Magma Dungeon Farming Guide for Warlock – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Magma Dungeon level 1 is probably one of the most lucrative areas you can farm as a Warlock in Ragnarok Eternal Love episode 5.

In this guide, you’ll know everything you need to know to farm efficiently in magma dungeon level 1 as a warlock.

For players invested in Staff of Element Fusion, farming on Harpies can be a viable option.

How to one-shot Fire Fledgelings:

Fire fledgeling monster information

Fire fledglings are the easiest target you can kill in a single skill in Magma Dungeon level 1.  It is a fire element and brute race monster with 188,779 HP and 162 Mdef. We’ll use the Chain Lightning skill though so the element won’t matter.

There are a lot of fiery manes too but those monsters are undead and the equips needed to increase damage to brute is much easier and cheaper to obtain. So if your magic attack is a bit low, you want to target fire fledglings as a start. We can still kill them on the second jump of chain lightning anyway.

As always you want to boost your magic attack as much as you can, but it may not be enough.

Here is the list of list equips, card, runes and other miscellaneous items we can use to single hit kill fire fledglings and farm efficiently in magma dungeon level 1:


Recommended warlock equips for farming in magma dungeon level 1.
  • Wizardry Staff or Wizard Power (Tier VII)- It doesn’t have to have high refinement but it’ll help a lot to boost your ignore Mdef stat since every refinement gives you an additional 2% ignore Mdef.

    The tier level, on the other hand, can will help boost your magic attack. The monster 

  • Robe of Cast (Tier IV) – At tier 4, this will boost your magic attack by 9%. Plus additional 3% magic damage and 3% ignore Mdef if you are equipped with crystal pumps, eye of Dullahan and wizardry staff as a set bonus.

  • Sacrifice book – Gives you 30% ignore Mdef which is really useful coming from a very cheap item. You can upgrade this to Tier IV to gain additional magic attack.

  • +4 Epic Spirit Lightning – This will provide a lot more damage than a +4 monocle. The damage increase is very significant.

    You can get this by exchanging 300 Nibulengen shards and will cost quite a lot if you do not have lots of Mastela fruits.

  • +10 Eye of Dullahan (Tier IV) – This will boost your magic attack by 10% more and will help you get that required magic attack to one-shot fire fledglings.

    It is very possible to get that magic attack without this but you’ll have to have a high contribution points.

  • +10 Orlean’s Glove (Tier V) – It doesn’t have to be +10 but tier V will give you a total of 13% boost in magic attack.

  • Crystal Pumps – Gives you an additional 3% to magic attack.

  • Coif  – Increase your magic damage by 5%. There is a better headgear like the “Norma, the Unicorn” headgear which gives you 5% more skill damage and addition 3% more if your HP is 100%.

    But that can only be obtained through Gacha. So if you don’t have one, Coif is a good alternative.

  • Devil Wing – Gives you an additional 5% more Magic damage.

    The best back gear you can obtain right now is the Lost Star Track. It gives you 5% magic penetration and 5% ignore Mdef. But again, that is also a Gacha item so the best alternative is the devil wing. 

  • Wind Perch Drake (optional) – This gives you an additional 5% more damage if your target’s HP is more than 50%. This is still the best tail you can get in the game but Flower Pistil and Golden March is a good alternative too.


Magma dungeon farming recommended cards
  • 2x Goblin Card – If your damage is a little bit lacking, you want to be targeting fire fledgling at first. I can’t imagine 1 hitting that monster without ever getting additional damage from this card.

    You can also deposit this card to gain an additional 2% more damage to brute monsters.

  • 2x Ultraman Card – You can probably get enough damage even without this card but you’ll have to substitute for an int meal A or B. Think of this as an investment so you won’t have to use those every time you farm.

  • Sealed Apocalypse Card – 10% ignore Mdef.

  • Agav Card – Gives you a total of 8% boost in magic attack. You can probably substitute this to Munak Star but that card is pretty expensive, plus you can get a pretty high ignore Mdef stat even without it.

Runes and Other Miscellaneous:

Chain lightning recommended runes for magma dungeon farming.
  • Chain Lightning Jump (5 runes) – If your damage output is pretty low, this will ensure that at least all the next jumps will kill the mobs. By then, it’s just a matter of adding a normal attack skill in your auto skill slot to kill your first target. 

  • Recognized Spell Mastery (optional) – There are 5 available runes for this one. Getting all 5 will bring down your SP consumption to +5% instead of +30%. 

