How to Download and Play Among Us on PC

There are two ways to download Among Us on PC. Either by paying for the game on its officially supported channel via Steam or play it using mobile emulators for free.

In this post, I’ll show you the paid and free ways to play Among Us on PC. I’ll also throw in some basic control setup to get you started.

A Quick Introduction to Among Us

Among Us is a fun casual game developed by InnerSloth. You start at a space station with your crew members and you need to perform tasks to survive outer space. But one or some of you (depending on the settings) are impostors.

It’s a game that lets you be a cold-blooded yet smart serial killer that kills all his crew members without getting caught (if all goes well). Or Mr. Sherlock by figuring out who the killer is (again if all goes well).

Either case will depend on your persuasion, wits and sometimes luck.

The fun part is, you can get to do all this with other real players as your crewmates (or impostors).

The mechanic of this game is really innovative. That’s why it is super trendy and making lots of noise in the gaming community.

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Ways to Download Among Us on PC

There are two ways to download and play among on PC:

  • via Android Emulators – Emulators mimic the capability everything an android system does on your desktop. It lets you play games or use apps that are otherwise only available on mobile phones, even the normally paid ones.

    There are a lot of emulators available out there. But for this guide, I’ll only be sharing the emulators that I actually use:
  • via Steam – Steam is the officially supported platform to play Among Us on PC or Mac.

    It’s also worth noting that Among Us on Steam is not free. But at $4.99 it’s not bad and you can support the developers for creating this fun game.

Downloading Among Us on PC via LDPlayer

Among us pc on ldplayer

Using the LdPlayer emulator is one of the free ways to play among us on PC.

Here are the steps to download and play the game on your computer:

Step 1: Download the LDPlayer Emulator

You can download the latest version of the LDPlayer installer here.

Skip to Step 3 if you already have the app.

Step 2: Install the LDPlayer emulator

Next, double-click the file you just downloaded to start the emulator installation.

The installer will automatically select the drive with the most Free Space.

If you want to change the install directory, click on the “Setup Path” option at the lower right side on the window.

Next, click on Browse and select the drive and folders you want to install it to.

Then click Install and will begin downloading the necessary contents.

Step 3: Install Among Us game inside the LDPlayer emulator

Once the installation completes, click “Start” to launch the emulator. You can also launch the emulator from the start menu or from the folder you installed it to.

If you have window’s defender active, you might see a window’s notification asking you to grant access. Make sure to only select Private Networks and leave Public Networks unchecked. Then click on Allow Access.

Once inside the app, you should see a search bar in the upper section of the home screen.

Type “among us” then press Enter.

Alternatively, you can also click the LD Store icon from the home page and search the game from there.

Both options do pretty much the same thing.

Step 4: Sign-in to Google Play in LDPlayer

Click on the game icon then press install.

This will prompt you to sign-in to your Google Playstore account. Just enter your Gmail’s username and password to proceed.

You may also get a popup about in-app purchases permission. Just press “Skip” to proceed with the game installation.

Once the game installation completes, go ahead and press open to launch the game.

And from now on, the Among Us’ game icon will be available from the home screen of the app.

Step 6: Set up the LDPlayer in-game controls

Game controls of among us on ldplayer

Once inside the app, you’ll find that LDPlayer has already mapped some basic controls for the game. However, not all controls are configured out of the box.

You can, however, use your mouse left-click to interact with the objects and menus in the game, including the kill button or any button in that matter.

Here are the default controls:

Move upW
Move leftA
Move downS
Move rightD
Use ActionRight Click
KillNeed Manual Configuration
Toggle TasksNeed Manual Configuration
Send chatNeed Manual Configuration
Open ChatNeed Manual Configuration
Lobby ChatNeed Manual Configuration

To configure the missing controls, press F12, or click the Keyboard Mapping option on the right side of the screen.

Once you see the button overlays, click on the area you want to input a key then press the button you want to assign for that control.

For example, if you want to assign a keyboard key for the Kill action, click on the area where the kill button is positioned. It will create a small circle telling you to input the key you want to assign.

You can also overwrite any existing default controls this way should you want to fully customize the controls to your liking.

Downloading Among Us on PC via Bluestacks

Among us pc on bluestacks

Getting the Bluestacks emulator is another way to play Among Us on PC.

Follow these steps to install and download the game on your desktop:

Step 1: Download the Bluestacks Emulator

First, download the latest version of the BlueStacks app.

If you already have the app installed on your PC, you can skip to Step 4.

