How to Get Epic Grade Pet in World of Dragon Nest

If you’ve been playing World of Dragon Nest for quite a while now, you know that pets can give lots of benefits to your in-game character.

Epic-grade pets, in particular, will give you a tremendous boost in your character’s combat power (CP) and some additional bonuses.

In this guide, I’ll show you the easiest way to get epic-grade pets as well as other pet-related tips for beginners.

Benefits of Pets

Pets will give you additional stats and effects depending on the breed.

Pet Bonus Stats and Effects

You can see the initial stats each pet can give in-game but to make it easier, let me list them all here:

GradeStats/Special Effect
at level 1
How To
Arendel VioletCatEpic
Defense +500
Increase Gold from Monsters by 20%
Reduce Alchemy Time by 22.50%
Crown CorgiDogEpic
Attack + 187
Increase Exp from Monsters by 20%
Reduce Smith Time by 22.50%
Sorceress BlackCatRare
Max HP + 1200
Increase Gold from Monsters by 16%
Reduce Alchemy Time by 18%
Hermalte AngoraCatRare
Defense + 450
Increase Gold from Monsters by 18%
Reduce Seal Time by 20.25%
Tel Numara ShopCatRare
Attack + 168
Increase Gold from Monster by 18%
Reduce Craft Time by 20.25%
Lotus TabbyCatRare
Max HP + 1,350
Increase Gold from Monsters by 18%
Reduce Smith Time by 20.25%
Riverwort CreamDogRare
Defense +400
Increase Exp from Monsters by 16%
Reduce Cooking Time by 18%
Ridge BlackCatMagic
Defense + 350
Increase Gold from Monsters by 14%
Reduce Cooking Time by 15.75%
In-game store
Old MoonCatMagic
Attack + 131
Increase Gold from Monsters by 14%
Reduce Alchemy Time by 15.75%
Mana WhiteCatMagic
Max HP + 1, 050
Increase Gold from Monsters by 14%
Reduce Seal Time by 15.75%
Ghibli TabbyCatMagic
Defense + 400
Increase Gold from Monsters by 16%
Reduce Craft Time by 18%
Blue Short HairCatMagic
Attack + 150
Increase Gold from Monsters by 16%
Reduce Smith Time by 18%
Isla BagDogMagic
Defense +350
Increase Exp from Monsters by 14%
Reduce Craft Time by 15.75%
Attack + 131
Increase Exp from Monsters by 14%
Reduce Cook Time by 15.75%
Iron EyebrowDogMagic
Max HP + 1,050
Increase Exp from Monsters by 14%
Reduce Seal Time by 15.75%
Haven Short HairCatNormal
Max HP +750
Increase Gold from Monsters by 10%
Increase Gather Obtain Rate by 10.50%
Free after
finishing the quest
Calderock CorgiDogNormal
Defense + 300
Increase Exp from Monsters by 12%
Increase Mining Obtain Rate by 12.60%
In-game store
(red diamonds)

As of the time of this writing, the best pet you can get is the Crown Corgi or the Arendel Violet.

Both will give you an impressive boost to your stats and overall CP. Even better, the stats they give the increase as the level of your pet increases.

Pet Buffs

How to get pet buffs in world of dragon nest.

Aside from the bonus stats, playing with other pets will give you a random buff for 15 minutes. Simply click on a player then select “Play with Pet”.

Here is the list of possible stat boosts you can get:

  • Increase in defense.
  • Increase HP.
  • Increase the critical rate.
  • Increase critical damage.
  • Increase in penetration.

The precise increase will vary depending on the level of buff you can get which is given at level 1-5 randomly.

Pet Toys

Pet toys examples.

You can also equip your pets with toys before playing with other pets. Doing so will help you get the precise buff you want to get instead of randomly getting it.

You can get the toys through the Pet Toy Random Box in the in-game shop using 30 red diamonds.

The items you can get are the following:

  • Thick Hair Tuft will ensure you get the attack buff.
  • Sturdy Ground Cherry Ball for defense.
  • Snugly Teddy Bear for HP.
  • Jump Jump Fishing Rod for critical rate.
  • Moving Mouse Doll for critical damage.
  • And Lumpy Elephant Doll for penetration.

Note though the as the item name suggests, the Pet Toy Random Box will give you random toys. And I know it kinda feels that it defeats the purpose of getting your desired buffs.

But having a particular toy for your desired buff might be helpful since you cannot actually spam playing with other pets until the duration of the buff wears off. This is especially useful when going to a Dark Nest, Dragon Nest or Coliseum.

How Pet System Works: Crossbreeding Tips

Crossbreeding in world of dragon nest.

I’ll assume that you did not skip the in-game crossbreeding tutorial of World of Dragon Nest. But if you forgot how, simply click on a player with a pet you want to crossbreed then select “Request Crossbreeding”.

Here are a couple of things you want to know about crossbreeding:

  1. There is a limit of 5 crossbreeding sessions per day.

  2. Your pet level should be at least level 10 so you can start requesting crossbreed.

  3. You only crossbreed with the same type of pet. As of right now, it will either be a dog or cat.

  4. It will cost you 500 gold with each successful crossbreed. I probably didn’t have to mention this, but hey, give the man something since you’re about to get a serious boost of CP because of him/her.

