Niflheim Pet Adventure – Earn up to 3M+ per day with Revenant Chests

What’s the most hassle-free way to farm lots of zennies in Ragnarok Mobile Episode 5?

Answer: Get revenant chests through Niflheim pet adventure!

In this guide, I’ll show you how to maximize the number of revenant chests you can get per day and earn up to 3m+ per day and per character without grinding, boss hunting, or doing boring quests in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

I’ll also share some tips about how to level up your pets fast and some other tips related to pet adventure.

Niflheim Pet Adventure Requirements:

You can get revenant chests through Skellington or Misty Forest pet adventure map.

Both have different requirements but to maximize the number of chests you can get per day, I’d suggest doing the Skellington map.

First, need to unlock both maps by doing the level 110 pet adventure. If you don’t have a 3 level 110 pets yet, I’d suggest leveling the Dullahan, Orc Warrior and Dokebi pets so you can get the requirements for the Skellington map right off the bat.

Once unlocked, here are the requirements so you can start doing pet adventure

Skellington Pet Adventure:

  • Level 108 Dullahan with level 3 pet intimacy. You can get the taming item “Armor Piece” from Lord of Death in Endless tower or buy one in the exchange. You need 6 of these to catch it 100%.

    The monster itself is located at the right side portion of Misty Forest.

  • Level 108 Orc Warrior with level 3 pet intimacy.  The taming item “Monster Proof” can be bought using 150 colorful shells. You can also buy it through the exchange. You need 4 of these to catch it 100%

    The monster itself can be found in Orc Village or Orc Village South.

Misty Forest Pet Adventure:

  • Level 106 Quave with level 3 pet intimacy. The taming item “Black Cloth” can be bought using 300 colorful shells. You can also buy it through the exchange.

    The monster itself can be found at the lower portion of Misty Forest.

  • Level 106 Obeaune with level 3 pet intimacy. You can get this pet by fusing the Poring and Lunatic pet. Note that you will need both at level 10 pet intimacy.

Level 3 pet intimacy is fairly easy to achieve but if you want to save more time you can gift one more taming item to your pets and most of them will be at level 3 intimacy instantly.

These requirements are the bare minimum. To maximize your chances of getting expensive material, you to increase the number of Revenant chests you get per day. In which case, read on…

How to level up your pet to 110 fast:

Pet exp dense potion trick to level up your pets fast.

Leveling your pet can be a little tedious and you need 3 level-110 pets just to unlock the Niflheim pet adventure.

Luckily, you can level up your pet extremely fast just by buying the Pet Exp Potion (Dense). 

You will need 1,000 of these to level up your pet from 1-110 and will cost you 2.5 M. This is worth the investment though since you can pretty much get this back right away.

You can buy the dense potion from the Pet Material Shop in Prontera South Gate. Or through the colorful shell item.

How to maximize the number of Revenant Chests per day:

Some of the items you can get when opening revenant chests.

Normally, you can only do 5 runs of pet adventure with your 300 stamina per day.

You can increase this to 9 runs per day when doing Skellington pet adventure and 8 runs per day in Misty Forest.

To do this, you need to add these to your daily routine:

  1. Listen to music in South Prontera. This will give you an additional 60 minutes of combat time.

  2. Go to the top portion of Prontera and have your mentees attack the training dummies. You need to have a premium and you need to be near your mentees for this to work.

    Mentees will give you 1 additional stamina every 3 minutes for a maximum of 120 minutes. To make this process faster, it is recommended to have 3 mentees attacking the training dummy.

  3. Add either Dokebi, Baby Desert Wolf, Savage Babe or another Orc Warrior.  This is optional but highly recommended.

    Use talent fruit to get the level 10 skill that reduces the pet adventure time. If you’re doing Skellington pet adventure, you should max this skill for both your main Orc Warrior pet and the additional pet.

    With this, you only need 48 stamina per run on Skellington and 54 stamina per run on Misty Forest.

    Mathematically speaking, 10 runs per day should be possible in Skellington. But for some reason, you can only do 9 runs.

How to increase the number of your meatballs supply:

The biggest downside of maximizing revenant chests is the cost of meatballs you need per day.

If you’re doing pet adventure on Skellington with 3 pets, it will cost you 135 meatballs per day. And that’s not including the instant board quests or instant training grounds.

To counteract this, here are some things you can do:

  1. Get a Petitte Pet with level 10 Cooking Skill and put it in the pet labor.

  2. Hatch an active pet on all your characters including your alts and get meatballs every day.

  3. Get the Meatballs rewards when unlocking new pet adventure maps including your alts.

  4. Use your assistant medal honor to buy more meatballs. I won’t recommend this method since you want to invest something else using these.

  5. Clear the endless tower. Occasionally, clearing a boss floor in Endless Tower drops some meatballs.

  6. Buy meatballs from Big Cat Coin Shop.

Pros and Cons:


  • Farming zennies with revenant chests is hassle-free. No grinding, no boss hunting and no need to find a less crowded channel.

  • If you’re lucky, you can earn as high as 3M or even 4M in a single day.

  • You can do pet adventure while listening to music or getting additional stamina from the mentor system. This gives you more time to do something else instead of constantly checking if someone else is sharing your farming spot.

  • You can earn more zeny doing pet adventure with your alt characters. The two maps in Niflheim is by far, the best pet adventure you can do, alt character or not. Read more below for additional tips on leveling your alts.

  • You can synthesize your weapon pretty fast if you do this every day. I actually synthesized two weapons for both my Warlock and Sorcerer (alternate job) only with Niflheim pet adventure.


  • There’s an initial investment 2.5m per pet (level 1-110) if you want to level up your pet to 110 fast. But you can earn this back in no time once you start doing pet adventure.

  • Will eat up your meatballs reserve if you want to maximize the number of chests you can get per day.

  • Opening revenant chests is still dependent on luck so there are days you’ll get nothing but trash loots.

  • Since it is luck-dependent, the amount of zeny you can farm per day is not as stable as normal grinding.

    If your main character can farm a stable 2-3M per day, I wouldn’t suggest doing the pet adventure with your main account.

Additional tips for leveling your alt character fast:

You can increase your daily earnings up to 9m+ by doing pet adventure with your alt characters as well.

The problem is, it is pretty hard to level up your alts to level 110 since they probably do not have equips and donations to grind in a good map properly.

This is not a job-specific tip so you can pretty much do this no matter what alt character you may have.

  • Use your assistant medal honor and buy the Poring Growth Panacea to level up your alt characters fast. This will give you 2x exp and job letting you unlock the level 110 pet adventure map faster.

  • Use the exp pots you get from pet labor for your alt characters. Your main character can catch up with the levels anytime but your alts cannot do this efficiently.

  • Ask a friend to leech you on maps like Toy Factory level 1, Magma Dungeon Level 1 or Harpies. While you technically share exp even if the one leeching you has red stamina, it will still make the leveling a lot faster than letting your alt grind solo.

    I tested this on my Whitesmith than can 1 hit monsters on Toy Factory with cart attack. But the exp gained while leeching with my brother’s Warlock is still way faster than grinding solo.

  • Do the monster laboratory instance 3 times per day. While you won’t get as many loots and zennies while farming solo, you will gain better exp points than trying to level up through solo grinding or leeching.


Getting revenant chests through Niflheim pet adventure is a great way to earn lots of zennies per day. However, this isn’t as stable as normal daily grinding.

And in the long run, you can actually earn more with normal grinding if your job is Warlock, Genetics, Royal Knight or other characters that can earn more than 2M per day. This is considering that there are days where you get nothing with the revenant chests.

It is, however, one of the best farming methods for your alt characters.

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