    It would be better if you do not need to use the recognized spell skill since this one drains your SP out the most. But if you do need it, I suggest getting these runes so you’ll have unlimited SP throughout your farming.

  • Wind Attack Rune – Gotta maximize your wind damage as much as you can. You get a total of 7% wind damage boost for getting all 5 wind damage runes.

  • Harpy Pet – This pet can give you a total of 3% more wind damage if its feather blade skill is at level 10.

  • Wind Element Guild Blessing – If you plan to use Sorcerer as an alternate job for MVP hunting, this guild blessing is a very good investment that will carry over more than just for farming. 
Recommended warlock auto slot skills for magma dungeon level 1 farming.
  • Chain Lightning (max) – You have to 1 shot the mobs in magma dungeon using this skill so it should be maxed.

  • Recognized Spell (Level 10) – Depending on your magic attack, you may or may not need this skill on your slot. This skill drains your SP so much so if you can 1 shot the mobs without using this, then, by all means, don’t.

    But if your damage is a bit lacking, this is your best bet to increase your damage to the mobs in magma dungeon drastically.

  • Energy Coat (Level 5) – You should be able to farm and conserve SP even at maxed energy coat. But if you find that you are running out of SP, bring this to level 5. It shouldn’t affect your damage that much.

  • Amplify Magic Power (level 10) – To conserve SP leave this at level 10. The only difference between level 20 and 10 is the extra element damage which is random so it isn’t really reliable.

  • Elemental Enhancement (Level 5) – To boost your damage further.

  • Fast Reading Spell (optional) – At maxed, this passive skill reduces all warlock fixed cast time to 15%. The percentage sounds big but it doesn’t really affect your farming too much so this skill isn’t really a requirement. But hey, if you have Ymir’s Notebook and have separate builds for farming and PVP, it wouldn’t hurt to add 5 to this one.

Skill Slot:

Magma dungeon recommended skill slots for warlocks.
  • Amplify Magic Power
  • Energy Coat
  • Recognized Spell (optional) – You want to remove this skill in your skill slot if your damage is enough to kill mobs using only Energy Coat and Amplify Magic Power.
  • Chain Lightning 
  • Auto-attack (optional)- If you find that your damage isn’t quite enough to 1 shot fire fledging, try adding the auto-attack skill in your slot.
  • Play Dead – If you are using the recognized spell, you’ll eventually run out of SP at some point. This will help you regen SP fast.

Note: You’ll need to buy combat skills 1, 2 and 3 if you do not have premium. If you do have premium, combat skills 1 and 2 is all you need so you can equip everything including the auto-attack.

How Much Zeny and Loots can you Farm in Magma Dungeon?

Let’s see what’s in it for you if you choose to farm at Magma Dungeon. Below are a couple of tests I’ve conducted to measure the potential farm you can expect at 360 stamina, 480 stamina (from the mentor-mentee system) and with or without the group hunting adventure skill:

Total RAW Zeny
at maximum
Average Zeny
per 60 stamina
(green only)
Zeny per
480 Stamina
3 Members1,654,330184,3681,474,946
4 Members1,892,818219,7241,757,792
5 Members1,952,054220,2201,761,760

Pros and Cons:


  • Raw zeny in this area is probably the highest out of all the farming spots if you are a Warlock.
  • You get a bonus of 1-4 lava gems from special monsters which is about 50K to 80K plus a piece right now.
  • Both fire fledgling and fiery mane are green cards so they fetch at a pretty decent amount.
  • Due to the high raw zeny, you can accumulate in this area, the income per day is pretty stable.


  • The loots in this area don’t amount much. Yes, you can get about 1000+ loots per day but you can’t really sell them faster than you generate them.
  • The initial investment magma dungeon farming is pretty high compared to other farming spots.
  • Magma Dungeon level 1 is pretty crowded so you may have to channel hop a couple of time. It is still less crowded than Harpy’s spots though.

Best Magma Dungeon Level 1 Farming Spots:

There are a couple of good spots in Magma Dungeon whether you choose to grind using stay alert or turning it off and using the macro function of your emulator.

Magma dungeon level 1 best farming spots
  • I tested every spot in this area. And the best spot in magma dungeon can be found at 6 o’clock of the map. This spot is especially great if you don’t use the stay alert adventurer skill and just going back to the same spot every now then. You can do this either manually or through the built-in macro controls of your emulator.

    You’d be surprised to know that you don’t actually need to return it to the same spot that often so you don’t actually need to use a macro to farm in this area.

