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Eula character profile and overview in genshin impact

Eula: Talents, Build, Ascension, Constellations

Character Builds

This post covers Eula’s talent description, constellations of character ascension materials, talent ascension materials and damage scaling. Use this guide to analyze her damage potential …

Childe looking sideways and talking to his underlings.

Ultimate Childe (Tartaglia) Build Guide

Character Builds

In this article, we’ll explore Childe’s weapon choices, recommended artifact sets, and optimal artifact main and sub-stat to fine-tune your Tartaglia build. You can check …

Zhongli asking something to a shop owner.

Updated Zhongli Build (Patch 4.0) | Genshin Impact

Character Builds

Video Guide Stat Roadmap Stat Value Critical Rate 60% Preferably Higher Critical Damage 120% Preferably Higher HP 30K to 50K Depending on Role Energy Recharge …

Wriothesley talking to a girl while looking at their family photo.

Wriothesley Build Guide | Genshin Impact

Character Builds

This article focuses on Wriothesley’s build, such as his optimal weapons, artifact sets, main stats and sub-stats. Check out our Wriothesley skills article to know …

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Cook and taste mastery in ragnarok m

Unlock Perma Stats with Cook and Taste Mastery in Ragnarok Mobile

Tips & Tutorials

Cooking and eating foods in Ragnarok Mobile not only gives you a temporary increase in stats but doing this repeatedly can also help you unlock …

How to download and play among us on pc featured image

How to Download and Play Among Us on PC

Tips & Tutorials

There are two ways to download Among Us on PC. Either by paying for the game on its officially supported channel via Steam or play …

Magma dungeon farming guide for warlocks.

Magma Dungeon Farming Guide for Warlock – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Tips & Tutorials

Magma Dungeon level 1 is probably one of the most lucrative areas you can farm as a Warlock in Ragnarok Eternal Love episode 5. In …

World of dragon nest cp guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Increase CP in World of Dragon Nest

Tips & Tutorials

If you’re looking for ways to increase your CP, this guide is for you. World of Dragon Nest is an open-world MMO mobile game. And …