How to Obtain Great Mentor’s License Medals in Ragnarok Mobile

The great mentor’s license medal introduces more diversity to the world of Ragnarok Mobile. It affected not only the mentor-mentees system, but it also changed the best way to approach your daily grinding whether you’re doing pet adventure, power leveling or farming for Zennies.

In this post, I’ll show you the changes these medals brought to the game, as well as some tips and tricks related to these changes.

What is the Great Mentor’s License?

Great mentor's license in-game description.

The great mentor’s license medal allows you to purchase a couple of new items that weren’t available before the episode 6 patch of Ragnarok Mobile.

It also replaced the “mentor medal” that you can previously get whenever your mentees finish a task like receiving an adventure guide from his/her mentor. And before episode 6, the only reason you may want to get the medals is to get Mora Coins.

Now, there a couple of new items that are essential for your daily grind as well as some items that’ll make your power-leveling a lot easier.

Let’s discuss them more in detail…

What can you buy with the Great Mentor’s License?

Previously, you can get Mora Coins by exchanging 15 mentor medals. This is the sole reason why players are trying to get more medals every day.

Also, the Mora coins you can get before is limited to 5 per day. Now, this limit has been lifted. In exchange, there will be a 900 weekly limit for the Great Mentor’s License Medal.

The methods to acquire the medals are pretty much the same. I’ll share all of them below along with some tips.

For now, here’s the full list of items you can get:

Mora Coin25 Medals
Eden Coin2 Medals
Guild’s Gift20 Medals
PH. D Hat1, 500 Medals
Pet Adventure Coupon60 medals
or 3 BCC
Monster Records60 medals
or 3 BCC
Meteoric Chain20 medals
or 1 BCC
Mentor’s Potion60 medals
or 3 BCC
Adventure Guide2,000 Zeny
Guardian Scroll2, 000 Zeny

And here’s a little more details for the new items:

Pet Adventure Coupon

Using the Pet Adventure coupon will allow you to do pet adventure without consuming any combat time. Additionally, it will meet one requirement for the additional rare chest.

Let’s take the Prontera North pet adventure as an example. The requirements to get all 3 rare chests are a Lunatic Pet, any pet from the Brute race (Lunatic is also a brute race monster) and any Plant race pet (It can be a Mandragora Seed or Poring pet).

If you use the coupon, you only need to use a Lunatic Pet and you will still get all 3 rare chests without needing to add a Poring or Mandragora Seed pet to the Pet Adventure.

This is great if you want to maximize the number of rare chests you can get but don’t have all the required pets to get all the rare chests.

Take note that this coupon has a limit of 7 purchases per week.

Monster Records

Using the monster records coupon will instantly finish the highest Monster Lab instance based on your level without consuming any combat time. Not only that, but it will also finish the instance as though you were able to finish all waves of the instance.

Using the coupon will also not use up your daily limit so you can do the Monster Lab Instance on top of this.

As you know, Monster Lab will reward you lots of base and job exp points depending on your level and the number of waves you killed. But it is sometimes just too tough to finish all the waves if your current party members lack firepower.

And while you can leave the instance if you think you won’t be able to finish the entire waves to avoid using up your combat time, it will still consume your actual time.

So if your goal is to power-level, prioritize getting the monster records until you reach the maximum weekly limit. And then use the excess to buy the Mentor’s Potion. This will save you a lot of time grinding.

Unsure if you’re supposed to be doing the monster lab instance? Check out my article about the pros and cons of doing the monster laboratory instance.

By the way, the weekly limit for the Monster Record is 7.

Mentor’s Potion

Mentor’s Potions increases your combat time by 30 minutes and can only be used twice a day.

Before episode 6, we can get additional combat time by having your mentees attack the dummies at the upper part portion of Prontera or by doing the trickle method to exceed the allowable daily combat time.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work anymore. The good news is, it won’t take as much time to gain the additional combat time as long as you have 3 mentees doing some daily quests.

Meteoric Chain

Meteoric Chain will give you 4 times more EXP and drops while consuming your combat time 4 times faster for 30 minutes. This is essentially an upgrade for the lightning chain and can save a lot of time doing your daily grind.

The maximum green stamina you can get per day is 240 so you only need 2 of these per day. And you can essentially finish all your green stamina within 1 hour.

How do you like getting 4 cards in a single drop? Awesome right?

However, other items like the mentor’s potion will eat up your 900 medals weekly limit (you’ll need 840 medals for 7 days) so you may not be able to enjoy this if you are a free-to-play player like me.

How to get Great Mentor’s License Medals

To get Great Mentor’s Medals, your alt characters are required to finish daily and weekly quests. Once they’re finished, you can 

Complete 1 board quest5
Complete 2 board quest10
Complete 3 board quest15
Complete 2 Time Rifts5
Complete 5 Time Rifts15
Clear Training Grounds10
Receive an adventure guide from mentor30
Finish 1 Valhalla Ruins80
Clear 20 floors in Endless Tower20
Clear 40 floors in Endless Tower30
Clear 50 floors in Endless Tower40
Clear 60 floors in Endless Tower50

To claim the medals, simply go to More>>Friends>>Mentor Menu>>Then click the notebook icon of your specific apprentice.

If you’re at the right menu, you should see something like this:

Screenshot of how to claim the great mentor's license in-game.


To get the daily maximum combat time, you will need a total of 120 Great Mentor’s Medals every day. Doing the board quests, training grounds, daily rift, board quests and buffing your mentee with the adventure guide will be enough to get you 2 mentor’s potion with some spare.

All of those can be instantly finished using meatballs.

Or if you’re the type of guy who wants to finish them all up in a single push, doing all the adventure quests above for your 3 apprentices will set you up with enough Great Mentor’s License supplies for the whole week. I recommend this method so you only have to worry about it once per week.

If you’re worried that your mentee’s meatball will not be enough, make sure to always get assistant medals every time you finish those daily quests. Then exchange all of them for meatballs.

This method will give your alt characters unlimited meatballs so you ever need to worry about them running out of meatballs.


The great mentor’s license medals and the items you can purchase through it affected the whole “daily routine” dynamics of the game in a good way. And though it will also give pay-to-play players tremendous advantage, I like this system way better than spending more than 2 hours attacking dummies just to get additional combat time.

Hope this article helps!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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