Ragnarok M Episode 6: Important Changes You Should Know About

Ragnarok Mobile’s episode 6, Lighthalzen (Light and Shadow) update is officially coming to the SEA server on October 30, 2019.

Let me list some of the important changes and addition to this update. I’ll continue updating this post for possible corrections and for additional information about the recent changes.

New Town, Maps, and Main Quests

Episode 6 introduces a new town for players to explore. The city of light and shadow, Lighthalzen!

You can access this new town by going to Einbroch Field and going to the lower-left portal. From there, just go south (it’s the only portal in that map) and you’ll arrive at Lighthalzen.

And of course, along with a new Town comes with new main story quests. I know not most of us like doing the quests, but hey, this means we’ll have a bunch of free lightning chains and probably new wing or weapon aesthetics like the ones in Juno’s main quest.

Additionally, these maps and dungeons will be added:

  • Lighthalzen field
  • Bio Lab 1F
  • Bio Lab 2f

New Monsters, Mini-Boss and MVP Monsters:

And of course, there would be new monsters. Here is the list of monsters you may encounter at each location:

Lighthalzen Field Monster List:

MetallingLevel: 125
Element: Neutral
Race: Formless
Size: Small
HP: 306, 700
Def: 769
Mdef: 390
Base: 2379
Job: 1527
BreezeLevel: 127
Element: Wind
Race: Formless
Size: Medium
HP: 302, 300
Def: 781
Mdef: 390
Base: 2657
Job: 1412
Scavenger MartinLevel: 129
Element: Earth
Race: Brute
Size: Small
HP: 329,900
Def: 476
Mdef: 672
Base: 2657
Job: 1458

Bio Lab 1F

RemoverLevel: 126
Element: Undead
Race: Undead
Size: Medium
HP: 328,000
Def: 775
M Def: 393
Base: 2,643
Job: 1,397
Mutated SlimeLevel: 130
Element: Dark/Shadow
Race: Demon
Size: Small
HP: 339, 300
Def: 480
M Def: 678
Base: 2,603
Job: 1,513
Dark SwordsmanLevel: 131
Element: Fire
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 362,600
Def: 886
M Def: 388
Base: 2,623
Job: 1,524
Dark MerchantLevel: 132
Element: Earth
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 369,000
Def: 893
M Def: 412
Base: 2,768
Job: 1,463
Dark ThiefLevel: 132
Element: Poison
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 369, 000
Def: 771
M Def: 371
Base: 2,504
Job: 1,617

Bio Lab 2F

Mecha HoundLevel: 128
Element: Neutral
Race: Brute
Size: Large
HP: 324,000
Def: 787
M Def: 399
Base : 2,501
Job : 1,526
Dark ArcherLevel: 131
Element: Wind
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 334,900
Def: 806
M Def: 388
Base : 2,623
Job : 1,524
Dark MageLevel: 131
Element: Ghost
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 328,000
Def: 459
M Def: 751
Base : 2,389
Job : 1,661
Dark AcolyteLevel: 132
Element: Holy
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 333,800
Def: 487
M Def: 722
Base : 2,595
Job : 1,564

New Mini-bosses and MVP Bosses:

In addition to new monsters, Ragnarok Episode 6 also brings new mini-boss and MVP bosses.

Here’s some information about them, including their respawn location:

Dark Swordsman
Mini-BossBio Lab 3FLevel: 135
Element: Fire
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 49,949,200
Def: 1901
M Def: 726
Base : 17,820
Job : 10,360
Dark Merchant
Mini-BossBio Lab 1FLevel: 136
Element: Earth
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 51,277,700
Def: 1915
M Def: 732
Base : 8,160
Job: 4,744
Dark High Wizard
MVP BossBio Lab 2F
(West Area)
Level: 136
Element: Ghost
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 189,410,500
Def: 2492
M Def: 2427
Base : 43,871
Job : 21,935
Dark Sniper
MVP BossBio Lab 2F
(East Area)
Level: 137
Element: Wind
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 96,293,300
Def: 4185
M Def: 1466
Base : 48,696
Job : 19,479
Dark Assasin Cross
MVP BossBio Lab 1FLevel: 138
Element: Poison
Race: Demi-Human
Size: Medium
HP: 195,788,400
Def: 4216
M Def: 1477
Base : 44,309

New Instance Dungeon, Thanatos Tower

Episode 6 brings forth a new challenge, the Thanatos Tower.

