Ragnarok Mobile’s Home Function System: The Complete Guide

The home function is one of the newest additions in Ragnarok Mobile episode 6.

In this post, I’ll show you to unlock it, how it works and why you should invest Zeny in your in-game house.

What is Ragnarok’s Home Function System

The home function system a.k.a. housing system enables players to build and design their own houses in Ragnarok Mobile.

Players can add furniture, design the interior and even expand it to make a mansion-like house. You can also invite other players to visit your house or visit another player’s house.

Not only that, but it also gives a lot of benefits to strengthen your character and unique perks that you will only gain through building your house.

This function was added in Ragnarok Mobile’s Episode 6 patch.

Benefits of the Home Function System

Magic attack bonus stat from unlocking a furniture.

Having your own house doesn’t just add aesthetic value but it actually gives you quite a lot of cool perks and special functions.

Here are the benefits you can gain in investing Zeny to your house:

  • Crafting furniture will give you permanent stat bonuses through the adventure handbook.

  • Placing furniture inside your house will increase your home rating and therefore, give you additional bonuses as well.

  • Some furniture gives unique functionality. The pet house, for example, allows you to level up your pet as well as increase the intimacy hands-free. And 3 pets at a time at that.

  • House interiors have themes and if you manage to craft all furniture under the same theme, you’ll unlock even more bonus stat.

How to Unlock the House Function System: New Home’s Hope Quest

New home's hope quest start.

Finishing the New Home’s Hope quest is a prerequisite to unlocking the “Build the Cabin” option from the NPC. Ferrut. This option will allow you to build your house and unlock the home function system.

To start the quest, simply go and investigate the situation at the lower-right side of the Prontera Map. This quest is pretty straightforward and can be easily completed by following the quest markers.

However, there is a bug in the game where you might get stuck trying to interact with an item required in the quest. Read more below for the easiest fix.

Anyway, finishing the quest will unlock the furniture storage bag and the furniture gallery. This will also allow you to buy a house for 1 million Zeny. But don’t buy your house/cabin just yet.

You can save up to 500k Zeny by doing a couple of easy quests from Ferrut

Bug Fix: Stuck at Dullahan NPC and Pink Flower

Bug fix if you get stuck at picking up the pink flower due to the dullahan npc corey.

During the New Home’s Hope Quest, you will be asked to pick up a pink flower. However, Corey General Dummy(Looks like the Dullahan monster) NPC is in the way making it impossible to click the flower.

If this happens to you, there are a couple of ways you can solve this. But I’ll only give you the easiest fix. Because quite frankly, that’s all you need.

Here are the steps:

  1. Position your character to the Pink Flower/Dullahan NPC.
  2. Go to your Guild Hall.
  3. And go right back to the portal bound to your last position.
  4. Immediately click the pink flower as soon as it loads.

You may have to try a couple of times but this method is way faster than trying to reconnect or using your emulator’s macro controls.

How to Reduce the Cost of the House: Ferrut’s Request Quest

Use sif's voucher to reduce the cost of your house.

Getting your house will cost you 1M Zeny but you can reduce its cost by finishing a couple of quests from Ferrut. The reward for each quest is 1x Sif’s Reward Voucher and each voucher will deduct 100,000 Zeny from the final price of building your house.

There are a total of 5 quests so you can reduce the total cost to 500k. These quests are:

Desert’s MagicKill 50 MukaSograt Desert
Forest’s NutritionKill 50 Elder WillowPayon South
Soul FireKill 50 HorongPayon Forest
Elven PowerKill 50 MenblattMjolnir
Pyramid’s LightKill 50 MummyPyramid 1F

Once you finish the quests simply talk to Ferrut and select the option to build the cabin. Also, make sure to select the option to use the vouchers.

Once you pay, you will unlock the Blueprint Manual and Home Property Certificate. It will also officially unlock the Home Functions System and Home Prestige System. A quick animation will also appear prompting you to sign the Deed of Home Purchase.

You can also skip doing any voucher quest by selecting “I won’t use vouchers” option. Picking this option will automatically deduct the 1M Zeny payment and unlock your new home.

