. Collecting a set will reward you with some emoticons you can use when chatting in the channels and red diamonds. 

At the time of this writing (50 cap), you can get a total of 750 red diamonds just by giving gifts to NPCs. Though this method is not repeatable like clearing dungeons, Irene Quest or achieving a high ranking in the Season Ranking, it still helps.

Don’t worry about this too much because if you play long enough, you’ll lot and lots of these so just keep on giving them gifts until you reach 100 intimacy.

Set Index

Set index rewards.

You can donate equipment and some items to the index book to receive additional stats. But, since this post is about red diamonds, we’re interested in the set index panel.

To access this simply go to Menu>>Index>>Set Index

There are 8 categories you’ll find in the book:

  • Gears
  • Seals
  • Maps
  • Mining
  • Collection (Seeds)
  • Fishing
  • Cultivation

Each of these categories has a set index panel available. Completing a certain set will reward you with 10 red diamonds each.

Though this too is not repeatable, you can gain 1,960 red diamonds if you manage to index everything at the time of this writing.

It is not easy to complete these and I’ll probably complete the index book not because of the red diamonds but for the additional stat bonus.

Costume Collection

Costume collection red diamonds reward.

Completing a certain set of costumes, mounts and/or wings will give you additional stats and red diamonds reward.

Simply go to Menu>>Shop>>Costume Shop>>Collection to find if you unlocked any collection.

The rewards you can get may vary from 5 to 50 red diamonds depending on the particular set you’ve unlocked.

Honestly, this one is a little hard to obtain if you don’t top up regularly since you’d be needing mount, costume or wings ticket to actually unlock a piece.

If you regularly complete Irene’s Quest every day though, you’ll eventually unlock some of the collections. Not sure how long but you’ll get there someday…

Anyway, this reward is also not repeatable.


There are lots of useful items you can obtain by exchanging red diamonds. The easiest way to acquire them is by topping up real-world money but there sure are a lot of other ways to get them free.

Out of all the repeatable options you can do, competing in the Season Rank will give you the most amount of red diamonds. But this method is also like a gamble.

Doing Irene Quests and clearing normal and hell dungeons will be your best bet for a steady supply of red diamonds if you don’t plan on topping up.

Did this post help? Let us know in the comments.

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