Ragnarok M and Lisa BlackPink Event Guide

Gravity mixes it up with Blackpink’s Lisa and Ragnarok Mobile crossover event. All while simultaneously doing two other events, namely, the Jojo’s Ragnarok Event and the 1 year anniversary event.

“Ragnarok M x Supporting LISA” features 3 new events starting from October 31st to November 14 of 2019.

Let me share the details of these events.

Event 1: Lisa Supporting Event

Event Date: October 31st – November 14th

During this event, players can accept quests from Blackpink’s Lisa NPC at Prontera square. You can take and finish quests daily for a total of 5 days. On the 5th day, you will receive an extra reward.

To get started with the quest series, talk to Love Music Kutch found near the Prontera Fountain first.

Talk to love music kutch npc to get starting with the lisa event 1.

You can then talk to Lisa just across Love Music Kutch near Cenia NPC.

From there just finish the quest and you’ll get 2pcs of Lisa Support Wand.

Here are the rewards you’ll get for completing each quest:

  • 2x Lisa Support Wand.
  • Lisa Premium on the 5th day.
  • Leo Monster Egg on the 5th day.

What is the use of the Lisa Supporting Wand?

Lisa Supporting Wand functions pretty much the same as the other event quest items. Just use it and it will open up a shop where you can purchase items.

You can purchase the following items once you get enough Supporting Wand:

Lisa supporting wand shop menu.
  • You unlock the Lisa Assistant Voucher once you reach 10 energy points. This is limited to 1 purchase only.

  • You can unlock Lisa Support Headwear once you reach 30 energy points. This is also limited to 1 purchase too.

  • For one Lisa Supporting Wand, you can get Lisa Candy which can recover 50% of HP and SP immediately. There is no limit in purchasing this one.

  • Additionally, players who reach the top 100 on the leaderboard in terms of the energy points will unlock the “Lisa” title.

  • Top 5 players will also get the Lisa autographed music album on top of the previous reward.

And here are some additional info regarding the actual usage of these rewards:

  • Lisa Assistant Voucher – Using this item will teleport to the Assistant Hall where you can choose Lisa as your premium assistant.

  • Lisa Premium – Using this item will give you an exclusive Lisa Doll Hat.

  • Leo Monster Egg – This will hatch Lisa’s Cat.

Event 2: Lisa Supporting Pack

Lisa supporting pack on the recharge page in ragnarok mobile.

Event Date: October 31st – November 14th

Lisa Supporting Pack will be available on the BCC in-game store for $3.

You will get the following items upon opening the pack:

  • 1x Lisa Supporting Wand
  • 2x Close Contact with Lisa consumable toy item
  • And a few more consumable items

Event 3: Share Event

How to share the lisa event.

Event Date: October 31st – November 14th

You can get additional Lisa Support Wand by sharing the in-game event to your Facebook profile.

Simply talk to Love Music Kutch and select share events. You will need to log into Facebook here if you are not currently logged in.

How to Hire Lisa as Your Assistant

To hire Lisa, you will need the Lisa Assistant Voucher. from the supporting wand shop. Once you have it, just go to the assistant hall.

If you’re not familiar with the location, follow this:

How to go to assistant hall.
  1. Go to the top portal of Prontera.
  2. From there, you will see 4 portals. Go to the upper left portal of your screen.
  3. Talk to Lisa.

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