How to Access and Design Your House

Home function system build mode.

Once you fill out the house name and signature, you will now be able to access your house by going to the “more” option then clicking on the home icon.

Once inside, you can design your home however you like by talking to your own maid NPC, Delilah. Your option is to either choose “quick dismantle” which will remove all previously placed furniture or start building which will allow you to place new furniture, reposition or remove them.

But before you can do this, you will need to craft furniture first.

How to Purchase and Craft Furniture for your House

To actually place some furniture inside your house, you will need to craft the item first. And as you know, crafting in Ragnarok Mobile requires blueprints and some raw materials.

You can buy most of the blueprints from the NPC, Geppetto found in the same area found at the lower-right portion of the Prontera map just beside Ferrut. 

The most common raw materials you need are Plateau Woods and the Nine World Rough Stone for some advance furniture. These can be bought from Sif. You can find her in the same area you found Geppetto. She also sells some blueprints but most are locked until you level up your Home Prestige Level.

Take note that the raw materials you can buy from SIf have a weekly limit:

Raw Material
Plateau Wood5,000 Zeny200
Nine World Rough Stone150,000 Zeny10

You can also get extra supplies of these by using your Assistant’s Medal of Honor.

And here are the ways to start crafting the furniture:

How to craft furniture in ragnarok mobile.
  • Accessing the Blueprint Manual.
  • Crafting during Build mode.
  • Select the Furniture Blueprint from your Inventory.
  • Craft via the Adventurer Handbook.

Useful Furniture with Unique Functionality

You mostly want to craft furniture to unlock bonus stats but there is some furniture that gives special functionality that you won’t get any in any other aspect of the game.

Here’s a list of the most useful furniture you want to get as soon as possible: 

Sail with the WindGet a 5-hour buff that
increases damage to
water type monsters by 5%

Note: This doesn’t work with magic
1 Sail with the Wind Blueprint
9 Dragon Scale
5 Nine Worlds Rough Stone
60 Plateau Wood
1,545 Glass Bead
1510 Scell
Prestige Level 9
Cute Claw’s NestAllow you to store up to 3 pets
and increase their intimacy without
actually hatching them.
Prestige Level 7
1 Cute Claw’s Nest Blueprint
6 Soft Feather
50 Plateau Wood
1014 Brigan
1002 Ice Cube
Fireplace Flower FireGives loots and other materials
such as coal, lava gem, etc.
1 Fireplace Flowing Fire Blueprint
(This is the lowest tier fireplace)
4 Soft Feather
15 Plateau Wood
600 Glass Bead
600 Ice Cube
Hayward’s WorktopIt allows you to do equipment refining
and enchanting.
It also gives a 5%-10% discount off the refining fee.
Prestige Level 2
1 Hayward’s Workshop Blueprint
1 Pearl
5 Plateau Wood
624 Frozen Heart

What is the Home Prestige System?

Your home’s prestige level determines the number of furniture blueprints you can buy. As per usual, the higher the prestige level, the more blueprints you can unlock.

This goes hand in hand with the home rating. And it would be pretty much impossible to increase your Home Rating without increasing the prestige level of your house. Luckily, increasing this one isn’t actually hard.

As of right now, the maximum prestige level is 25.

And here’s a step-by-step guide on how to level up your Home Prestige:

How to increase your prestige level in ragnarok mobile's housing system.
  1. Craft a piece of furniture.
  2. Unlock the furniture you just crafted in your Adventurer Handbook. You will gain a golden apple by doing this.
  3. Talk to Sif which is located just beside Ferrut.
  4. Click on the Bonus option found in the upper left corner of your screen.
  5. Present the Golden Apple.
  6. Rinse and Repeat.

Note that golden apples are only gained when you craft a piece of furniture for the first time.

What is the Home Rating System?

Home rating is the total ratings of furniture placed inside your house. It gives permanent bonuses depending on the level. The higher the level, the more bonus you can unlock.

But note that placing lots of cheap furniture will not necessarily translate to a higher rating. I’ll tackle more on how this works below.

