Elemental Resonance (Updated): How It Work and Which Should You Choose?

The effects you can get through elemental resonance is huge. They can give you different effects that are helpful in combat or exploration.

However, it should only be a secondary consideration when building a combination of characters for your party. A good party is a party that can proc elemental reactions that complement the element of your main attacker.

In this post, we’ll tackle the different elemental resonances, what I think they are good for and some recommendations for newbies.

What is Elemental Resonance?

How to access elemental resonance menu

Elemental Resonance is a buff given to your whole party when you have two or more characters with the same element in your lineup. Depending on the resonance, you may have an effect that can grant you bonus attack percentage, crit rate, movement speed, elemental resistance, etc.

Take note that elemental resonance only takes effect if you have a full party of 4 in your lineup.

To access the elemental resonance tab, click the Paimon icon on the upper left side of your screen or press ESC if you’re playing on a PC. Then click on the party setup. This should show the characters present in your current lineup. And at the upper right side, you will see the button for elemental resonance.

There you will see the effects and resonance name active in your current party. If you don’t see an active resonance despite having two of the same elements in your party, then you probably don’t have a full party of 4. Add one more to activate the effect.

Types of Elemental Resonance (Chart)

Below is the possible elemental resonance you can get in the game including their effects:

Elemental Resonance
Fervent Flames2 or more Pyro characters-Increases attack by 25%
-40% less time affected by Cryo
Soothing Water2 or more Hydro characters-Increases all incoming healing effects by 30%
-40% less time affected by Pyro
Impetuous Winds2 or more Anemo characters-Decreases stamina consumption by 15%
-Increase movement speed by 10%
-Skill cooldown reduction by 5%
High Voltage2 or more Electro characters– 100% Chance to create Electro elemental particle when triggering Overloaded, Superconduct or Electro-Charged
– 40% less time affected by Hydro
Shattering Ice2 or more Cryo characters– Increases critical rate against enemies affected by Cryo or are Frozen by 15%
– 40% less time affected by Electro
Enduring Rock2 or more Geo characters– Increase shield strength by 15%
– Increase damage dealt by 15% when protected by shield
– When protected by a shield, dealing damage to monsters will decrease Geo resistance by 20% for 15 seconds.
Protective Canopy4 characters, each with different elements– Increases all elemental resistance by 15%

Let’s take a look at each resonance closely:

Fervent Flames

This elemental resonance is perhaps the best one for combat. The 25% increase in attacks is huge, especially around AR 40 and beyond. 

This is great if your main DPS character is Diluc, Klee, Xiangling or Bennett.

Furthermore, with Amber as a free character, it is pretty easy to get this elemental resonance right off the bat. If the element of your main attacker is a Pyro element, going with this resonance is a no-brainer.

But again, using this resonance might not make sense all the time. And in real-time combat, triggering elemental reactions will yield more damage than the passive effect any elemental resonance can give.

Soothing Water

At first glance, Soothing Water might be the worst out of all the elemental resonance in the game.

I mean, I get it, the healing capabilities of all support characters in the game are plenty good already. And the monsters out in the field during exploration are honestly just a pushover.

But the game is pretty new. Who knows, somewhere along the road, we’ll encounter a very difficult dungeon or boss where healing will play a very big role.

For now, though, I wouldn’t recommend this resonance even if your main attacker is Mona or Xingqiu. 

I will, however, recommend looking into this if you’re having trouble with the Spiral Abyss dungeon floor 5 and above. For free-to-play players, it is very hard to get a good 8 characters lineup for this dungeon.

At most, you’ll probably have 1 really strong character and the rest are pretty weak. Having a soothing water resonance might at least help your 2nd team survive so you can finish floors 8-3 and get 2 levels from the Battle Pass.

Impetuous Winds

This resonance is without a doubt the best in terms of exploration.

The decrease in stamina consumption alone is good and the 10% increase in movement speed is a great bonus. Couple that with Kaeya, Amber and Beidou and you have a great team for exploring the world of Genshin Impact.

In terms of combat, this resonance is still pretty good. Having less consumption on stamina during combat will allow you to dodge more or use more charged attacks.

If you have Venti, Jean or Xiao this may be a great elemental resonance for you.

High Voltage

At first glance, this resonance looks like it has nothing to do with your damage.  But this can increase your damage exponentially if you play electro elemental characters.

That 100% chance to get elemental particles when triggering electro-related reactions will allow you to spam elemental bursts for characters like Keqing.

Let’s put this in context:

Keqing’s elemental burst has a 12 seconds cooldown. This is one of the lowest cooldowns out of all the elemental bursts. Furthermore, this skill only requires 40 energy to cast. Even without Venti, having the High Voltage effect will allow you to spam your ultimate skill pretty much every 12 seconds.

This is a great resonance that complements really well with any electro elemental characters.

Shattering Ice

Shattering Ice works best if your team comp applies a constant Cryo element to your opponents. This is usually the case if you have Cryo main DPS like Chongyun or Eula.

That 15% increase in crit rate from Cryo/Frozen affected monsters may not sound much. But the crit rate stat is pretty hard to come by. Couple with this a large crit damage stat and this can be pretty good for some build.

Enduring Rock

This elemental resonance is a no-brainer if your main DPS is Noelle, Zhongli or Ningguang. These characters can proc the Crystallized elemental reaction and therefore will have elemental shields up most of the time.

Therefore you can take advantage of that increase in attack damage by 15%.

It may not sound as sexy as the 25% increase in attack from Fervent Flames. But if you are a F2P player, you know that shield is very useful in the Spiral Abyss.

Protective Canopy

The 15% elemental resistance offered by this resonance may be the least sexy compared to others. But remember, having a good combo of elemental reactions is way better than any other effects you can get from any elemental resonance.

Personally, I would go with 4 characters with different elements if this will ensure elemental reactions with each cycle.

Which Elemental Resonance Should You Choose?

Description of each elemental resonance

It is possible to have 2 elemental resonances for your party. But when choosing a character for your team comp, it is better to focus on the possible elemental reactions you can do than focusing on elemental resonance.

In a team comp, it is ideal to have 1 elemental resonance and then focus the rest on elemental reactions.

And while Fervent Flames might look like the best for combat at first glance, it is generally best to choose the element that matches the element of your main DPS attacker.

Depending on the play style of your main DPS, Impetuous Winds (1 of each element) may work better rather than forcing Fervent Flames. Elemental Reactions will always translate to more damage per second than any passive stats you can get from elemental resonance.

Moreover, Genshin Impact is a Gacha game. So you may not have the right characters to achieve a good balance of elemental resonance and reaction.

Therefore, at least when you’re starting out, compose your team focusing on the elemental reaction combos you can do.


Elemental resonance can give you passive buffs that can greatly increase your combat or exploration efficiency.

But in terms of actual damage output during combat, it does not take precedent over elemental reactions.

How do you set up your party lineup in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments!

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