The Ultimate Guide to Increase CP in World of Dragon Nest

If you’re looking for ways to increase your CP, this guide is for you.

World of Dragon Nest is an open-world MMO mobile game. And like any other MMO, it uses a certain system for players to strengthen their in-game characters. And for WODN, that’s the combat power system.

What is CP in World of Dragon Nest?

CP is short for combat power. It’s a rough representation of your character’s overall stats. It also serves as the game’s way to measure the difficulty of a certain area, quest or dungeon.

Normally, you will see an indication for a recommended CP for certain areas but there are also quests and dungeons that are locked until you reach the minimum required CP.  So increasing your CP is really a requirement if you want to progress in the game.

Let’s go straight to the ways to increase your combat power, shall we?

Acquiring Better Gears

Acquiring better gears in world of dragon nest.

Gears are pretty common to MMO games and WODN is no exception. Getting better gears are the main thing that will increase your CP.

The gear’s quality is measured by its rank. The better the rank, the higher a single gear will add to your CP.

Here are the gear ranks you can get in the game and how to acquire them:

  • Legend (Red) – This is the highest gear rank you can get in the game. Out of all the items you can get, these types of items will give you the most boost in CP as it gives the most stat bonuses.

    At the time of this writing, you can only get this through crafting and will require legendary materials such as the Velskuld Seals or Geraint Seals.

  • Unique (Violet) – Getting Velskuld seals is pretty hard if you don’t have much time to play or don’t have a lot of FTG potions. Getting unique gears is the next best thing.

    You can potentially get these items whenever you finish dark nests or dragon nests like the Sea Dragon Nest or Green Dragon Nest.

    You can also craft these in the production menu. The materials you’ll need for crafting these items can be acquired in the dark nests and dragon nests too. But given the low drop rate, production works as a great and surefire way to acquire it.

  • Epic (Gold) – Epic grade gears are a great “bridge” equipment until you can get your hands on unique items.

    You can acquire it by finishing normal or hell dungeons such as the Manticore, Tacitus and Fell Guardian dungeons. You will get higher-level gears by finishing dungeons with higher-level requirements.

    Equips such as the weapons or helm can be obtained in normal dungeons while accessories can be obtained on hell dungeons.

  • Rare (Blue) – You can get rare grade equips by finishing the Apocalypse hell and normal dungeons. Same as the epic gears, accessories can be acquired in the hell dungeon while armors and weapons can be acquired in the normal dungeons. 

    The exception for this is the bracelet accessory since it was only introduced when episode 4 was released. 

  • Magic (Green) – Magic-grade items can be obtained through the Cerberus hell and normal dungeons. Again, the exception for this is the bracelet accessory. Those can only be obtained through the Anurora or Sanorat quest scroll.

    If you just started out, you want to finish the Cerberus normal dungeon a couple of times as soon as you unlock it. Don’t worry, it is not hard. Also, higher-level characters still finish this dungeon for red diamonds farming so you might not even have to do anything other than participate.

  • Normal (White) – There are just your starting items and hold no real value as your level progresses.

    These items can be acquired from field monsters on lower maps or as a reward from the first few quests. Aside from the normal bracelets, you’ll be replacing these items pretty quickly.

Though any gears can increase your CP, you may want to be picky on which specific stats you want to get a boost.

Same Prefix Set Effects

Same prefix set effects.

Each gear you’ll acquire will also have different prefixes. Equipping yourself with the same weapon/armor or accessory prefix will give you additional bonuses.

Here’s the bonus you can get:

Pieces of
the same set
Armor/Weapon Set
Accessory Set
2Increase Critical +1.66%Increase Critical +1.66%
3Increase Penetration +5%Increase Critical Damage +5%
4Increase Max HP +5%Increase Max HP +5%
5Increase Defese +6.66%Increase Attack +4%


Equipment Level Up

Equipment smelting.

You can access this tab by going to Menu>>Smelting>>Level Up

It will cost you gold to level up your gears. And you will need Crystal of Power or specific gear parts such as weapon, helm, armor shoes and accessories to increase the success rate. You can get the crystal of power by finishing normal dungeons or from the field monsters.

Each crystal of power or gears you feed will increase the success rate. About 85% will be good enough but I’d suggest doing it at 100% success rate once you reach higher levels since you’ll be getting crystal of power when doing daily quests anyway.