For now, here are the possible bonuses you can get at each level:

Level 1Increase HP recovery by 5%
Level 2Increase SP recovery by 5%
Level 3Increase base exp gained from battles by 5%
Level 4Increase job exp gained from battles by 5%
Level 5Increase pet exp gained in your pet house by 10%
Level 6Intimacy gained by pets in your pet house increased by 10%
Level 7Increase pet labor slot by 1
Level 8Increase bag slot by 20
Level 9Increase drop rate from field battles by 3%,
Reduce required Zeny for gear refining expenses by -5%
Level 10All attributes +3,
Reduce enchantment cost by -10%

How the Home Rating Works

You will gain “house exp” every time you place a piece of furniture inside your house.

But simply spamming a lot of cheap furniture won’t actually increase your home rating. Worse, you will just be losing a couple of Zeny or Eden Coins if you do this.

Here’s why…

Each category of furniture will contribute to your rating once. For example, if you placed two beds in your house, only the one with the higher rating will add to your current “house exp”.

So if your goal is solely leveling up your home rating, you only need to place the furniture with the highest rating in each category. 

And although certain furniture can increase your magic or physical attack, I recommend investing your Zeny on advance runes for now since those give more bang for your Zeny.

Home Popularity

Home popularity.

Whenever someone visits your home, your popularity also increases. For now, I didn’t see any benefit in this aside from counting the number of people who visited your house.

This may change in the future though.

Anyway, you can visit other people’s houses by clicking on their avatar and selecting the “Enter Home” option.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you need to level up your Prestige, just unlock the ones that add bonus stats. Then go craft the furniture with the highest rating at the specific category available at your current Prestige level.

    While unlocking furniture will give you additional stats, you don’t necessarily need to unlock lots of them just to reach a level 10 home rating.

    You only need to craft the furniture with the highest rating in a certain category to gain the highest exp for that category. Any other furniture will not give you any more exp points.

  • Unlocking stats through crafting and placing furniture is without a doubt a must-have. But if you are currently struggling with Zeny, I suggest focusing more on the advanced runes instead of these for now.

  • While I don’t recommend investing most of your Zennies on unlocking the bonus stats right away, I will recommend getting the Cute Claw’s Nest as soon as you can.

    This will help you level up your pet as well as increase its intimacy for the new Lighthalzen Pet Adventure.


The new Home Function system in episode 6 is a pretty good addition that added more depth to the already complicated but fun world of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love.

Not only did it add diversity to the game, but it also encouraged the players to explore and invest in it for the added stat bonus and other unique functionality. Two birds in one stone indeed.

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    • yes you can but is tricky, you need to first invest in your garden, once that is completed you an put another claw nest outside using the contruction skill (available with the adventure skills on your list) since the assistant is not outside, you can place 3 new pets there, but it seems this 2nd nest onlyincrease intimacy and not level, so the suggestion is to only use it for pets that youa re going to fusion

  1. i have a quest where it says prepare zeny for 2m. if I accept this quest will they take it? it says here for garden construction

    • Hi Machi, Ferrut will not take the materials right away. First, she will tell you a bunch of things then you will get three options, prepare Zeny, prepare Plateau Wood and Prepare Nine Worlds Rought Stone.

      These options will appear once you have enough materials or Zeny, but it won’t be collected unless you click on any of those options. And even after clicking one of the options, there will also be a confirmation.

      To answer your question no, it won’t be collected right away.

    • Hi, I couldn’t find any option to do that either. I believe the devs made it that way since there shouldn’t be any problems for anyone entering any house no matter which channel you end up from. When you leave the house, you will be back to the same channel where your character is before entering.

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    • Hi Sombrero, unfortunately, if you picked “I won’t use vouchers”, Ferrut will collect the payment without a discount. All voucher quests will also be gone. And I don’t think there is any other use for the vouchers aside from the discount so you might not able to redeem it now.

    • I did the same thing. I had the vouchers and misclicked the “I won’t use”. Now I have useless vouchers. I wish we could sell them to Ferret or whatever.

    • Hi Kuroi, as far as I know, teleporting to your house, then going out will only teleport you back to your previous location.

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