Mona: Talents, Ascension, Constellations
Mona Genshin Impact

Character Overview:

Mona Profile Picture

Astral Reflection

Recommended Role:Support
How to Acquire:Permanent Wish
Novice Wish

Mona Skill Description:

Mirror Reflection of Doom

Mona Elemental Skill - Mirror Reflection of Doom

See the full talent scaling here

Cooldown:12 seconds
Duration:5 Seconds
Energy Generated:3 Hydro Elemental Particles upon explosion

Mona conjures an Illusory Phantom using Hydro energy.

The Illusory Phantom has the following effects:

  • The Phantom does not have an HP and will continuously attract the Aggro of all nearby enemies within its area of effect until its duration ends.

  • During its duration, the Phantom deals continuous Hydro damage to nearby enemies up to 4 times.

  • Once its duration expires, the Phantom will explode and deals an AoE Hydro Damage.

    This is also the only time it will generate elemental particles.

This skill can also be used in two ways:

  • Press – Mona immediately summons the Illusory Phantom in front of her.

  • Hold – Mona steps back a few meters before summoning the Illusory Phantom.

Stellaris Phantasm

Mona Elemental Burst - Stellaris Phantasm

See the full talent scaling here

Cooldown:15 Seconds
Omen Duration:4 Seconds
illusory Bubble Duration8 Seconds
Energy Cost:60 Energy

Mona summons the sparkling waves and creates a reflection of the starry sky, applying the Illusory Bubble status to all enemies within a large area for 8 seconds.

The Illusory Bubble has the following effects:

  • Applies Hydro element to all enemies hit by the burst. If there is an existing element before you cast the elemental burst, it will trigger the corresponding Hydro-related elemental reaction.

  • Renders small enemies unable to move. Stronger and often larger monsters such as Lawachurls will not be immobilized but will still sustain the Illusory Bubble status.

  • Trigger the following effects when enemies affected by the Illusory Bubble takes damage or when the duration ends:
    • Applies the Omen status which will amplify incoming damage for 4 seconds. The damage amplification increase as the talent level increases.

    • With the 1st constellation unlocked, Hydro-related elemental reactions are enhanced by 15% after hitting enemies affected by Omen.

    • Removes the Illusory Bubble and deal very high Hydro Burst damage at the same time.

      You can get insane damage scaling by making sure that you trigger the Vaporize reaction when the Hydro Damage triggers.

      Read how to do this on my Mona Hydro Support Guide.

Ripple of Fate

Mona Normal Attack - Ripple of Fate

See the full talent scaling here

Charged Attack Stamina Cost:50 Stamina

Normal Attack:

Mona performs up to 4 consecutive Hydro damage.

Charged Attack:

Mona consumes 50 stamina and cast a water spell that deals Hydro Damage on all enemies within a small AoE.

Plunging Attack:

Mona plunges towards the ground from mid-air, dealing Hydro Damage to all enemies within a small AoE upon impact with the ground.

Illusory Torrent

Mona Special Sprint - Illusory Torrent
Activation Stamina Cost:10 Stamina
Stamina Drain:15 Stamina Per Second

Mona shrouds herself with allowing her to become the water flow itself and move at high speed. This is a special sprint skill that activates when you press the dodge or shift button (on pc).

Illusory Torrent has the following effects:

  • Upon activation, the special sprint will drain 10 stamina and will continue to drain 15 stamina per second until released.

  • During the torrent form, Mona will gain a tremendous boost in movement speed.

  • At this form, Mona can cross bodies of water at high speed and unimpeded unless you ran out of stamina.

  • When Mona pops out of her torrent form, she will apply the Wet Status to all enemies within a small area.

  • Jumping is not allowed when in torrent form so you’ll have to release it when you encounter some obstacle along the way.

  • With the Come ‘n’ Get Me, Hag! passive talent unlocked, she will create a phantom similar to her elemental skill upon contact with an enemy during her torrent form.

    Illusory Torrent must be activated for at least 2 seconds for this effect to activate. The phantom created through this effect deals 50% of her elemental skill’s damage and only lasts for 2 seconds.

    Lastly, only one phantom can exist at any given time using this effect. But creating a phantom through elemental skill and this passive effect is possible.

  • With the 6th constellation unlocked, using the special sprint for at least 2 seconds will increase Mona’s charged attack by 60% per second the Illusory Torrent skill was used.

    Damage gained this way caps at 180% and last for 8 seconds.

Mona Passive Talents:


Principium of AstrologyPrincipium of Astrology

NoneWhen Mona crafts Weapon Ascension Materials, she has a 25% chance to refund one count of one material out of all the crafting materials used.