Here’s a quick the stat boost you’ll get with each gear part:

Gear TypeStat Bonus
Critical Resist
HelmetMax HP
Reduce Ranged Damage Taken
Critical Damage
Reduce Melee Damage Taken
ShoesMax HP
Reduce Ranged Damage Taken
Reduce Melee Damage Taken

The higher the smelting level of each gear, the higher the stat bonuses you can get.

Gear Enhancement

Gear enhancement in world of dragon nest.

Gear enhancement is like traditional gear upgrades when compared to other MMOs. You will need Ruby Enhancement Stones or Topaz Enhancement stones on each enhancement try.

You can get the stones by finishing the Ter Rosa Area and Dark Overlord Army Base abyss dungeons. You can also get this by killing elite field monsters or normal field monsters. Elite monsters have a higher chance of dropping these items.

Gear enhancement is where you’ll get a tremendous CP boost but there is a chance of failure as the enhancement level goes up. If the enhancement fails, the gear enhancement level will also go down most of the time.

Once you reach enhancement levels 5, 10 or 15, the level will not go down any further even if the enhancement fails.

Here’s the success rate for level:

To level 1-2100%No
To Level 390%No
To Level 480%No
To Level 570%Yes
To Level 660%No
To Level 750%No
To Level 8-945%No
To Level 1045%Yes
To Level 11-1440%No
To Level 1540%Yes
To Level 16-2030%No
To Level 20-2520%No
To Level 26-3015%No

You can also use Protection Jellies to prevent the enhancement level from going down upon failure. This can be bought using Red/Blue diamonds on the shop menu or as a reward for certain special events.

Here are a few tips when enhancing:

  • You don’t need to use any protection jellies to attain up to level 13 enhancement level. You just need a lot of ruby enhancement stones.

  • Reaching level 15 without jelly isn’t super hard too but you’ll probably need a lot more enhancement stones. If I have to use jellies, I’ll probably only use them once the enhancement reaches +13 or +14.

  • If you are going to use protection jellies, use the Topaz Enhancement stones so you can get a chance to get +2 enhancement making the cost of using the jellies worthwhile.

I suggest doing the enhancement as soon as you have the budget to buy the enhancement stones and jellies even with your starting equipment. You can transfer the enhancement to any of your future equips by using the Gear Succession option.

Gear Transcend

Gear transcend menu in wodn.

You will unlock gear transcend once you reach the max level. At that time of this writing, that’s level 70.

Once you reach the max level, the exp you normally get will instead go to the “Equip Exp”. Once it reaches 100%, you can now transcend one of your items.

It will cost you 1,000,000 (1m) gold to transcend one item to level 1. So you’ll quite a lot of gold to transcend your gear. I recommend reading my WODN gold guide.

The cost of transcending items will also go up as the level increases. At the same time, the success rate will decrease as you transcend at higher levels. You will also gain additional success rates based on the number of failed transcendent.

The stat boost you will get will depend on your item’s basic ability stats. Let’s take the Sea Dragon Book of Critical Damage as an example.

Here are the stats before and after transcend:

Sea Dragon Book
of Critical Damage
Basic Ability
Ability Stats
Increase Over Spirit Penetrate1,2001,260
Increase Over Spirit Critical Damage1,2001,260

In other words, the better the original equipment you transcend, the better stats you’ll get. You’ll get more attack-related stat boost transcending an Ultimate gear than say, a defense gear.

Like enhance, you can also use Transcendence Succession to transfer the transcend level of your current gear to a new gear. So it is highly recommended to do this once you reach the max level.

Level Up Skills

Leveling your skills will also increase your cp.

Leveling your skills will increase your overall CP.

There are 3 types of skills in World of Dragon Nest:

  • Weapon Skills – These are the skills you’ll normally use in the game. There are 3 types of weapon skills as well.

    The active skills which you can use anytime as long as it is not on cooldown.

    The chain skills which you can only use once your Spirit reaches the full bar (it only increases when you hit an enemy, be hit by an enemy or through a role skill buff).

    And the ultimate skill, which has a long cooldown time but as the name suggests, it’s your most powerful skill.

    You can get weapon skill points by finishing the Ancient Catacomb abyss dungeon or finishing reputation quests. Some daily quests will also reward some skills points so all the more reason for you to finish those every single day.

    Lastly, investing enough skill points on your Active, Chain and Ultimate skills will also give additional special effects. It doesn’t matter which specific skill you level up, it will give you additional skill effects on all skills in the same category.

