What is Honor Proof and How to Acquire It?

Are you wondering what the honor proof is used for? Or maybe looking for other ways to acquire it?

You’re in the right place then!

In this guide, I’ll show you all the possible and reliable ways to obtain honors proofs and where you might want to spend them on.

What is Honor Proof and what is it used for?

Honor proof is a special currency in Ragnarok Mobile that can be used to purchase a variety of items exclusively available in your guild’s Incredible Vending Machine.

You can use it to purchase PvP/GvG oriented equips or cards. And while there are a lot of items you can buy using honor proofs, you may want to focus spending it on Praying Card Packs.

Those packs can be used to upgrade your Goddess Blessing and various permanent stat bonus such as extra damage to demi-humans, attack, magic attack and even element damage.

How to Get Honor Proofs

There are a couple of ways to acquire honor proofs throughout the game and some are more effective and easier than others. Here are all the known ways to get honor proofs:

1. War of Emperium

Participating in the War of Emperium has a lot of benefits to further strengthen your character. One of these is the acquisition of honor proof.

During the war, you can gain 20 honor proofs each time you kill an opponent. You can also get 10 pieces as an “assist bonus” if one of your party members killed an enemy instead. You can get up 1, 200 honor proofs using this method.

Furthermore, you get 1 Praying Card Pack once you hit the 500 honor proofs threshold. And one more one you reach the 1,000 threshold.

If your guild has successfully defended a castle by the end of the War of Emperium duration, you get a bonus of 400 honor proofs even if you did not participate.

If you did participate, you will get one more bonus of 2 Praying Card Packs.

TIP: If you are a Full Support Priest, you can still acquire honor proofs just by resurrecting other members of your party.

If you are using an emulator with a multi-login feature, you can just create a bunch of weak characters and have them killed over and over while you, as a Priest just resurrect them over and over.

You can also have your main character kill those dummy account so you can farm 1,200 honor proofs per WoE.

2. War of Crystal

Having a strong guild is certainly an advantage. Probably the biggest reason is qualifying for the War of Crystal. Unlike the War of Emperium, it only happens once per week and it has a requirement.

To qualify, your guild should achieve a perfect defense during the Sunday schedule of WoE. This can be achieved by defending the castle without losing a single drop of HP from your Emperium for 15 minutes straight.

It’s a little hard to achieve if you are a small guild.

But in War of Crystal, you can get 3,000 or more Honor Proofs just for participating. Even if you can’t kill a single opponent during the WoC, you will still get that much.

3. MVP Battle Event

If you can gather good party members, participating in the MVP Battle is a decent way to farm lots of honor proofs.

This event happens every Friday from 8 PM to 11 PM (+7 GMT). And you can register by talking to an NPC named Altos located at Prontera Square.

I remember getting about 1k+ honor proofs just for killing 1 boss in this event. You can gain more if your party can kill more.

4. Bizarre Cat Litter Box Guild Facility

Bizarre cat litter box roll chance

Another way of obtaining honor proof is through the Bizarre Cat Litter Box guild facility. You can find this in the right portion of your guildhall.

This is basically a lottery where you can get random items depending on your luck.

The good news is, almost all the rewards you can get here are pretty useful, except perhaps the Eden Coin. The number of items you can get will depend on the level of your Bizarre Cat Litter Box facility. The higher the level, the more rewards you can get on each roll.

For this, you will need the 400 Shining Glass Bead each roll. You can obtain this item by opening the chests provided by the goddess statue found in the same area of your guildhall. You will immediately notice this statue as it has a floating gift box icon if it has something to give you.

5. Labor Traveling Machine (Guild Pet Labor)

Guild pet labor

You can get quite a lot of useful items by sending your pets to the Labor Traveling Machine. On the Guild Pet Labor specifically, you can randomly get contribution point or honor proofs every 45 minutes.

The best pet to put here is a Sohee pet with level 10 “Labor: Guild II” skill and Level 10 pet intimacy. This will increase the working efficiency by a whopping 40%.

You will need adventurer rank C to unlock the guild pet labor.

6. Assistant’s Medal Honor

Get honor proof from assistant honor medal.

Should you ever need additional honor proofs, you can exchange 100 assistant medals for 100 honor proofs. Just use the assistant medals and click on the girl with pink hair icon. From there you should see honor proof as one of the available options. You can get 1, 800 assistant medals per week so you can potentially exchange this for 1.8k honor proofs.

But I wouldn’t recommend this method if you plan on using it in buying Praying Card Packs on the incredible vending machine guild facility.

Instead, I would suggest buying the packs directly using 500 assistant medals. Yes, it would cost you 100 more medals than when you buy the honor proofs first, but this way, you can increase the weekly limit of Praying Packs you can buy.

Just focus on the other methods of obtaining honor proofs so you can buy the max 20/20 praying card packs. Then increase that limit by using your assistant medal honor.


Farming for honor proofs is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your characters no matter what job classes they fall under.  And unlike Zeny, you don’t have to spend quite a lot of time grinding just to get enough for your needs. You have to be consistent if you want to continuously hit your weekly quota though.

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