How to Farm Gold Fast in World of Dragon Nest

If you just started playing World of Dragon Nest, you’ll probably experience a seemingly hopeless situation where you just don’t have enough gold to increase your character’s CP.

Killing lots of monsters on the field doesn’t seem to cut it, doesn’t it? I mean, killing lower-level monsters will only give you 1 gold per kill right? What’s up with that?

In this guide, I’ll show you all the possible and repeatable ways to earn gold in WoDN.

Note that although you can obtain a hefty amount of gold by doing Main, Area and Request quests, I did not include them in this list because they are not repeatable.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Login Rewards

Monthly login bonuses.

Let’s start with the easiest one. If we’re talking about easy gold, then just don’t forget to claim your daily login rewards.

If you’re a beginner and have no idea where you can find this, simply click on the gift box icon at the upper left corner of your screen.

You want to always look for a red circle mark as those indicate any unclaimed bonuses. You’ll get bonuses every day so you want to always check the Monthly Login, Consecutive Login and Online Reward tabs.

And while you’re at it, always check for any red circle marks on the Event tab so you won’t miss any bonuses. You may need to scroll down sometimes as WoDN runs quite a lot of special events at a time.

Crazy Duck Special Dungeon

This is one of the easiest ways to earn quick gold in this game. It’s a shame you can only enter this dungeon once per day unless you spend 500 Red Diamonds to reset it but you can finish this one without much effort on your part.

Anyway, you will unlock the Special Dungeon once you finish the quest from Royal Sorceress Kayleen in Episode 1, Chapter 3. This is the quest you’ll get once you finish all the main quests in Saint Haven.

There are a couple of level difficulties for this specific dungeon and the higher you go, the higher the minimum gold you can earn per run. Higher difficulties can be unlocked as your character’s CP goes up.


Killing ducks in this dungeon will also net you some additional gold. And you will be given 1 minute to kill as many ducks as possible.

Every time you manage to kill a certain number of ducks, the timer will stop signaling the start of “Fever Mode”. In this mode, huge muscular ducks will respawn and will net a higher amount of gold. You’ll want to kill as many of these ducks during the span of fever mode.

There is a limit on the amount of gold you earned from these ducks though. At level 7 Crazy Duck Dungeon, there is a limit of 75, 000 gold you can earn per run totaling the amount of 225, 000 gold per run.

Of course, this is after the duck dungeon “bug” has been nerfed. Before this, some people can get millions of gold in a single run here. I even saw a screenshot of someone who managed to get 10 million gold in a single run here. But whether you like it or hate it, it is all in the past now.

I would’ve liked to get 5m before they nerf it, but oh well, moving on…

Completing All Daily Quests

Reward for completing a daily quest in world of dragon nest.

Just to be clear, daily quests and daily missions are not the same things in WoDN. You can access this by going to Menu>>Quest>>Daily>>Specific Map (e.g. Temple of Soul).

There you will find a series of quests that you can take and finish daily. Each of these quests will reward you with some gold and exp points. 

The higher the map, the higher rewards you can potentially receive on each quest. You can unlock new maps by doing main quests. So you want to finish those main quests as fast as you can.

TIP: If you really want to maximize your gold earning potential, use red diamonds to reset the daily quests. Note though that it will cost you 100 Red Diamonds for the first reset and will double the cost for the next reset. So I recommend only resetting it once per day.

Though the earnings will not be as instantaneous as just buying it directly on the in-game store, it will maximize the gold you can get per 100 red diamonds.

To make a quick comparison, doing all the daily quests in Temple of Soul will net you 374, 400 gold. If you reset it for 100 red diamonds, you can now gain a total of 748, 800. Now, if you exchange your 100 red diamonds for gold from the shop, you will only gain 60, 000 gold. Pretty big difference, right?

And if you followed my guide in getting free Red Diamonds per day, a hundred red diamonds are pretty easy to acquire.

Using Cat Type Pets when killing monsters on the Field

Cat-type pets give an additional boost in the amount of gold you can acquire from killing monsters. The current best cat-type pet, Arendel Violet will increase your gold acquisition rate by 20% at level 1.