Once done, you will get a baby pet which you can then evolve using the Nutritious Food item. You can get this item through exchange or buying it from the in-game cash store.

How to evolve baby pets in world of dragon nest.

Now on to the main point, it’s really tempting to start crossbreeding from someone who already has a Crown Corgi or Arendel Violet repeatedly even if your pet is only normal grade.

Let me tell you though that there’s a better way.

How to Get Epic Dog Pet (Crown Corgi)

I created 2 characters in this game and showed did the same thing for my friends. For all of them, we were able to get the Crown Corgi pet pretty easily.

Heck, I didn’t even crossbreed with any epic pets for my first character (because I couldn’t find anyone that has it) but still managed to get it with only 3 Nutritious Foods.

Let me share with you how I did it:

  1. Buy the normal grade corgi from the in-game pet shop. It will cost you 130 Red Diamonds but it will be worth it.

  2. There are a lot of players who have epic-grade pets now, so go ahead and request crossbreeding from those players. If not, other lower-grade pets are fine too. Our only goal in this step is to get a magic grade (green) pet.

    If you managed to get a rare grade (blue) at this stage, that’s awesome, you can skip to Step 4.

  3.  Once you get a magic grade (green) pet, just repeat the process in step 2. Only this time, you should crossbreed to pets with at least magic grade (green) or higher.

    Crossbreeding with someone with an epic-grade pet at this stage will give you a chance to get an epic-grade pet but it is very low.

    Trust me on this, don’t force it at this stage. My cousin did it this way and he didn’t get any epic-grade pet even after 8 evolution tries.

    If you did get an epic pet at this stage though, leave us a comment below because you are one of the lucky ones. You should also bet on the lotto while you’re at it. Don’t forget to give me some if you also win though…

    Kidding aside, our goal here is to get a rare grade (blue) pet.

  4. Now that you got your rare grade (blue) pet, simply request a crossbreed to someone with the same blue grade pet or an epic pet.

    At this stage, the options you’ll get upon evolution are either a rare grade (blue) or epic grade (gold). So it’s like a fifty-fifty chance.

How to Get Epic Cat Pet (Arendel Violet)

The process of getting an epic cat is a little different and harder than getting an epic dog due to the large variety of cat breeds in the game.

Like with the dog breed, if you want to level up every new cat breed you’ll get to level 10. Only this time, you want to target specific breeds to get Arendel Violet with fewer tries.

After a couple of experiments, I find this method the easiest way to obtain the epic-grade cat breed:

  1. At the start, your goal is to get the Blue Short Hair breed. This is a magic grade (green) pet only.

    Since you’ll already have the Haven Short Hair Breed after the tutorial, go ahead and crossbreed with another magic-grade (green) or rare-grade (blue) cat breed.

    My suggestion is to crossbreed your pet to another Blue Short Hair breed for a higher chance of getting that specific breed.

    Don’t bother trying to crossbreed your pet with Arendel Violet since you will not get a chance to get an epic-grade pet at this point anyway.

    If you get a different pet breed than our goal, just level up that pet to level 10 and then repeat this step.

  2. Once you get the Blue Short Hair breed, go ahead and cross-breed your pet with the Lotus Tabby breed pet which is our goal in this step.

    Same as the previous step, level up the new cat breed to level 10 and then repeat this step if you get a breed other than the lotus tabby.

    I tried crossbreeding the Hermalte Angora (which is a rare grade (blue) pet) with Arendel Violet but that too did not have a chance to get an epic-grade pet. So just stick to getting the lotus tabby at this point.

  3.  Now that you have a lotus tabby, now is the time to cross-breed it with an epic-grade (gold) cat breed.

    You will have a fifty-fifty chance to get either Lotus Tabby or the coveted epic-grade cat breed Arendel Violet at this point.

Pet Leveling

The higher your pet level, the higher the stats they will give and overall combat power for your character. Take a look at my level 26 Crown Corgi below.

Epic-grade dog type pet.

That’s a whopping 1, 593 bonus attack, 150% more exp from monsters and 57% reduction in smith time. Compared to level 1, the jump in bonus stats is pretty darn high.

And mind you, this isn’t even the maximum pet level you can get in-game.

Here are the ways to level up your pets:

  • You can cook pet snacks under the production menu. Foods with paw icons are the ones you can feed for your pets. 

    At the time of this writing, the best pet food is the Sweet and Sour Star Feed. It will give your pet 1, 600 exp points.

    Here’s a tip. Cooking higher-grade pet foods than the Sweet and Sour Star Feed will NOT give your pets more exp points. It will only give some additional effects to your character but not actually give more exp for your pets. So if your aim is solely to level up your pet, just focus on that pet food and save more FTG, gold and ingredients.

  • You can also get the Sweet and Sour Star Feed by doing daily missions. You can get 6 of these daily so make sure to finish those daily missions every day.

  • Lastly, you can also purchase pet growth potions from the in-game cash store using Red Diamonds. You can get red diamonds for free every day so there is actually no need to top up if you plan on focusing on leveling your pet.


Getting an epic-grade pet and leveling it up is probably one of the easiest ways to bump your CP up. Following a certain sequence of crossbreeding will help you get that oh-so-sweet epic-grade pet without spending too much red or blue diamonds of Nutritious Food.

Want us to create other guides about World of Dragon Nest or any other game? Just let us know in the comment.

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