Incidentally, this new raid dungeon introduces a new 2-Party Alliance System. This basically merges 2 parties to create a 12-man team party.

Seeing that there is a need to add a 12-member party system, the Thanatos Tower is probably one of the most difficult dungeons you’ll ever clear in Ragnarok Mobile.

Of course, the rewards are awesome too. As per the players in the China Server, the rewards can be headwear, pet or costumes. You can also gain materials for the advance rune system. More on this below.

New Advanced Rune System

The advanced rune system can strengthen your character by adding bonus stats or empowering a certain skill in your arsenal. A great example is the new comet skill which is an upgrade of the meteor storm skill.

This new system has nothing to do with the Aesir Monument at all. You will be needing materials to craft certain rune or upgrade them.

Check out our advanced rune system guide for more info.

New Feature, Armor Synthesis

Certain armors can now be synthesized to get a whole new armor with better stat and bonuses. This works pretty much the same as the Weapon Synthesis.

There would be new materials that can be obtained from the 120 pet adventure and new boss monsters.

I will also be publishing the full list as well as tips and tricks to obtain it in a different post.

New “House” System

The house system allows players to own houses and decorate them.

Having your own house gives a lot of perks like bonus stats for unlocking new furniture. Some furniture also gives an additional option like the ability to watch all past cinematics, your very own music box or furniture that levels up your pets automatically.

For more information, read our article about Ragnarok’ Home Function System full guide.

Does anybody suddenly want to play Sims?

New Mount System for All Classes

At the episode 6 patch, the mounts are no longer exclusive for the Swordman class. Once you reach 3rd job, players can take a quest to unlock mounts.

You can buy mounts using zeny or BCC. Mounts bought using BCC are a bit better looking. Anyway, each class will have different mounts available for them.

You can unlock more mounts through the multi-job feature.

New Job

Ragnarok Mobile episode 6 also brings a new job, the Super Novices. This brings nostalgia for those who played the classic RO like me. 

Anyway, the super novice class can use any skills from all first jobs.

I wonder what skill combination is best for this for-fun-only character? But that’s for a different dedicated post. Stay, tuned!

Skill-specific Balance Updates

  • Shadow Chaser’s Threaten skill cast range adjusted from melee to 2 meters.
  • Parry and Auto Guard can no longer block Tetra Vortex.
  • Clown/Dancer’s Invulnerable Siegfried ensemble skill can now be cast solo.
  • Archbishop’s Calucio Heal can now remove 1 random debuff from allies.
  • Magic Attack is now included in Damage Computation of Dragon Breath, Acid Terror and Acid Demonstration.

New Pet Fusion

Awesome new pets will be available. I don’t have accurate info regarding this yet but I managed to get some of the new pet additions:

  • Orc Lady
  • Minorous
  • Orc Baby
  • Moonlight Flower

Some Additional Changes

There are also some little changes that don’t need much additional explanation but are equally important:

  • Max Job Level of tier 3 classes (Warlock, Shura, Archbishop, etc) increased from 60 to 70
  • The base exp increased from 120 to 130.
  • Goddess Blessing max cap increased from 30 to 40
  • Combat Time is reduced by half but drop rate increased by 220%. This will allow you to farm fewer hours but earn pretty much the same thing.
  • Cat Cafe items cannot be used on group PvPs anymore.
  • Off-hand equips can now be enchanted.
  • Additional tier upgrades for a lot of existing equip.
  • Added INT, DEX and Magic Penetration on some enchantments.
  • Double Recharge Reset.


The Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 patch brought quite a lot of things in the game. This means new metas, grinding strategies and new challenges for the players.

What changes are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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