As the name suggests, VC glitch allows you to grind Virtual Currency faster than other normal methods.

There are a lot of Youtube videos about this but most of them don’t work. Or at least, not anymore. It’s pretty normal since the 2k team is always looking to patch game-breaking bugs and glitches.

As you know, VC is tremendously important if you want to upgrade your player’s stats in the MyCareer mode in NBA 2k21.

And while there are a couple of ways to earn VC without exploiting glitches, it takes too long to grind enough virtual currency to upgrade the stats for your MyCareer player.

Moreover, it’s extremely hard at first since the most effective way is to actually play games through MyCareer. This is ironic since you’ll need high stats to earn a significant amount of VCs.

In this post, I’ll show you the fastest way to earn VC through the new and still working VC glitch method. As of the v1.03 patch, this method is no longer working.

Unfortunately, this method is no longer a good option.

VC Glitch Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Customizing the CPU/User Sliders option

Setting up the user sliders for the vc glitch

From the main menu, select Features then select the “CPU/User Sliders” options.

Make sure that you’re making the changes on the “User” profile instead of CPU. To do that, press LF1 or RF1 for Xbox, or L1 or R1 on the Playstation to switch between the two profiles.

Next, you want to change All Shooting Success Sliders to 100.

Here are the sliders that you should be changing:

  • Inside Shot Success
  • Close Shot Success
  • Mid Range Success
  • 3 Point Success
  • Layup Success
  • Dunk in Traffic Success
  • Contact Shot Success
  • Steal Success
  • Speed
  • Hustle

Essentially, most of these settings will make any type of shots you make to go down 100% of the time.

But to be honest, all you need here is the 3 Point Shot Success and Mid Range Success. Everything else is just for efficiency’s sake which I’ll discuss more later.

Also, make sure to change the Reaching Foul Frequency to 0. This is particularly important if you want to maximize the efficiency of the VC Glitch.

Step 2: Saving the User Profile

Saving user slider profile in nba 2k21

Once you’re done tweaking the user sliders, save your setting and name it to what makes sense to you.

This step is not required but highly recommended. This method of VC glitching is repetitive and it can become boring at some point that you’ll probably stop doing this after a few minutes or hours.

This way, you just simply load your user slider settings and skip step 1 the next time you want to do this trick. 

Step 3: Playing the Blacktop Game Mode

Playing the 1 v 1 blacktop game mode in nba 2k21

Now that we’re all set up, go back to the main menu and select “Play Now”. Then select the Blacktop game mode.

And for the game mode setting you want to configure it like this:

  • Set it to 1 vs 1 mode
  • For the game condition, set it to 5

After that, you’ll be prompted to select the player you’ll be controlling and your opponent.

We’ve essentially rigged the game to make all our shots to go down 100% of the time.

So at this point, it doesn’t matter which player you choose.

Anyway, at this game mode, you’ll be playing one on one against a CPU. The first one to reach 5 points will win the game. Just shoot the ball until you win with 5 points. And once the game ends, select “Rematch” from the “Quit” menu to restart.

Doing this will give you 200 VC for each match you completed. Just do this over and over until you’re satisfied or until you get bored.

The faster you can finish one match, the faster you can get VC. Personally, I can finish one match in about 30 to 60 seconds.

Read more below for some tips on how to finish the Blacktop match as fast a possible.

Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of the Glitch

Shooting threes to finish blacktop match faster in nba 2k21

As mentioned earlier, the key to this method is your speed of completing one match. We’ve pretty much covered 90% of that by modifying the shot success sliders.

But here’s a few more things we can do to make things even faster:

  • Select the smallest player with bad stats as your opponent

    Obviously, the CPU will try to block your shot attempts. And your 100% shooting success rate will not trigger if your shot is blocked. Admittedly, this doesn’t happen often for jump shots. But you want to eliminate that chance completely.

    A player named “Jared Harper” from the New York Knicks team fits this description. And you can find him at the very bottom of the roster in that team.