  • Role Skill – There are 2 types of role skills. The Attack and Support role skills. Furthermore, each of those has active and passive role skills.

    Active role skills can only be used on Dungeons, Dark Nests, Dragon Nests, Free-for-all PVP and Team Deathmatch. While passive role skills affect your character even on normal fields.

    You can also get role skill points as a reward for finishing the Forgotten Past Road abyss dungeon or through some reputation quests.

  • Spirit Skills – You can only acquire these skills by finishing the main quest related to the Spirit Skill. And once you acquire them, you can level them up by finishing dark nests and obtaining a specific number of special materials.

    For example, to level up the Hagen’s Anger Spirit Skill, you will need to finish the Dark Hagen Nest and acquire Hagen’s Anger item. The good news is, you can get this item 100% as long as you finish it. The bad news is, that the success rate will decrease and the number of Hagen’s Anger you’ll need will increase as the level increases.

    Furthermore, every 5 levels will require materials obtained from higher difficulties. For example, to level up your Hagen’s Anger to level 5, you will need Hagen’s Anger II from finishing the Dark Hagen Nest level 2.

Dragon Jade

Growing a dragon jade example.

There are 3 types of stats that dragon jades can give you:

  • Basic Ability Stats
  • Grinding Ability Stats
  • Awaken Stats

Below are ways to further increase these stats.

Dragon Jade Growth

Different dragon jades give different basic ability stats depending on the gear category. 

Weapon dragon jades give a stat boost to attack, armor jades for defense and accessory jade for max HP. Furthermore, there is a much rare type of jade called the Ancient Dragon Jades.

These jades give two basic ability attack stats compared to the common dragon jades. Weapon ancient dragon jade gives critical stat on top of the attack stat. While armor ancient dragon jade gives critical resist and accessory ancient dragon jade gives the reduce melee damage stat boost on top of the original stat boost.

All their initial stats can be further increased by growing the jades. To do this, go to Menu>>Dragon Jade>>Grow. You will need Dragon Jade Growth Stones to increase your dragon jade’s level.

Those items can be obtained by finishing hell dungeons or through field monsters.

Dragon Jade Grinding

Dragon Jades start off as Poor Dragon Jades and they do not have any grinding stats until you evolve them.  It will eventually reach the evolution status as you grow them using the growth stones.

You will need Dragon Jade Evolution Stone to start evolving them. As soon as you do, it will unlock grinding stats slots which are given randomly.

The evolution stages are as follows:

Grinding Ability
Poor Dragon Jade (White)0
Low Dragon Jade (Green)1
Mid Dragon Jade (Blue)2
Superior Dragon Jade (Gold)3
Master Dragon Jade (Violet)4
Expert Dragon Jade (Red)5

The stats you can randomly get are also ranked from C to SSS. To get a better grinding stat, you can use evolution jade stones to reroll the stats randomly. This will randomly reset all grinding ability stats on all slots. For me personally, I only start rerolling the grinding stats once the Dragon Jade reaches the superior grade (gold).

Once you get your desired stat bonus, you can also spend 2 Dragon Jade Hearts to lock a certain slot so it won’t get rerolled when you start changing the options using the evolution jade stones. Note that you’ll need to lock them every time you reroll.

Dragon Jade Awakening

Dragon Jades can also be awakened and get additional stat bonuses. To do this, go to Menu>>Dragon Jade>>Awaken.

Here you will see different awakening bonuses. You will need awakening stones obtained by finishing hell dungeons to start awakening your jades.

Awakening stats works like a set bonus. When you awaken a jade, you will be given an awakening name depending on the stone you use. The goal is to awaken each of your equipped jade with the same name to get your desired stat bonus.

For example, if you use the Apocalypse awakening stone, you can get one of the following:

  • Death Cry – set of 3
  • Blan – set of 3
  • Apocalypse – set of 7

Each set will give different bonuses. Furthermore, you can only awaken a jade once. Awakening the same jade will overwrite the previous awakening.


Lord of gold dragon mount at level 20.

Each type of mount gives different stat boosts. At the time of this writing, the Lord of Gold Dragon Mount gives the highest CP boost. At level 20, it gives 60% mounting speed, +2.70% max HP, +250 max FTG, +660 attack and 1,760 defense. This is an epic-grade mount though so it is pretty hard to get this if you do not regularly top up.

