Eclipse Isle: 14 Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Eclipse Isle is a fantasy/anime style battle royale mobile game developed by NetEase Games. The game is available in both IOS and Android systems.

It is probably the first anime-themed survival game where you can hack, slash or rain arrows on your opponents instead of guns and bullets.

While the setting, for the most part, is medieval-ish. You’ll see characters with mechanical horses, invisibility skills, automatic turrets and even magic-based characters.

Slashing, pounding and doing combos to opponents, rather than raining bullets to their heads is probably what gets me the most.

Eclipse Isle Gameplay

Eclipse isle features matchmaking up to 60-player match for which you can choose 1 hero each with different skills.

And just like any other battle royale style of games, you start on a plane where you can choose your drop point.

Once you make your landing, you can then collect equips and other items you can use to strengthen your hero.

The map is pretty huge as expected from a game in this genre. And it gradually becomes smaller through a system called “eclipse”. You get damaged over time as long as you are in the eclipsed area until you reach the safe zone. This forces players to eventually face each other in a deathmatch.

The goal is to eliminate every other player and be the last man/team standing. 

You can either play in a solo, duo or 4-person squad mode.

Think of PUBG or Rules of Survival, but instead of using guns, you hack your opponent with swords, pierce them with bow & arrows or crush them with magic.

Eclipse Isle Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Beginners

Now that we got acquainted with the game, let’s get you up and running with some tips to effectively hack the hell out of your opponents.

1. Do not skip the in-game tutorials.

Eclipse Isle’s tutorials can show you the game-specific controls like how to attack, pick-up items, ride a horse, use skills, etc. It’ll be a lot easier to do that in-game than hopelessly trying to describe it here.

That said, completing the tutorials rewards you with some star coins which you can use to purchase additional heroes in your arsenal.

2. Be mindful of where you’ll be landing.

As a beginner, you do not want to engage in skirmishes as soon as you land. Therefore, it is a good idea to monitor the number of people dropping to a certain area before committing to landing there yourself.

The more people drop in a certain area, the more chance you’ll encounter opponents before you can even get yourself some equips and gain your ultimate skill.

A little trick when dropping is moving horizontally rather vertically. This will slow down your descend and maximizes the distance you can travel before landing. This will help you land on areas that other players think is impossible to reach.

Though it’s easier to see where you’re lading if you are moving vertically or perpendicularly, the distance you can travel shrinks.

Inversely, dropping straight to the ground helps you reach the land faster. This’ll help you get resources faster than anyone else.

3. Once you land, mine ore as fast as you can.

Mining ores to unlock your ultimate skill as well as increase your attack power. Without it, your damage output will be very low.

And of course, you’d be at a disadvantage since ultimate skills deal heavy damage to your opponents. Not to mention, a better synergy of skills.

So finding an ore is the very first thing you want to do once you land.

4. Get better equips.

Better equipment will increase your overall attack power, HP or some passive skills. Each one has a tier from normal to legendary. They are color-coded so they are pretty easy to distinguish.

You can get this by either killing other players who already have it or opening chests throughout the map. The golden egg has the highest chance of giving you a piece of epic or legendary equipment.

The system will automatically detect if your current equip is better than what you’re trying to pick up.

But if you want to see the list of potential equips you can get, check out this equipment list. You can also see this list in the in-game guide by the way.

5. Try to get your hero’s prayer amulet as early as possible.

Hero’s prayer amulet is an upgrade for your beast fang amulet. This will give you additional attack power and add additional effects to your skills. You can choose 1 of the 3 options for the specific additional effect.

Needless to say, this will give you a tremendous advantage over your opponents.

The prerequisite for getting the hero’s prayer amulet is unique for each hero. If you are playing in squad mode, be sure to ask your teammates for the requirements. And if you have one for your teammates, go give it to him as soon as you can as this will help your entire team.

For the full list of requirements and upgrade options, check out the Hero’s Prayer List guide here.

6. Know the map legends.

Already got the materials needed for your hero’s prayer amulet but don’t know where to craft it? It helps if you know the map legends.