Step 2: Install the Bluestacks Emulator

Run the installer by double-clicking the file you just downloaded then click on install.

The default installation directory is in C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks but you can change it to however you want by clicking on “Customize Installation”.

The emulator will launch automatically after the installation. If not, simply click on the Bluestacks icon from the installation folder.

Step 3: Sign-in to Google Play in Bluestacks

The first time you launch the emulator, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google Play account.

You can choose to do it later but I highly recommend doing it now since it will ask you to do the same thing when installing the actual game.

Step 4: Install Among Us game inside the Bluestacks emulator

At the home screen, you should find a search bar. Click it and type “among us” then press the magnifying glass icon.

Hover your mouse on the game’s icon then click on install.

After the game’s installation, click on “Open” to launch it.

And that’s it. Among Us will be available under “My Games” from your home screen the next time you launch the emulator.

Step 6: Set up the Bluestacks in-game controls

Game controls of among us on bluestacks

Bluestacks’ default in-game controls for Among Us area already optimized for the game.

By default, the control is set to the Joystick Scheme. But depending on your preference, you can choose between Joystick and Touch Scheme.

You can find this option by clicking the Game Controls icon on the right side then click on View/Edit Game Controls

Here are the default controls for the Joystick Scheme:

Move upW
Move leftA
Move downS
Move rightD
Send chatEnter
Open ChatC

And here are the default controls for the Touch Scheme:

Use ActionSpace
Toggle TasksNeed Manual Configuration
Send chatEnter
Open ChatC
Lobby ChatNeed Manual Configuration

You also customize the controls for both schemes by clicking on the Game Controls icon found at the right of the screen. Then click on “Open Advanced Editor“.

From there, make sure that you selected the correct control scheme you want to change. Then click on the specific overlay circle controls then press the new keyboard control you want to assign.

You can also assign new controls that missing from the Touch control scheme.

I would suggest picking the Joystick control for a better gaming experience on PC. In the Joystick scheme, you can still use your mouse click to interact with the objects in the game.

Downloading Among Us on PC via Steam

Launching among us game on steam

Steam is a platform available for Mac and PC where you can play a plethora of games from indie games like Among Us to the high-budget ones.

Here’s how you can get Among Us via Steam:

Step 1: Log into your Steam Account

You need to first have a Steam account to play any game on their platform. If you don’t have it installed on your computer yet, you can download the installer here.

Step 2: Purchase Among Us from the Steam Store

At the top navigation menu, click Store. Then on the search box, type Among Us and it should pop-up in the drop-down suggestions.

Click the game’s icon. This will redirect you to the dedicated page of Among Us on Steam. Then scroll down a little and you should find the option to add it to your cart and purchase the game.

You will also have the option to purchase it as a gift for someone else.

You can download the official game application on InnerSloth’s official website here. But that too is only playable on the Steam platform.

Step 3: Install Among Us to your Steam Library

Once you reach the end of the checkout process, you will see the option to install the game in your Steam account.

If you missed it, you can go to the Library dashboard and install the game from there. Just click on the game’s icon then press the Install button. This is will begin downloading the game.

And once the installation finishes, you can launch the game under the Library dashboard. Even if you chose to uninstall the game on your PC, you can easily reinstall it anytime from your Steam account on the same dashboard.

Step 4: Setting up In-Game Controls in Steam

Among us control settings on steam

Since Steam is the officially supported platform for Among Us, there is no need to map keyboard keys to emulate movements like the ones we did for the two emulators earlier.

To set your preferred control, select the Settings (the wrench icon) option from the main menu or at the upper right corner if you’re inside a game. Then under “Controls”, you can either set it to Mouse or Mouse + Keyboard.

With the Mouse control scheme, you move everything through clicking. But I find that clicking once in a distant direction like you would on some traditional games like Warcraft or Starcraft doesn’t work as expected.

So if you are trying to move your character around, you have to click and hold your left mouse to the direction you want to move.

For the best gaming experience, I will suggest using the Mouse + Keyboard scheme.

Here are the controls for the Mouse + Keyboard control scheme:

Move upW
Move leftA
Move downS
Move rightD
Button InteractionLeft Mouse Click
Send chatEnter

Kill, report, map, tasks and other in-game interaction, aside from moving your character are all controlled by clicking left mouse click.


Downloading Among Us on PC using emulators such as LdPlayer or Bluestacks is an awesome way to play it on your desktop for free. But if you have money to spare, it’s always great to support the developer’s effort by paying for the game on Steam.

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