What is Praying Card Pack and How to Acquire It?

Obtaining Praying Card Packs is one of the most efficient ways to increase your character’s overall stat.

Whether you’re playing a Priest, Wizard, Knight, Archer or any other class, obtaining this will help you improve whatever stat you needed the most.

In this guide, I’ll show you all the methods you can do to obtain Praying Card Packs or increase the purchase limit.

What are Praying Card Packs

Buy praying card pack on incredible vending machine.

Praying Card Packs can be used to obtain attack, defense or element cards. You can then exchange these cards to upgrade your Guild Blessing stats.

You can increase different kinds of stat and bonuses and tailor-fit it to your class and build permanently depending on the card you will exchange. 

Simply talk to the Valkyrie NPC at the lower-left portion of your guildhall and choose “Blessing of the Goddess”.

There are 3 types of goddess blessing you can upgrade:

  • Attack Card (Red) – Here you can choose offense-oriented stats such as magic penetration, refine attack or even damage to demi-human.

  • Defense Card (Blue) – This is great for defense-first jobs such as Priests or Paladins. Here, you can choose to increase your max HP, defense or magic reduction, critical resistance and more.

  • Element Card (Gold/Yellow) – Here you can choose to either go for offense or defense elemental stat bonus. You can get a damage increase on a specific element or go with elemental damage reduction.

As of the Episode 5 update, each stat can be increased up to level 30.

How to Obtain Praying Card Packs

To make our character stronger, we naturally want to have more Praying Card Packs as much as possible.

Here are the ways to do just that:

Purchase through the Incredible Vending Machine Guild Facility

Incredible vending machine screenshot on guildhall.

This method is where you can obtain the most number of Praying Card Packs.

Just go to the right-side portion of your guildhall and you should be able to see the incredible vending machine. There, you can exchange 400 honor proofs for 1 Praying Card Packs.

The most efficient way to get lots of honor proofs is by participating in the War of Emperium or War of Crystal. Check out my article about honor proof to find other ways of getting more proofs aside from the methods I’ve mentioned above.

There will be a limit on the number of Praying Cards you can purchase weekly.  At first, you can only buy a few of them.

More on how to increase the weekly purchase limit below.

Assistant’s Medal of Honor

How to acquire praying card pack through the assistant medal honor.

You can exchange 500 medals to get 1 Praying Card pack.

Simply click on the medal of honor and choose the icon of the girl with pink hair. While you can also purchase honor proofs here, I would not recommend this method if you can get a lot of honor proofs per week anyway.

You got a limit of 1800 assistant’s medals of honor per week so you can get 3 additional praying card packs on top of the 20/20 you can get from the incredible vending machine.

B Coin Store

How to buy praying card pack on b coin store.

You can also spend big cat coins to get praying packs on the B Coin Store. It will cost 10 BCC for 1 pc of praying card pack. It is also a cap of 20 per week. But unlike the incredible vending machine, you don’t need to do anything extra to increase the weekly limit.

Monthly Events

If you’ve been playing this game for a while now, you know that Ragnarok Mobile gives out a series of events that cover the entire month. While it’s not the same for each month, you can certainly get extra praying card packs from time to time, doing those events.

Be sure to check out our Ragnarok event archives to get the most recent events and happenings in RO Mobile.

How to Increase Purchase Limit of Praying Card Packs

At first, you can only purchase 5 pcs of praying card packs per week. But you can increase this by up to 20/20 per week by upgrading your goddess blessing or using the card packs constantly.

Here are ways to increase the upper limit:

Weekly Limit
Upgrade 1 Attack Blessing to level 5+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Upgrade 1 Attack Blessing to level 10+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Upgrade 1 Attack Blessing to level 15+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Upgrade 1 Defense Blessing to level 5+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Upgrade 1 Defense Blessing to level 10+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Upgrade 1 Defense Blessing to level 15+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Upgrade 1 Element Blessing to level 5+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Upgrade 1 Element Blessing to level 10+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Upgrade 1 Element Blessing to level 15+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Use 50 Praying Card Packs+1 Praying Card Pack Limit
Use 100 Praying Card Packs+2 Praying Card Pack Limit
Use 200 Praying Card Packs+3 Praying Card Pack Limit

How to Reset Blessing of the Goddess

How to reset blessing of the goddess.

Just like the Aesir Monument rune, you can reset the allocation of your blessings.

This can be done by clicking on the reset icon at the rightmost section of the blessing menu.

However, this will cost you 60 BCC per talent. So if you want to reset all three attack, defense and element talents, it will cost you a total of 180 BCC.

You may want to plan ahead before allocating any of your cards if you don’t want to spend real money to reset it. But realistically speaking, almost all stats available here are pretty useful so I doubt you need to reset them anyway.

Anyway, I got a few suggestions below. Take note that it doesn’t take into consideration specific elemental builds so you may choose not to follow them. Feel free to ignore it if you think it wouldn’t fit your character’s build.

Goddess Blessing Suggestions

Attack Blessings

When upgrading your attack blessings, I would suggest focussing on Magic Penetration blessing for magic-oriented classes such as Warlocks and Sorcerers. And Penetration for physical attackers.

That particular stat is very versatile and will increase your damage more than refine attack/magic attack or plain old magic attack/attack. And unlike the ignore m def/ def blessing, it will continue to increase your damage even if your target has 0 def or m def.

For PvP, WoE and WoC, increasing the damage against demi-humans is a must-have.

Defense Blessings

Maxing out the HP blessing is a solid choice here no matter your job or class you are currently playing. Remember that during WoE, the HP is multiplied by 4 times so the HP you get here is also four times bigger.

After this, I recommend upgrading the damage reduction blessings. For PvP, increasing the critical defense and resistance will help, especially against Snipers.

Element Blessings

Warlocks will be interested in maxing out the Fire, Wind, Water and Earth damage blessings. This will increase the damage of the Tetra Vortex Skill exponentially.

For Priests, increasing the Holy elemental damage will increase the effectiveness of all your healing spells.

Physical-oriented classes would want to increase elemental damage reduction. Fire element reduction is a great counter for Warlocks casting Meteor Storm during PvP/WoE.


Praying card packs is one of the best ways to make your character stronger no matter which job or class it falls under. increasing your weekly purchase limit should be your top priority. Lastly, you want to allocate your goddess blessing wisely to avoid paying BCC just to reset your stats.

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