  • Always shoot from behind the 3-point line

    Shooting from behind the 3 pt line will give you 2-points for the match. So by doing this, you essentially only need 3 shots to end the game instead of 5.

    I know I may be captain obvious here but I wasn’t doing this when I first did this method.

  • Steal the ball as much as possible

    If all goes well, you will reduce the actual number of ball possessions for you and your opponent to just 3.

    We increased the steal success to 100 and reduced the Reaching Foul Frequency to zero for this very reason.

    I don’t have to say why this will play a huge part in finishing the game faster, right? 

    So just steal the ball so you can gain points faster.

  • Limit your steal attempts to 1 or 2 times

    Though we changed the steal success to 100%, this doesn’t ensure that you’ll be getting the ball 100% of the time.

    You may poke the ball loose but your opponent gets it again. Or maybe your hands just aren’t reaching the ball to actually perform the steal.

    Repeatedly trying a failed steal attempt will only hurt your speed of completing each match. So if you failed twice, simply let your opponent shoot and shoot a quick 3 once you restart

    I may be splitting hairs at this point but this will still save you a couple of seconds.

    You don’t have to follow this though if you’re not concerned with finishing each match as fast as possible.

  • Do NOT shoot from way over the normal 3-point range

    There will be times where you’ll steal the ball but you’ll end up in the half-court.

    It’s tempting to just shoot it right away since your shots are guaranteed, right?

    Unfortunately, the shooting success rate doesn’t work on inhuman shots like that. Remember, Midorima of the Generation of Miracles does not exist in the NBA.

    So just take the time to move closer before taking the shot when you’re in that scenario. Shoot the ball like a normal person should.


Many VC Glitch methods have already been patched by the developers of the NBA 2k team. Though there is no guarantee the method mentioned here will continue to work in the future, this is the fastest way to earn VC to date. And unfortunately, this method has already been patched now as well.

Moreover, I don’t think this method will get patched soon as this does not work quite as fast as the previous VC glitches. And to be honest, you’re not exploiting a glitch here but taking advantage of a loophole in the current VC accumulation system.

I mean, you’re still going to play the game normally and the amount of VC you can earn per hour is not exceedingly game-breaking that will hurt NBA 2k21’s bottom line.

The best method right now is to play the game normally either via the normal NBA My Career Mode or playing with other real players in The Neighborhood. Plus, it’s more fun to just play MyCareer and increase your stats as you win games than doing repetitive tasks such as this.

9 thoughts on “NBA 2k21: VC Glitch [NEW AND WORKING]”

      • Interesting. It did try doing it for 10 Blacktop games and I got 400 VC (see my reply on Rezorex’s comment) so this might be true. It might be worth testing out if 200VC per 5 games is consistent just so I can update the post.

        Nevertheless, as of the v1.03 patch, this method is no longer optimal for grinding VC. I’ll try to find some better alternatives (if they exist) and update this post accordingly.

  1. Hi Rezorex, I tried it myself just now for about 10 times. It looks like they put a limit on the number of VC you can earn through the Blacktop game mode. I only got 400 VC out of the 10 games.

    While it technically still works, it is no longer a good method.

    I have updated the post to let other readers know that this is no longer a good option.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

  2. Hello, yes, as of patch v1.03, this method is no longer a good option. Another alternative right now is to play a game in the NBA My Career Mode and play up to the beginning of the 3rd quarter. You have to ensure that you have at least 25 points lead then sim to the end. You will still get VC this way. Make sure to reduce the difficulty to the easiest level (Rookie Difficulty) to achieve the prerequisite easier.

  3. Hi Owen, as of the patch v1.03, this method is unfortunately not working anymore. A good alternative right now is to play a game in the NBA My Career Mode and play up to the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Make sure that you have at least a 25-point lead then Quit and sim to the end. Make sure to reduce the difficulty to the easiest level (Rookie Difficulty) to achieve the prerequisite easier. This might be a bit hard for a new player but it gets easier once you get the hang of it. Also make sure to reduce the difficulty to the easiest level (Rookie Difficulty) to achieve that 25-point lead easier.


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