Harpy Farming Guide for Warlocks – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

In this guide, I’ll show you the recommended equips, stats, cards, skills and best spots for Harpy farming as a Warlock in Ragnarok Mobile.

I made this guide in an attempt to find the best farming area for Warlocks. And to be honest, this isn’t the best there is. As of episode 5, I think it best to farm in Magma Dungeon Level 1.

How to one-shot Harpies:

Harpy monster information

Harpy is a wind element demon race monster with 169,089 HP. To farm efficiently from these monsters, we need an Earth element spell with a fast cast time and low delay interval.

Level 1 heaven’s drive is perfect for this. However, this spell isn’t as strong as chain lightning or meteor so we need some cards or equips in order to one-shot these monsters.

Of course, you want to increase your base magic attack as much as you can. You also want to invest in magic penetration from the Praying Card Pack. But even then, it might not be enough to 1 hit Harpies.

Here are the recommended equips, cards and other stuff we can do to increase our damage against Harpies. You may or may not need everything on this list depending on your magic attack.

For my character specifically, I got the +12 Wizard’s Power and 7.2k magic attack and everything in this list except for the clock card. At this stat, my damage is 180K. So I’d say about 6.9k magic attack plus 2 Ultraman cards are probably the bare minimum if you do not want to use int meal A or B so you can save Zeny.


Recommended equips when farming in harpies.
  • +10 Staff of Element Fusion (Tier IV) – In this video, I am using a plus 12 Wizard’s Power staff but it is not a requirement. Staff of element fusion is cheaper and will deal a higher damage output than the staff of wizardry. At tier 4, this will give you 50% more damage to your AOE skills. This, of course, includes Heaven’s drive spell.

  • Sacrifice Book – No other card or equip can give you a boost in ignore Mdef stat than this one so this is a prerequisite.

  • +10 Eye of Dullahan (optional) – I only use this equip because I constantly change builds to create guides like this and for the war of emperium but if I could recommend an accessory purely for farming Harpy, I would recommend getting two (2) tier V Orleans gloves.

  • Orleans Gloves (Tier V) – As mentioned earlier, if I am suggesting just for killing harpies and you are using Staff of Element Fusion, I would get 2 Orlean’s gloves tier V. And yes, they do stack.

  • Coif – The best headgear you can use to boost your magic attack right now except for Gacha items.

  • Monocle – The best eye-wear you can use to boost your magic attack and therefore, increase your damage against harpy.
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Recommended cards when farming in harpies.
  • Clock Card – This weapon slot card increases damage to formless and demon race monsters by 10%. This is a mini-boss card so it is very expensive. This isn’t very realistic for many, including me.

  • Ultraman Card – This card increases damage to brute and demon race monsters by 8%. You probably need two of these.

  • Deviruchi Card – Depositing this card will increase your damage to demon race monsters by 2%.

  • Munak Star Card (optional) – 15% ignore Mdef. Harpies have 156 Mdef so pumping your ignore Mdef stat is a good idea. However, I’d probably steer you with Agav card if your ignore Mdef stat is 75% or higher.

  • Luciola Vespa Card – Depositing this card will increase your damage to wind monsters by 1%. But given this is a blue card it might not be worth investing your zeny just to get that 1% additional damage.

  • Sealed Apocalypse Card – Get additional 10% of ignore Mdef.

Runes and Other Miscellaneous:

  • Earth Damage Rune – You can get a total of 6% more earth damage from 6 different runes.

  • Heaven’s Drive Proficient Rune – While this doesn’t increase your damage against harpies, this will make your farming a lot more efficient. It decreases the cast delay of heaven’s drive and therefore, allows you to cast more. You can get a total of 35% less cast delay from 7 runes.

  • Earth Element Guild Blessing – I do not recommend investing in this unless you have maxed out your Fire and Wind element blessings. This, however, can help pump more damage to Harpies.

  • Original Will Juice – The food is the best for pretty much anything else aside from MVP hunting.

  • Int meal B or A – If you find your damage isn’t quite enough to kill Harpies in 1 shot, try adding this. It would be better if you don’t have to though.

These are the skills you want to learn to farm efficiently from Harpies. They can additionally add damage on top of your equips. You can put your excess skill points on whatever you want.

  • Heaven’s Drive (Level 1 ) – Keeping this at level 1 will give you less cast delay and casting time. You can use level 2 heaven’s drive if you find your damage is a bit lacking but I’d suggest using int meal A or B instead.

  • Recognized Spell (Level 10) – I am not a fan of using this buff when farming because this really drains your SP too much. But getting additional damage to demons from cards is very expensive just to farm in this area. You’ll need a very very high magic attack to allow you to farm in Harpy without this buff.

  • Energy Coat (Level 10) – You can also keep this at level 5 so you can conserve more SP but I personally just leave this at the max level since this buff is consistent and the SP cost from 5 and 10 isn’t really that big compared to Amplify Magic Power. The difference is 50 SP between level 5 and 10.

  • Amplify Magic Power (Level 10) – Keeping this at level 10 will help you conserve SP as much as possible. Unlike the energy coat skill, this buff isn’t consistent and the SP cost difference from level 10 to 20 is 100 SP so you’re better off keeping this at level 10.

  • Elemental Enhancement (Level 5) – To boost your damage further.