  • The spot at 8 o’clock has about 3 respawn spots with 3 monsters each for fire fledglings and fiery mane. This spot is probably the best if you are using stay alert and you can 1 shot both monsters.

  • The spot a little bit to the right of 6 o’clock is the best if you can only one-shot fire fledglings. It also has 3 respawn spots and one of them has 4 fire fledglings. Although, they aren’t quite respawning quite as fast so you won’t even notice that 1 of them has 4.

    This is where I started when my damage isn’t quite enough to 1 shot fiery mane even at the 2nd jump of chain lightning.

  • The spot at the upper part of 6 o’clock has a nice respawn rate and surprisingly, not many people farm at that spot. If you find yourself a little lazy in finding a less crowded channel, you should check out that spot.

    Just use stay alert and you’re good to go.

  • The spot at 4’o clock is not a good spot to use the stay alert skill. But if you can 1 shot both fiery mane and fire fledglings and you use macros, this is a great spot as well.

    Snipers, Royal Knights or Mechanics usually choose this spot and you’ll rarely see other Warlocks so that’s good news for you if you don’t want to channel hop too much.

    Most other jobs farm in Harpies anyway so it is pretty easy to find an open spot within just a few channel hop.

Other Tips:

If you use LDPlayer to play Ragnarok Eternal Love or other emulators with macro capability, you can stop using stay alert and just let your character go back to the same spot every 30 seconds. This will ensure that you kill as many mobs as possible. 

This trick is especially effective if you can only 1 hit fire fledglings. But even if you can kill both fire fledglings and fiery mane in a single skill, I suggest to only target fire fledglings. This will ensure that your character will move around the map to maximize the number of kills per cast.

And oh, use at your own risk 🙂

The difference versus not using macro is not that apparent until someone else sharing your spot.


Magma dungeon farming requires a little bit of investment for Warlocks but it will certainly give you the most stable zeny income per day compared to other farming spots.

Got questions? Let us know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Magma Dungeon Farming Guide for Warlock – Ragnarok M Eternal Love”

    • Hi!

      Can your chain lightning kill the Fiery Manes on the 2nd jump? If not, this could decrease the number of mobs you can kill per cast significantly. The reason for this is because Fiery Manes has a chance to stun your character with each attack. You’ll probably have to use int meal B if this is the case.

      Also, don’t use the Stay Alert adventurer skill and only target Fire Fledgelings even if you can 1-hit both monsters. This will increase the number of mobs you can kill in a single cast. The respawn points of Fire Fledgelings at the 6 o’clock spot usually comes with 2-5 Fiery Manes so you’ll essentially target about 4 respawn spots if you don’t use stay alert.

      Lastly, the number of people farming in the same channel can significantly decrease your potential farm especially if there’s another Warlock in the spot. So you want to channel hop a couple of times. Just don’t compete on a crowded channel and you should be fine.

      Even without the additional combat time from the mentor-mentee system and group hunting, you should be able to farm around 1.7m raw zenny at 360 stamina.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi there, only racial cards will add damage to Warlocks/Sorcerers. Cards that increase damage to elements like the Vadon card and size like the Minorous card will not add to your damage.

      So yes, in this scenario, the Goblin card is better.

  1. How much m attack needed to farm here? Without meal or food. Where would you rank prince of thunder gacha tail (8% wind damage)?

    • This actually depends on some other factors such as your ignore magic attack stats, magic penetration, cards, etc.

      I tested my Warlock with 7.6K magic attack, 80% ignore mdef, 15% magic pen and +4 epic spirit lightning (14% wind damage face gear). I also equipped 2 goblin cards and 1 Ultraman accessory card totaling 38% more damage against brute monsters and 48% wind damage.

      That character can one-hit both fire fledgling and fiery mane without meal or food and only using the Amplify Magic Power buff and nothing else. I also tested removing one of the accessories dropping the magic attack to 6.6K and it can still one hit all mobs just fine. The tail I’m using is only flower pistil so yours is a lot better than mine, maybe it’s one of the bests if we’re talking about wind damage increase.

      Based on this and assuming we have the same ignore mdef, magic pen, brute and wind damage percentage stat, I’d say about 6.4K is good enough if you only plan on targeting fire fledglings and maybe even lower if you plan on using the Recognized Spell buff. It should also one-hit the fiery mane on the second chain lightning jump if you followed the rune recommendation in this guide.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for dropping by.


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