Come 'n' Get Me, Hag!Come 'n' Get Me, Hag!

character ascension phase 1

Illusory Torrent (Special Sprint Skill) has the following effects after using for at least 2 seconds:


  • Automatically creates a Phantom if she comes in contact with an enemy in her torrent form.
  • The Phantom created through this effect lasts for 2 seconds.
  • The Hydro Damage it inflicts is equal to 50% of the Mirror Reflection of Doom.

Waterborne DestinyWaterborne Destiny

character ascension phase 4Increases Mona's Hydro Damage Bonus equal to 20% of her Energy Recharge.

Mona Constellation Info:

Constellation Level:NameDescription

Mona 1st Constellation - Prophecy of SubmersionLevel 1

Prophecy of SubmersionAfter hitting enemies affected by Omen (from Mona's Elemental burst), enhance all Hydro-related Elemental Reactions by 15% for 8 seconds.

It has the following effects:
  • Electro-Charged Damage is increased by 15%.
  • Vaporize Damage is increased by 15%.
  • Hydro Swirl Damage is increased by 15%.
  • Frozen status duration is increased by 15%

Mona 2nd Constellation - Lunar ChainLevel 2

Lunar ChainWhen a Normal Attack hits, there is a 20% chance that it will be automatically followed by a Charged Attack.

This effect can only occur once every 5 seconds.

Mona 3rd Constellation - Restless RevolutionLevel 3

Restless RevolutionIncreases the Level of Stellaris Phantasm by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Mona 4th Constellation - Prophecy of OblivionLevel 4

Prophecy of OblivionWhen any character in the party attacks an opponent affected by the Omen status effect, their Critical Rate is increased by 15%.

Mona 5th Constellation - Mockery of FortunaLevel 5

Mockery of FortunaIncrease the Level of Mirror Reflection of Doom by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Mona 6th Constellation - Rhetorics of CalamitasLevel 6

Rhetorics of CalamitasEntering Illusory Torrent gives Mona the following effects:
  • Increases Mona's next Charged Attack Damage by 60% per second the skill was used.
  • A maximum of 180% Damage Bonus can be achieve through this method.
  • This effect lasts for 8 seconds and will disappear once the Charged Attack has been unleashed.

Mona Ascension Materials:

Ascension PhaseRequired LevelMora CostRequired Materials
Phase 1Level 2020,000

×1 Varunada Lazurite Sliver

Philanemo Mushroom×3 Philanemo Mushroom

Whopperflower Nectar×3 Whopperflower Nectar

Phase 2Level 4040,000

Varunada Lazurite Fragment×3 Varunada Lazurite Fragment

Cleansing Heart×2 Cleansing Heart

Philanemo Mushroom×10 Philanemo Mushroom

Whopperflower Nectar×15 Whopperflower Nectar

Phase 3Level 5060,000

Varunada Lazurite Fragment×6 Varunada Lazurite Fragment

Cleansing Heart×4 Cleansing Heart

Philanemo Mushroom×20 Philanemo Mushroom

Shimmering Nectar×12 Shimmering Nectar

Phase 4Level 6080,000

Varunada Lazurite Chunk×3 Varunada Lazurite Chunk

Cleansing Heart×8 Cleansing Heart

Philanemo Mushroom×30 Philanemo Mushroom

Shimmering Nectar×18 Shimmering Nectar

Phase 5Level 70100,000

Varunada Lazurite Chunk×6 Varunada Lazurite Chunk

Cleansing Heart×12 Cleansing Heart

Philanemo Mushroom×45 Philanemo Mushroom

Energy Nectar×12 Energy Nectar

Phase 6Level 80120,000

Varunada Lazurite Gemstone×6 Varunada Lazurite Gemstone

Cleansing Heart×20 Cleansing Heart

Philanemo Mushroom×60 Philanemo Mushroom

Energy Nectar×24 Energy Nectar

LevelMora CostRequired Materials
Level 212,500

Teachings of Resistance×3 Teachings of Resistance

Whopperflower Nectar×6 Whopperflower Nectar

Level 317,500

Guide to Resistance×2 Guide to Resistance

Shimmering Nectar×3 Shimmering Nectar

Level 425,000

Guide to Resistance×4 Guide to Resistance

Shimmering Nectar×4 Shimmering Nectar

Level 530,000

Guide to Resistance×6 Guide to Resistance

Shimmering Nectar×6 Shimmering Nectar

Level 637,500

Guide to Resistance×9 Guide to Resistance

Shimmering Nectar×9 Shimmering Nectar

Level 7120,000

Philosophies of Resistance×4 Philosophies of Resistance

Energy Nectar×4 Energy Nectar

Ring of Boreas×1 Ring of Boreas

Level 8260,000

Philosophies of Resistance×6 Philosophies of Resistance

Energy Nectar×6 Energy Nectar

Ring of Boreas×1 Ring of Boreas

Level 9450,000

Philosophies of Resistance×12 Philosophies of Resistance

Energy Nectar×9 Energy Nectar

Ring of Boreas×2 Ring of Boreas

Level 10700,000

Philosophies of Resistance×16 Philosophies of Resistance

Energy Nectar×12 Energy Nectar

Ring of Boreas×2 Ring of Boreas

Crown of Insight×1 Crown of Insight

Mona Builds:

Coming soon…

Mona Stats and Talent Scaling:

Each character in Genshin Impact gains a specific bonus during character ascension. For Mona, she gains Energy Recharge Bonus starting at Character Ascension Level 2.