There are free ways to get mount piece though:

  • Free summon every 24 hours in the mount shop.
  • Free mount ticket by accumulating 800 Irene points weekly.
  • Special Events.

Whether you top up regularly or summoning mounts through the free method, it is highly recommended that you choose the summon 10 times option to get 100 free mount pieces randomly.

Mount level up

Mounts can level up by feeding them mount foods. If you go to Menu>>Production>>Cooking, all foods that have the horse icons are mount foods.

At the time of this writing, the best food you can feed your mounts is the Sweet Bitter Peach. This gives 20, 300 mount exp. You can also get four of Sweet Bitter Peaches from the daily missions so make sure to finish those every day.

Mount Trainer Grade

Okay, when you summon mounts, you’ll probably get a lot of apparently useless mount pieces. Nothing is wasted though.

Mount trainer grade grants a percentage increase to your critical and max HP stats based on the total level of all your mounts.

Note that you will not be able to level up your mounts every 10 levels until you evolve them. And you will need additional pieces of that specific mount to do that.

At this point, it is in your best interest to level up your other mounts even though you won’t be equipping them to your character.


Pet butler grade in world of dragon nest.

Like mounts, pets give different stats boost depending on the breed. At the time of this writing, the best pet you can get is the Crown Corgi for attack/increase exp obtain rate and Arendel Violet for defense/increase gold obtain rate. Both are epic-grade pets.

If you want to know the easiest method to obtain those pets, read my WODN pet guide.

Pet Level Up

You can also level up your pets by going to Menu>>Pet>>Select Specific Pet>>Cooking. Leveling your pet is one of the easiest ways to increase your attack and CP.

At level 30, a Crown Corgi can give you a stat boost of 1,875 attacks. It also gives you 200% exp from field monsters and reduces the smith time by 75%.

Pet Butler Grade

Like the mounts, you can also get extra stats by leveling your pets. Pet butler grade can give you a percentage increase in your character’s critical damage and defense based on the total levels of all your pets.

Here’s a tip:

It only gets hard to level up a pet once it reaches level 25. Any levels below that are pretty easy to attain. To give you an idea, a level 18 Arendel Violet only needs 4,800 exp to reach the next level.

And the Sweet and Sour Star Feed will give 1, 600 pet exp each. You will get 3 of these by cooking it through the production menu. You can also get 6 from the daily missions.

As of the episode 4 patch, the maximum pet you can store is up to 30.

Battle Missions

Battle missions reward you with permanent stats bonus by doing a couple of actions in the game. To access it, simply click on the missions icon at the upper right corner of your screen. It’s the one next to the bell icon and before the shop icon.

There are 3 stats you can get in this tab:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Max HP

Simply complete the required actions a number of times based on the instructions and you’ll be able to get the bonus stat reward. These missions will continue until you reach the corresponding battle mission for the current max level.


You can access this by going to Menu>>Reputation>>Then Selecting the desired map.

There will be a series of quests you can finish to receive reputation points. Accumulating enough points will increase your reputation level and will give you bonus permanent stats.

Almost all maps will have reputation quests requiring to kill boss and elite monsters. This is a great way to farm evolution jades or enhancement stones while doing the quests. Two birds in one stone, right?

Index Status

You will get an option to donate any new items you acquired to the index. Indexing a certain number of items will give you a permanent stats bonus.

Plus, completing a set will give you red diamonds. I recommend reading my other post to find other ways to get red diamonds in World of Dragon Nest for more information.

Anyway, you can index quite a lot of items such as equipment gears, seeds, ores, seals and maps. Note that you cannot take back any items that you register in the index so make sure that you won’t be needing it should you decide to index it.


Seals can also give you a lot of stat boost and in turn, a huge increase to your CP.

It is also ranked from normal to legend grade. The higher the rank, the higher the stat it will give.

But aside from that, there are also special seals that give additional stat bonus on top of what you’d see on normal seals.

