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Penguicorn's graphic art depicting getting the familiar in Ni No Kuni: Worlds.

In this post, we’ll take a look at Penguicorn’s skill description and their scaling, base stats, stat bonus per evolution and awakening level, and this familiar’s ranking in a tier list.


Penguicorn's in-game icon in Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds.

Basic Info


Tier List Rank

PvEPvPFamiliar Arena

Field Passive Skill: Penguicorn’s Heart

At its base skill level, Penguicorn’s heart decreases the Skill Cooldown of Darkness familiars accompanying the partner.

It also increases the Critical Damage by 1% for each Darkness Familiar equipped.

Below is Penguicorn’s Heart skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelDarkness Familiar CooldownCritical Damage
Base-1.00%+1.00% Per Darkness Familiar
1-1.00%+1.00% Per Darkness Familiar
2-1.00%+1.00% Per Darkness Familiar
3-3.00%+3.00% Per Darkness Familiar
4-3.00%+3.00% Per Darkness Familiar
5-3.00%+3.00% Per Darkness Familiar
6-3.00%+3.00% Per Darkness Familiar
7-5.00%+5.00% Per Darkness Familiar
8-5.00%+5.00% Per Darkness Familiar
9-5.00%+5.00% Per Darkness Familiar
10-5.00%+5.00% Per Darkness Familiar

Field Active Skill: Gentleman’s Dignity

Penguicorn strikes a pose to show off its looks, instantly restoring the partner’s HP and removing Flash.

It also increases the Flash Resist rate by 50% for 5 seconds.

At its base level, Gentleman’s Dignity instantly restores 7.5% of Max HP + 1000.

Below is Gentleman’s Dignity’s skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelHP RestoreFlash ResistResist Duration
Base7.50% + 1,000+50.00%5 Seconds
18.25% + 1,900+55.00%5 Seconds
29.00% + 2,800+60.00%5 Seconds
39.75% + 3,700+65.00%5 Seconds
410.50% + 4,600+70.00%5 Seconds
511.25% + 5,500+75.00%5 Seconds
612.00% + 6,400+80.00%5 Seconds
712.75% + 7,300+85.00%5 Seconds
813.50% + 8,200+90.00%5 Seconds
914.25% + 9,100+95.00%5 Seconds
1015.00% + 10,000+100.00%5 Seconds

Battle Active Skill: Magical Hat

Penguicorn covers an enemy familiar’s eye to decrease their Accuracy rate.

At its base level, Magical Hat decreases the Accuracy Rate of the 3 most distant enemy familiars by 25% and Blinds them for 4 seconds.

Below is Magical Hat’s skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelTarget's Accuracy RateBlind DurationNumber of Targets
Base-25.00%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
1-27.50%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
2-30.00%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
3-32.50%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
4-35.00%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
5-37.50%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
6-40.00%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
7-42.50%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
8-45.00%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
9-47.50%4 Seconds3 Most Distant
10-50.00%4 Seconds3 Most Distant

Familiar Stat Per Evolution

Familiar increases their rarity through evolution. And with each evolution, they can gain additional stats and subsequently increase your CP.

Below is the bonus stats Penguicorn can gain per evolution:

Stat4-Star (Base)5-Star6-Star
Total CP16,11720,993743
Critical Resist429559689

Stat Bonus Per Awakening Level

On top of increasing the familiar’s skill scaling, getting a copy of any familiar will also further increase their stats through awakening.

Below is the bonus stats Penguicorn can gain per awakening level:

StatLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10
Critical Resist+72+144+216+288+360+432+504+576+648+720

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