Bunnybot: Familiar Skills, Scaling and Analysis — Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Bunnybot's graphic art depicting getting the familiar in Ni No Kuni: Worlds.

This post will cover Bunnybot’s skill description and their scaling per level.

We’ll also take a look at its base stats and bonus stat gained through evolution and awakening upgrade so you can have a better idea of how this familiar will fare on PvE, PvP, familiar arena and overall tier list.


Bunnybot's in-game icon in Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds.

Basic Info

LightSupportRare 4-Star

Tier List Rank

PvEPvPFamiliar Arena

Field Passive Skill: Bunnybot’s Heart

At its base skill level, Bunnybot’s heart increases all Elemental Damage by 2% for each Attack Familiar equipped.

It also decreases all Crowd Control effect duration by 7%.

Below is Bunnybot’s Heart skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelDamage IncreaseCrowd Control Effect Duration
Base+2.00% For Each Attack Familiar-7.00%
1+2.00% For Each Attack Familiar-7.00%
2+2.00% For Each Attack Familiar-7.00%
3+3.00% For Each Attack Familiar-11.00%
4+3.00% For Each Attack Familiar-11.00%
5+3.00% For Each Attack Familiar-11.00%
6+3.00% For Each Attack Familiar-11.00%
7+4.00% For Each Attack Familiar-15.00%
8+4.00% For Each Attack Familiar-15.00%
9+4.00% For Each Attack Familiar-15.00%
10+4.00% For Each Attack Familiar-15.00%

Field Active Skill: Rearm

Bunnybot rearms to prepare for battle, granting the partner a shield that increases Stun, Knock Down and Subdue Resist Rates while the shield is active.

It also deals additional damage to stunned enemies while the shield is active.

At its base level, Rearm creates a shield equal to 10% of Max HP for 7 seconds.

Stun, Knock Down and Subdue resist rates are increased by 50% while the shield is active.

Damage to Stunned enemies is increased by 10%.

Below is Rearm’s skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelShield HPShield DurationStun ResistKnock Down ResistSubdue ResistDamage to Stunned Enemies
Base10.00%7 Seconds50.00%50.00%50.00%10.00%
111.00%7 Seconds55.00%55.00%55.00%11.00%
212.00%7 Seconds60.00%60.00%60.00%12.00%
313.00%7 Seconds65.00%65.00%65.00%13.00%
414.00%7 Seconds70.00%70.00%70.00%14.00%
515.00%7 Seconds75.00%75.00%75.00%15.00%
616.00%7 Seconds80.00%80.00%80.00%16.00%
717.00%7 Seconds85.00%85.00%85.00%17.00%
818.00%7 Seconds90.00%90.00%90.00%18.00%
919.00%7 Seconds95.00%95.00%95.00%19.00%
1020.00%7 Seconds100.00%100.00%100.00%20.00%

Battle Active Skill: Absolute Defense

Bunnybot creates a shield for an ally familiar which defends against damage 5 times and increases all Elemental Status resist rate while the shield is active.

Note that it doesn’t increase resist rate against crowd control effects like stun.

At its base level, Absolute Defense creates a shield for ally familiars in range for 5 seconds.

All Elemental Status Effect resist is increased by 25% while the shield is active.

Below is Absolute Defense’s skill scaling per Awakening level:

Awakening LevelBlock DamageShield DurationElemental Status Resist
Base5 Times5 Seconds+25.00%
15 Times5.5 Seconds+27.50%
25 Times6 Seconds+30.00%
35 Times6.5 Seconds+32.50%
45 Times7 Seconds+35.00%
55 Times7.5 Seconds+37.50%
65 Times8 Seconds+40.00%
75 Times8.5 Seconds+42.50%
85 Times9 Seconds+45.00%
95 Times9.5 Seconds+47.50%
105 Times10 Seconds+50.00%

Familiar Stat Per Evolution

Familiar increases their rarity through evolution. And with each evolution, they can gain additional stats and subsequently increase your CP.

Below is the bonus stats Bunnybot can gain per evolution:

Stat4-Star (Base)5-Star6-Star
Total CP17,92223,32428,726
Critical Resist477621765

Stat Bonus Per Awakening Level

On top of increasing the familiar’s skill scaling, getting a copy of any familiar will also further increase their stats through awakening.

Below is the bonus stats Bunnybot can gain per awakening level:

StatLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10
Critical Resist+84+168+252+336+420+504+588+672+756+840

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