Here’s the list of seals you can get in-game:

of Stats
Defense Seclusion SealIncrease Defense1
Defense Seclusion Special SealIncrease Defense
Increase Critical Damage
Chance Seclusion SealIncrease Defense
Increase Critical
Chance Seclusion Special SealIncrease Defense
Increase Critical
Increase Critical Damage
Health Hermit SealIncrease Max HP1
Health Hermit Special SealIncrease Max HP
Increase Critical
Extreme Hermit SealIncrease Max HP
Increase Critical Damage
Extreme Hermit Special SealIncrease Max HP
Increase Critical
Increase Critical Damage
Attack Enlighten SealIncrease Attack1
Attack Enlighten Special SealIncrease Attack
Reduce PvP Damage Taken
Deadly Enlighten SealIncrease Attack
Increase PvP Damage
Deadly Enlighten Special SealIncrease Attack
Increase PvP Damage
Reduce PvP Damage Taken
Defense Accidental SealIncrease Defense1
Defense Accidental Special SealIncrease Defense
Increase PvP Damage
Ironwall Accidental SealIncrease Defense
Reduce PvP Damage Taken
Ironwall Accidental Special SealIncrease Defense
Reduce PvP Damage Taken
Increase PvP Damage
Health Spuddle SealIncrease Max HP1
Health Spuddle Special SealIncrease Max HP
Increase Critical Resist
Penetration Spuddle SealIncrease Max HP
Increase Penetration
Penetration Spuddle Special SealIncrease Max HP
Increase Penetration
Increase Critical Resist
Attack Kilos SealIncrease Attack1
Attack Kilos Special SealIncrease Attack
Increase Penetration
Fighting Spirit SealIncrease Attack
Increase Critical Resist
Fighting Spirit Special SealIncrease Attack
Increase Critical Resist
Increase Penetration

You can obtain new seals from daily quests, exchange or through synthesizing 3 of your existing seals to get a new one.

You can get a chance to get a unique grade seal by synthesizing 3 rare grade or higher ranked seals. Furthermore, including a special seal in the synthesis will increase the chance of getting Special Seals by 30%.

Slot Imprint

Slot imprint menu.

Aside from the seals, you can also imprint each of the 6 types of seals to get additional stat bonuses. You can access this by going to Menu>>Seal>>Slot Imprint.

There are 6 seal slots you can equip:

  • Seclusion
  • Hermit
  • Enlighten
  • Accidental
  • Spuddle
  • Kilos

You will need Slot Imprint tickets to put stats to slots. You can get these by either topping up, completing weekly missions or finishing special event requirements.

The actual stat bonuses you can get are given randomly so if you want the best stats you can get, you’ll have to roll the slot imprint more than a few times.

All bonuses are ranked from C to SSS. But it is also dependent on the actual seal rank you equipped in the slot. You will get better stat bonuses if you equipped a unique seal in a certain slot vs a normal or magic seal. 


Accomplishing certain in-game milestones will give you a new title. For example, you can achieve the Dragon Slayer title by ranking in the top 100 of the Time & Space season ranking.

While the stats boost they give is not as huge as the other methods listed here, most of the titles are pretty easy to acquire just as long as you keep on playing.

There are 4 categories of titles:

  • Normal – The milestone you can achieve here is related to most interaction you will do in-game like using the evade skill, smelting, finishing the main quests, etc.

  • Production – Milestones you can get here are related to cooking, mining, gathering or any other else related to the production menu.

  • Colosseum – The achievements you can get here are all related to PvP.

  • Time & Space – All achievements can be achieved by participating in the Dark Nests or Dragon Nests.

You can only equip one title per category so it’s in your best interest to choose the highest stat boost per category.


Costume collection bonus | gamerstopia

Same as other MMOs, costumes in World of Dragon Nest is different from the actual gears you’ll equip for your characters. Its purpose is to make your character look different than what your actual equip is.

Aside from that, they give a small boost in stats depending on the costume.

Currently, there are three categories of costumes:

  • Equipment Costumes

  • Wings

  • Chair

I’m not gonna lie, it is pretty hard to get Epic costumes if you aren’t topping up regularly. But the good news is, it is still possible to get costume tickets by accumulating Irene points weekly.

Same as the mounts, you want to summon any kind of costumes once you accumulate 10 tickets to get an additional costume draw.

Costume Collection

If you did not get the costume of your choice, that is fine too. Like the mount and pet grade, you can also get additional bonus stat if you acquire a certain set of costumes.

Most of the bonuses you’ll find here boosts the stats in percent so the CP increase they give is quite huge too.
Plus, you can also disassemble it and gain powders which you can use to buy the costume of your choice.


There are a lot of ways to increase your character’s CP in World of Dragon Nest. I’d recommend focusing on the gears, enhancement and smelting but do not neglect the other ways to strengthen your characters too.

And while higher overall CP means higher combat capability, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get higher damage with just CP alone. The actual stats matter so keep this in mind while you are creating your character’s equipment and build.

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