  • Increase Spiritual Recovery (Level 10) – Since you’d be using the recognized spell skill, you’ll probably run out of SP at some point. This skill will ensure you can cast as many Heaven’s drive skill as possible.
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Skill Slots:

Recommended skills you should add in the slots when farming from harpy.
  • Amplify Magic Power.
  • Energy Coat.
  • Recognized Spell.
  • Heaven’s Drive.
  • Play Dead – If you ever run out of SP, this will help you recover SP really fast.

How Much Zeny and Loots can you Farm from Harpy?

To start, let’s see how much we can earn farming from Harpies. Have a look at this table:

MembersRAW Zeny at
maximum stamina
Average Zeny
per 60 stamina
(green only)
Average Zeny
per 480 Stamina
3 Members1,654,330184,3681,474,946
4 Members1,892,818219,7241,757,792
5 Members1,952,054220,2201,761,760

I did not include the number of loots you can get here because as of right now, you can’t sell them fast unlike other loots like glass beads, skel bones, necklaces of wisdom, etc. If you can sell about 100 pieces in a day, consider yourself lucky.

Pros and Cons:


  • RAW zeny you can get here is pretty high compared to other farming spots.
  • Harpy card is a blue card so you can sell them at a high price if you ever get one.
  • Harpy’s feather can be sold at a fairly high price but this is also a con, read more below.


  • The loots here (harpy’s feather) is very hard to sell so you can’t count on selling these fast.

  • Harpy’s map (border checkpoint) is super crowded. You may have to hop channels a lot of times before finding a good one. And even if you can get a less crowded map, there’s that chance that someone else can take or share the spots from you within a few minutes or hours.

  • Required magic attack and coincidentally, the equipment and cards needed to farm in this area is pretty expensive. I’d say it is even higher than if you farm in magma dungeon level 1.

Best Harpy Farming Spots:

Best harpy farming spots

There are 2 best farming spots in border checkpoint:

12 o’clock (Slight left corner)- This is without a doubt the best spot in this map but it is also super crowded. So throughout my group hunt test, I pretty much just go to the 2nd best spot which is just below it.

The spot below it is actually pretty decent and you get a particular spot where 4 harpies respawn at once. And just a little to the left has 3, and also 3 to the right.

Other tips:

  • Heaven’s Drive Proficient Rune – You can get a total of 35% less cast delay from 7 runes. This will make your farming a lot more efficient so I recommend getting all these runes when farming in Harpies.

  • You can accumulate more zeny by not using stay alert adventurer skills. The downside is, you have to manually move your character back to the spot every now and then.

    Alternatively, you can use the built-in macro controls from emulators. We recommend BlueStacks if you choose to go to this route.


Farming on the Harpy spot can be pretty decent. But for me personally, I don’t think this is the best farming spot for Warlocks.

Given the magic attack and equips needed to 1 shot Harpies, it is a lot easier to farm in Magma Dungeon level 1. That map has better overall raw zeny and loots too.

4 thoughts on “Harpy Farming Guide for Warlocks – Ragnarok M Eternal Love”

  1. Hello! thanks for the tips, i found them very useful.
    Hope you dont mind if i ask you, but i’m thinking of the best way to go about leveling up my wizard’s power right now. Mine’s at +10 and ideally the best move i can make to pump my m.atk is to bring it to lvl 12 but just straight up going to hollgrehenn and potentially burning 500m+ zeny just trying to level it up/failing/repairing etc etc.

    • Hi Matheus, glad you find it helpful!

      I will be writing a post on how to increase your magic attack and the methods you should be focusing on as time progress. So my answer here may be somewhat incomplete.

      Anyway, and in my opinion, your current weapon is plenty good already. And refining your Wizard’s Power from +10 to +12 may not be a good investment unless you’ve already unlock lots of Perma stats from headgears, foods and cards.

      If you haven’t got a +10 Eye of Dullahan, I would recommend getting it first. The difference it will make will be a lot better than getting a +12 Wizard’s Power. I lost about 700+ magic attack just from switching my +10 EOD (Tier VI) to a clean EOD (no plus no tier upgrade).

      I would also recommend buying shoes (preferably crystal pumps or staunch shoes for meteor builds) and/or a garment with m. damage increase (Arcane 3 or 4) instead of potentially gambling 500m+ on a weapon that may not be worth it. You won’t be seeing the effect on your stat but you’ll surely notice the difference from your actual damage to monsters.

      I could be wrong but I guess you were aiming for +12 because of the tier upgrade you saw for the Staff of Wizardry at Tier VIII (M.Atk +45, M.Dmg +3%). But do note that once you synthesize it to Wizard’s Power, the weapon’s effect will be a little different than the Staff of Wizardry and there would be little benefit from +10 to +12.

      Let’s compare the difference between +10 and +12 for a moment:
      +24 more Refine Magic Attack
      +2% more magic damage

      That’s it and nothing else.

      Now, this could change after a new patch but as of now, I believe you are better off investing your zeny on something else. There are a lot of good cards like the Zipper Bear Star card or Familiar Star card that can increase your magic attack by a few percentages.

      Generally, I would focus on getting more magic damage via runes and guild prayers while slowly saving up for better equips, slots and cards.

      If you are interested in some real tips in refining though, I also have that one scheduled. And it will not be based on superstitions but on real data. Hope this helps! Be sure to come here often 🙂


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