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How to get honor proofs

What is Honor Proof and How to Acquire It?

Tips & Tutorials

Are you wondering what the honor proof is used for? Or maybe looking for other ways to acquire it? You’re in the right place then! …

Elemental reaction in genshin impact

Ultimate Elemental Reactions Guide (Update Patch 3.8)

Tips & Tutorials

Elemental Reaction is the cornerstone of Genshin Impact’s combat. Since each character in the game specializes in one element only, you should consider the possible …

Wriothesley talking to a girl while looking at their family photo.

Wriothesley Build Guide | Genshin Impact

Character Builds

This article focuses on Wriothesley’s build, such as his optimal weapons, artifact sets, main stats and sub-stats. Check out our Wriothesley skills article to know …

How to level up adventure rank fast in genshin impact

12 Ways to Level Up Adventure Rank Fast – Genshin Impact

Tips & Tutorials

How to level up adventure rank fast in Genshin Impact

Mobile Games

Ragnarok mobile episode 6 patch - featured image.

Ragnarok M Episode 6: Important Changes You Should Know About

Tips & Tutorials

Ragnarok Mobile’s episode 6, Lighthalzen (Light and Shadow) update is officially coming to the SEA server on October 30, 2019. Let me list some of …

Eclipse isle for beginners.

Eclipse Isle: 14 Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Tips & Tutorials

Eclipse Isle is a fantasy/anime style battle royale mobile game developed by NetEase Games. The game is available in both IOS and Android systems. It is …

How to get red diamonds in world of dragon nest featured image.

How to Get Red Diamonds in World of Dragon Nest

Tips & Tutorials

Red Diamond is an in-game currency that you can use to buy lots of items including the ones you would not get normally on field …

How to increase magic attack in ragnarok mobile

The Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Magic Attack in Ragnarok Mobile

Tips & Tutorials

Typical to any game in this genre, the most common way to strengthen your character is to get better equips. But in Ragnarok Mobile, increasing …