Just to give you an idea, Arendel Violet boosts your gold acquisition from monsters by 95% at level 16. And my level 27 Crown Corgi boosts monster exp points by 160% so the cat will probably give that same boost once it reaches that level.

I recommend reading my post about pet crossbreeding for more tips about this.

While killing monsters in the field may not be the best way to get gold, it will certainly net you more gold than doing it without it.

And if you ever find yourself wanting to just AFK-farm on the field, do it on the latest map you have access to so you won’t have any penalties like gaining just 1 gold per monster kill.

Completing Daily and Weekly Missions

Daily missions list.

As mentioned earlier, daily quests and daily missions are two different things. Anyway, you can access the things you can do to complete these missions by tapping on the missions menu just beside the bell icon.

It should list all the missions you can do on a daily or weekly basis. Most of the missions you’ll find here are all pretty easy to do so you don’t want to skip on these.

Aside from the gold reward you can get from finishing each daily and weekly mission, you will also get bonus gold by doing 7 daily missions and 8 weekly missions.

But why stop at 8 and 7 right? You can get 2 more bonuses by completing 15 daily missions and 15 weekly missions.

Participating in Sudden Quests

Sudden quest reward.

Once you complete the episode 3 main quest, you will see sudden quest alerts that will pop up at a random time as long as you are in the field where the quest is being held.

And the best part? You don’t actually need to be in top standing to get the rewards.

Heck, you don’t even need to do anything once you enter the quest and you will still get a reward. All you need to do is participate and you will be rewarded with some pretty decent gold and exp points once the sudden quest finishes.

At the current last map (Temple of Soul), you will get about 16,000 gold rewards every time you participate.

Not bad right?

Completing Map Reputation

Map reputation rewards.

You’ve finished the daily missions, daily quest and managed to complete a couple of weekly missions. Now what?

Should you go back to AFK grinding in the field?

Well, instead of tirelessly grinding for 1 gold per kill on lower-level monsters, try completing the map Reputation quest instead.

You can access this by going to Menu>>Reputation>>Specific Map

Map Reputation is really like a really long quest where you have to gather seeds, mine ores or kill specific monsters for a specific number of times.

Completing one quest from the Map Reputation will reward you golds and either one of the following:

  • Extra Skill Points
  • Extra Role Points
  • Leveling up your reputation will also give you some stat bonus which will increase your CP slightly.

The actual bonus will depend on the specific map you are doing your reputation quest on.

I recommend finishing the quests that require you to kill a couple of boss monsters or elite monsters. You can farm Dragon Jade Evolution Stones or Ruby/Topaz enhancement stones by killing those monsters.

Climbing the Season Rankings

Season ranking in world of dragon nest.

Climbing the season rankings in one of the major categories will also give you a steady amount of gold per day.  The higher the rank, the higher the rewards you can potentially get.

Top 30s and above can gain the most as it not only gives gold but also some precious Velskuld or Geraint seals. These are needed to craft legendary grade equips.

If you’ve been paying attention, the rewards from the ranking are being delivered by mail notice every day based on your current standing. This will go on until the ranking resets and all rankings reset weekly.

There are 3 categories where you can rank and gain additional bonuses:

  • Production
  • Time-Space
  • Colosseum

You can climb to higher rankings by gaining Honor Points. These points are earned by doing something related to the category.

Note that having lots of FTG Potions will give you an edge in ranking for any of the Ranking Categories.

Here’s how you can increase your honor points:

Production Ranking

Producing items from either of these categories will increase your production honor points:

  • Smithing gears such as Sea Dragon armors or weapons.
  • Crafting accessories or evolutions jades.
  • Producing Seals.
  • Converting items using Alchemy.
  • Cooking foods.

Here’s how it works:

Each time you finish producing a certain item, you will obtain exp points that will level up that a specific Production category. For example, creating a Sea Dragon helm will give you 18,630 exp points in Smithing.

This will not only level up your Smithing Mastery but you will also gain 18,630 honor points in the Production Ranking.

So the best way to increase honor points for Production is to produce items with the highest exp gained with the least amount of FTG consumption.

