What is Multi-Job in Ragnarok Mobile and How Does it Works?

This post covers everything you need to know about the Multi-job system in Ragnarok Mobile.

We’ll tackle why you should consider unlocking multiple jobs as well as some tips and tricks on this very topic.

What is Multi-Job?

Ragnarok Mobile’s multi-job system allows players to switch to two or more different jobs in a single character without starting over from scratch.

This means you get to keep your gold & bronze medals, base level, guild prayer and guild blessing.

To access this feature, your character must be a transcendent (3rd job) class such as High Wizard, White Smith, High Priest, etc.

How the Multi Job Feature Works

How to activate the multi-job feature in ragnarok mobile.

To activate the feature, simply go to the character info menu by clicking your character’s icon and then selecting the multi-job icon found at the third tab on the right side of your screen.

Your character must be in town or in the guildhall to activate this.

Let me list down the mechanics of how this system works:

  1. When switching jobs, the base level, stats, guild prayer, guild blessing and bronze/gold contributions points are retained. But the job level will reset.

  2. When changing jobs from the same origin class you only need to pay 500, 000 Zeny to unlock it. However, when switching to a job from a different class tree, it would cost 88 Big Cat Coins.

    For example, switching from Wizard to Sage will cost 500k Zeny but switching from Wizard to Blacksmith will cost 88 BCC.

  3. Furthermore. you will go back at the origin job at level 40 when switching to a job from the same origin class. But when you switch to a different class tree, your job will start over from the 1st job at level 1.

    So switching from Wizard to Sage, will actually reset your character to a Mage at job level 40 and you have to take the job change quest again.

    And switching from Wizard to a Blacksmith will actually reset your character to a Merchant at job level 1. You will need to level up the job first and then do the job change quest.

  4. While the contributions points and stats are retained, you still need to reallocate them again once you choose a new job. This only happens once. So the next time you switch back, the new default will be what you initially set up.

  5. Though job levels will reset, any job breakthrough levels you have acquired will carry over. You do not have to buy peak shards nor acquire Dead Breaths from scratch.

  6. All incompatible equipment to your new job will be returned to the inventory.

  7. All unlocked jobs are available on a character level only. So this won’t be available for your 2nd or 3rd characters.

  8. Once the initial fee for unlocking a job has been made, switching between jobs will cost 10K Zeny each.

Multi-Job Permanent Bonus Stats

Multi-job permanent stats unlock tree.

Unlocking other jobs will yield permanent stat bonuses. The actual stat will vary depending on the job you have unlocked.

Here’s the list of bonuses you can acquire through each job:

JobPerma Stat
High Wizard, ChampionInt +4
Warlock, ShuraInt +6
Professor, SniperDex +4
Sorcerer, RangerDex +6
Lord Knight, CreatorStr +4
Rune Knight, GeneticStr +6
Assassin Cross, Clown/GypsyAgi +4
Guillotine Cross, Minstrel/WandererAgi +6
Paladin, High PriestVit +4
Royal Guard, ArchbishopVit +6
Stalker, WhitesmithLuk +4
Shadow Chaser, MechanicLuk +6

Why you should consider unlocking Multi Job?

There are a couple of things why you may want to consider unlocking 1 or more jobs for your character.

Here are some examples:

  • To take advantage of the permanent stat bonus you can get.
  • Try out new job releases without having to start over from scratch.
  • Switch jobs needed for WoE. During WoE, some jobs are better than defending than attacking and vice versa.
  • Switch between farming and PvP or Boss Hunting. A prime example of this is the Shura class.

    That class is super awesome for boss hunting but not really good when farming in regular maps.
  • Want to start over a new job but don’t really want the trouble of grinding your base level again or doing lots and lots of guild donation just to pimp up your character all over again.

Bonus Tips

Here are some additional tips regarding the multi-job feature:

  • You can avoid the 10K fee every time you switch by using your Ymir’s Notebook instead.

  • You probably already have lots and lots of Job potion from Pet Labor. Getting a new job is the best time to use those.

  • If you are in a hurry to level up your job level, you can buy the Poring Growth Panacea using your Assistant’s Medal Honor. I will not recommend this method though.

  • If you don’t care about the loots that you can potentially get, doing the monster laboratory 3 times a day will help you level up your job exp faster than any other method out there.


Given the “grindy” nature of Ragnarok Mobile, the multi-job system is a pretty clever way to help players enjoy multiple classes without having the need to create a new one.

This also allows your character to be a little more flexible during PvE, PvP, WoE or boss hunting. Just don’t forget that you still need proper equips for whatever new job you pick.

Do you have some specific questions that we weren’t able to cover in this post? Just let us know in the comments.

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