Ragnarok M November Event: Jojo's Ragnarok Adventure — Ragnarok Eternal Love
Jojo's Ragnarok Adventure - November 2019 Event

Jojo’s Ragnarok Adventure November Event gives quite a lot of exciting stuff for us this month. Ragnarok Mobile’s dev team prepared 10 different events highlighting quite a lot of BCC stuff.

And do note that this event is happening on top of the Lisa and Anniversary event. Essentially, 3 series of events are happening simultaneously in the world of Ragnarok Mobile right now.

Anyway, let me present the events for this month of November 2019.

Event Progress:

Event 1: I’m NOT Poring!Mission Accept Date:
November 1st – 7th
Mission Finish Date:
November 1st – 14th
Event 2: Designer and Operator BattleNovember 11th to 18thEnded
Event 3: Lovers’ EventNovember 7th to 14thEnded
Event 4: Cupid’s testNovember 14th to 21stEnded
Event 5: Appreciation “Jewelry Submission”November 21st to 28thEnded
Event 6: Halloween Weapon TransmogNovember 1st to 14thEnded
Event 7: “Love & Care Starter Giftbox”November 1st to 11thEnded
Event 8: Blanche’s mysterious chestNovember 7th to 14thEnded
Event 9: Happiness Lucky BagNovember 21st to 28thEnded
Event 10: Gachapon FeastNovember 14th to 28th Ended

Event 1: I’m NOT Poring!

Jojo NPC

Mission Accept Date: November 1st – November 7th
Mission Finish Date: November 1st – November 14th

During this event, all players who reached base level 12 can accept “I’m NOT Poring” quest from an NPC named Jojo at Prontera Square. Note that this quest can only be taken once per account.

There are a total of 5 quests and you will get the following as a reward for completing each quest:

  • 50x Game Designer Event Coin
  • 6x Big Cat Voucher Feast
  • 1x Food Voucher

After finishing the 5th quest, you will receive the following as a reward:

  • Exclusive Back Headwear, I’m NOT BUG.
  • Exclusive item, Singles card.

Event 2: Designer and Operator Battle

Event Date: November 11th to 18th

A lot of BCC and in-game costs will have discounted prices.

This includes the following:

  1. Items in the Event Merchant will all be at 50% off.

    You can only buy up to 200 pcs of the discounted price for items without purchase limits within your whole account. Examples are Zeny, meatballs, colorful chest, adventurer’s lucky bag, etc. Peak Shards are not included.

  2. Fantasy Generator I headwears will be at 30% off.

  3. Regular refine will be at 50% off, Safe Refine materials, Zeny and equipment will be at 20% off.

  4. Wedding Cost is cut to 50%.

  5. Teleport and Storage will have no cost.​​​​​​

Event 3: Lovers’ Event

Event Date: November 7th to 14th

During this event, players who reached base level 12 can take the “Lover’s Event” quest from “That Guy” NPC.

You will receive the “Lovers GiftBox” as a reward for finishing each quest.

Each account can only do this mission once per day. Just follow the instructions to take a vehicle with your partner.

The Lover’s Gift Box will give you 50x of Game Designer Event Coins and either one of the following:

  • 2x Praying Card Pack
  • 2x Gold Medal
  • 2x Old Sealed Rune Stone Bag I
  • 2x Valkyrie Gift
  • 1x Mastela Seed
  • 2x Food Voucher


The easiest way to finish this quest by riding either one of the following:

  • Riding the Giant Whale by talking to Lusya in Underwater Temple.
  • Riding the Giant Kite by talking to the Flight Manager found at the upper left side of Payon South’s map.

Event 4: Cupid’s test

Event Date: November 14th to 21st

During this event, you can take the “Cupid’s Test” quest from cupid “Phil” NPC. You will get Cupid Giftbox as a reward.

This event is limited to only one character per account.

Event 5: Appreciation “Jewelry Submission”

Event Date: November 21st to 28th

You can exchange gems such as Zircon, Topaz, etc for an event exclusive reward.

Event 6: Halloween Weapon Transmog

Halloween Transmog Obsidian Weapon available on Cash Shop.

Event Date: November 1st to 14th

Halloween Weapon Transmog will be available on Big Cat Store with the price of 68 Big Cat Coins.

Event 7: “Love & Care Starter Giftbox”

Love and Care Start Giftbox.

Event Date: November 1st to 11th

“Love & Care Starter Giftbox” will be available on the recharge page for the price of $0.99 or 51 PHP.

There is a maximum of 1 purchase for this item.

Upon opening, you will receive the following:

  • x8 Mora Coin
  • x4 Oracle Dust
  • x6 Oracle Crystal
  • x1 Gorgeous Card Album

Event 8: Blanche’s mysterious chest

Event Date: November 7th to 14th

During this event, Blanche’s mysterious chest will be on Big Cat Store for 12 Big Cat Coins and a maximum of 30 purchases per account.

Upon opening, you will receive the following:

  • x2 Random Boss Materials
  • x1 Gold Medal
  • x2 Random Rare Materials
  • x1 Valkyrie’s Gift
  • Chance to receive x1 Cute Bear

Event 9: Happiness Lucky Bag

Event Date: November 21st to 28th

During this event, Happiness Lucky Bag will be available on Big Cat Store for 30 Big Cat Coins and a maximum of 30 purchases per account.

Upon opening, you will receive the following:

  • x1 Faint Runestone
  • x1 Smooth Rune Stone
  • x1 Glittering Rune Stone
  • x2 Old Rune Box
  • x3 Magnifying Glass
  • 25% chance to receive an S class Rune for your current class.

Event 10: Gachapon Feast

Event Date: November 14th to 28th

“Immortal souls” Themed costumes will be available on Gachapon Feast.

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