If you plan to rank really high at production, your best bet is through Smithing. It gives the highest amount of honor points for every FTG that you spend.

And if you haven’t noticed already, smithing shoes will give you the same exp points as armors and helmets at a lower gold cost.

Time-Space Ranking

Time-space ranking is directly related to the Dark Nest and Dragon Nests special dungeons. The more times you clear these, the more honor points you can accumulate.

If you are a beginner, these are special dungeons that are significantly harder to finish than your normal nest or nest hell dungeons.

The portal to enter these nest is located at the center of Saint Haven Square. Entering one will require FTG but on the bright side, failing to clear it will not reduce your current FTG.

On the downside though, you’ll probably need quite a lot of FTG potions to rank high even if you’re pretty good at clearing these nests.

Colosseum Ranking

A colosseum is a place where you can test your skills with other players. This one is really straightforward.

To gain honor points, play a lot of PvP and win as much as you can.

The developers made a slight but very much request by many players. Losing in a match will reduce your honor points. Note that this is only applicable in 1 vs 1 matches but it is a really great improvement.

Before this implementation, players with lots and lots of FTG potions can simply leave the match and gain honor points in the process. So even if they accumulate lots of losses, they can still get to the top 30 since they participated in a match far more than the other players.

Colosseum Shop

Colloseum shop.

If you love playing PvP, then you probably have a couple of colosseum medals at your disposal. You can exchange 180 Goddess Medal for 50, 000 gold.

BUT, (yep that is a big but)

You can also buy Velskuld Seal by exchanging 14, 000 goddess medals in the Colosseum Shop.

At least for now, this is the only reliable way to get those seals since ranking at least the top 30 on either Colosseum or Production is pretty hard.

Event Dungeons

World of Dragon Nest schedules quite a lot of special event dungeons. There are currently 5 different event dungeons that are scheduled all week long.

These are:

  • Wonderful Racing
  • Funky Funky Stage
  • Crazy Duck Treasure Hunt
  • Hide and Seek
  • Sea Dragon Defense War

All these are like mini-game within the game of World of Dragon Nest. And you can only enter them within a certain amount of time just like how the Colosseum works.

You can check the schedule of each event dungeons by going to Menu>>Dungeons>>Event>>Then tap on “Open Schedule”.

And if you enjoy doing these events, then you probably have quite a lot of Event Coins. You can exchange 2,000 event coins to 50,000 gold in the event shop.

To access it, simply go to:
Shop Menu>>Lifestyle>>Event Shop.

Given the items you can purchase at this shop though, I wouldn’t make gold a priority. It’s better to get the evolution jades in this shop so you wouldn’t have to buy it on exchange when you need to evolve your Dragon Jades or need it for grinding.

Exchange Red or Blue Diamonds in the Cash Store

How to exchange red diamonds for gold.

If you have extra money, you can top up using real money to exchange it for in-game gold. But if you have a limited budget, this isn’t recommended.

I get it, it is pretty hard to farm gold when you are low level. But trust me, it gets easier. You can earn a larger sum of gold as your level progresses.

And although you can acquire Red Diamonds for free, I would not recommend spending these on gold too.

The thing is, there are a lot of other items you can buy with these diamonds (like the protection jelly for example) aside from gold.

Just try doing the other ways to earn gold in this post and you should be fine.

Currency Exchange

If you go to the exchange menu and then tap on the currency option, you’ll see that you can exchange Green Diamonds for gold and vice versa.

But then again, this is one of those “I don’t recommend” kind of thingy.

In my opinion, this is the least effective method to earn gold since you’ll be needing green diamonds for this.

Green diamonds are very important because it is the only currency you can use to buy rare items from other players.

And unlike golds, you can only get these by topping up or by selling your stuff to other players. This is a lot harder than actually doing the other methods I’ve listed here.


There are a lot of ways to earn lots of gold in World of Dragon Nest. Sure, it would be a little hard to earn these if you are just starting out but at least doing the Special Dungeon, Daily Quest and Daily missions every single day will get you by.

This, in turn, open up other opportunities to acquire an even higher amount of gold.

Do you want to know other tips for this game? Just let us know in the comments.

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