All characters start with a stat of 50 Critical Damage, 5 Critical Rate, 0 Elemental Mastery, 0% Elemental Damage Bonus and 100% Energy Recharge. These stats do not increase through character level and can only increase through artifacts or innate character ascension bonus.

Level/Ascend PhaseEnergy Recharge BonusHPAttackDefense
level 10% Energy Recharge81022 Attack51 Defense
level 200% Energy Recharge2,10258 Attack132 Defense
Ascend Level 10% Energy Recharge2,79777 Attack176 Defense
level 400% Energy Recharge4,185115 Attack263 Defense
Ascend Level 28% Energy Recharge4,678129 Attack294 Defense
level 508% Energy Recharge5,383148 Attack338 Defense
Ascend Level 316% Energy Recharge6,041167 Attack379 Defense
level 6016% Energy Recharge6,752186 Attack424 Defense
Ascend Level 516% Energy Recharge7,246200 Attack455 Defense
level 7016% Energy Recharge7,964220 Attack500 Defense
Ascend Level 624% Energy Recharge8,458233 Attack531 Defense
level 8024% Energy Recharge9,184253 Attack576 Defense
Ascend Level 732% Energy Recharge9,677267 Attack607 Defense
level 90 HP32% Energy Recharge10,409287 Attack653 Defense
Skill LevelDamage Over Time (x4)Explosion Damage
Level 132%132.80%
Level 234.40%142.76%
Level 336.80%152.72%
Level 440%166%
Level 542.40%175.96%
Level 644.80%185.92%
Level 748%199.20%
Level 851.20%212.48%
Level 954.40%225.76%
Level 1057.60%239.04%
Level 1160.80%252.32%
Level 1264%265.60%
Level 1368%282.20%
Level 1472%298.80%
Level 1576%315.40%
Skill LevelIllusory Bubble Explosion DamageOmen Damage Bonus
Level 1442.40%42%
Level 2475.58%44%
Level 3508.76%46%
Level 4553%48%
Level 5586.18%50%
Level 6619.36%52%
Level 7663.60%54%
Level 8707.84%56%
Level 9752.08%58%
Level 10796.32%60%
Level 11840.56%60%
Level 12884.80%60%
Level 13940.10%60%
Level 14995.40%60%
Level 151050.70%60%
Skill Level1st Hit Damage2nd Hit Damage3rd Hit Damage4th Hit Damage
Level 137.60%36%44.80%56.16%
Level 240.42%38.70%48.16%60.37%
Level 343.24%41.40%51.52%64.58%
Level 447%45%56%70.20%
Level 549.82%47.70%59.36%74.41%
Level 652.64%50.40%62.72%78.62%
Level 756.40%54%67.20%84.24%
Level 860.16%57.60%71.68%89.86%
Level 963.92%61.20%76.16%95.47%
Level 1067.68%64.80%80.64%101.09%
Level 1171.44%68.40%85.12%106.70%
Level 1275.20%72%89.60%112.32%
Level 1379.90%76.50%95.20%119.34%
Level 1484.60%81%100.80%126.36%
Level 1589.30%85.50%106.40%133.38%
Skill LevelDamage
Level 1149.72%
Level 2160.95%
Level 3172.18%
Level 4187.15%
Level 5198.38%
Level 6209.61%
Level 7224.58%
Level 8239.55%
Level 9254.52%
Level 10269.50%
Level 11285.07%
Level 12305.43%
Level 13325.79%
Level 14346.15%
Level 15366.51%
Skill LevelPlunge DamageLow Plunge DamageHigh Plunge Damage
Level 156.83%113.63%141.93%
Level 261.45%122.88%153.49%
Level 366.08%132.13%165.04%
Level 472.69%145.35%181.54%
Level 577.31%154.59%193.10%
Level 682.60%165.17%206.30%
Level 789.87%179.70%242.61%
Level 897.14%194.23%260.76%
Level 9104.41%208.77%224.62%
Level 10112.34%224.45%280.57%
Level 11120.27%240.48%300.37%
Level 12128.20%256.34%320.18%
Level 13136.12%272.19%339.98%
Level 14144.05%288.05%359.79%
Level 15151.98%303.90%379.59%

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