Here is the list of icons you’ll see in your map and what they mean:

Map LegendDescription
Prayer statue map legend in eclipse isle.
Prayer Statue
This is where you can upgrade your Beast Fang amulet to either Zephyr Tide, Black Fire or Twilight Forest as long as you have the specific ingredient for your particular hero.
Monster camp map legend in eclipse isle.
Monster Camp
Eclipse Isle have lots of monster camps where you can kill monsters and level up. They too drops items mostly commons and rare ones. Monster camps sometimes have grills where you can cook foods to enhances their effects..
Great demon map legend in eclipse isle game.
Great Demon
Same as the Golden Egg, Great Demon spawns randomly throughout the map. It also has a high chance of dropping Epic or Legendary items but you need to kill the monster first.
Golden egg.
Golden Egg
Golden Eggs appear randomly throughout the map of Eclipse Isle. It takes 10 seconds to open it and it has a very high chance of dropping Epic or Legendary items.

7. Stock some food and cook it.

Aside from equipment that boosts your overall stats, you’ll also find some foods and medicines dropped by monsters or laying around throughout the map. Some of them heal your HP, add shield points or even give a permanent boost in your attack power.

It’s a good idea to stock at least 3 healing items in your inventory for emergencies. You can also enhance the effects of these items by cooking them.

Check out this food and medicine list for a description of each item and their corresponding enhancement once you cook it.

8. Level up on Monster Camps.

In eclipse isle, the hero’s level plays a vital role in your character’s overall attack power.  You can raise it by killing other heroes or killing some monsters.

Once you have some equips, go to a monster camp to level up your hero. You’ll have a level advantage against players who just wander around aimlessly looking for other heroes to kill.

9. Always be aware of the eclipse area.

Survival games are known for forcing players to fight in smaller areas as the game progress and eclipse isle isn’t an exception. You want to be wary if your current area is being eclipsed. And move to the safe zone as soon as you can.

Just listen to the background music while playing.

Eclipse isle‘s background music is mostly calm wherever you are on the map. If the music changes into a suspense one, it means your current area will be or being eclipsed.

10. Ambush the enemies instead of wandering around.

The game rewards surprise attacks. You’ll often see “Ambushed” damage for players you hit by surprise. This mostly occurs when you hit them with an arrow while they are unaware or while they are facing their backs against you.

While camping can be a little detrimental since the eclipse area is random, it’s a good idea to camp at the edge of the eclipse zone and kill enemies as they frantically run towards the safe zone. Force them to fight you whilst they are not in their optimal condition. This is ambush gaming 101 in Eclipse Isle.

That said, also be wary if you are the one frantically running to the safe zone.

11. Hide in barrels, empty packages or bushes.

In the spirit of surprise attacks, hiding in bushes is the most effective way to hide from the opponents if you’re trying to set up an ambush.

But bushes also works for your defense.

Someone is shooting you but you don’t quite know where their position is? Hide in the nearest bushes! 

As long as they didn’t use a tracking arrow to hit you, they will no longer see your exact position once you camouflage with the bushes. You’ll be literally invisible to them.

On the other hand, hiding in empty packages or barrels will clear any tracking debuffs temporarily. It will also reduce its duration.

12. Use better arrows for your bow.

Finding arrows in eclipse isle is pretty easy. Most of them will be the finewood arrow which doesn’t have any special effects. Whenever you can, try to use arrows like flame, frost or tracking arrows for better status effect or DPS.

Towards the end game, I suggest using the Flame Arrow due to its inert effects.

Here’s the list of arrows you can get in the game:

Type of ArrowAdditional Effect(s)
Frost arrow
Frost Arrow
Slows the target for a short time.
Tracking arrow.
Tracking Arrow
Once the arrow hits, it tracks the target for a short time.
Flame arrow.
Flame Arrow
Ignites the target and has a 50% chance to knock up the target.
Finewood arrow.
Finewood Arrow
Nothing special. This is the most common arrow you can find in the game.

13. Stay Away from Lightning Areas:

Lightning areas randomly appear throughout the map of Eclipse Isle. If you see a large red circle radius in your map, that area will be barraged by an array of random lightning bolts from the sky.

And trust me when I say, you don’t want to get hit by those.

Luckily, those bolts have a delay before doing damage so it is pretty easy to dodge unless you were fighting with an enemy on that area. Which by the way, happens often. So be wary and pay attention to your minimap.

14. Don’t forget to use your stratagem.

Stratagem is a skill unique to your hero. It’s easy to forget to use this when you’re just starting. But it’s very useful so make it a point to always use your stratagem at the right time.

I cannot tell when is the best time to use it since each hero will be different. You can use the stratagem by clicking the blue icon below the map.

Do you know other tips in playing Eclipse Isle? Share it in the comments below!

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