Xiangling: Talents, Ascension, Constellations
Xiangling Wish Art

Character Overview:

Xiangling character profile picture

Exquisite Delicacy

Recommended Role:Sub DPS
How to Acquire:Wish

Xiangling’s Skill Description:

Guoba Attack

Xiangling's Elemental Skill - Gouba Attack

See the full talent scaling here

Cooldown:12 seconds
Duration:6 seconds
Energy Generated:1 Pyro Elemental Particle per attack (total of 4)

Xiangling summons Guoba the Panda to attack nearby enemies. Guoba continuously breathes fire, dealing AoE Pyro damage.

This skill has the following effects:

  • After 2 seconds from its initial summon, Gouba automatically targets an enemy within its range.

  • Gouba attacks once every 1.5 seconds over its 6 seconds (total of 4 attacks).

  • It deals AoE Pyro damage in a straight line.

  • Generates 1 elemental particle with each successful hit (total of 4 particles).

  • With the Beware, It’s Super Hot! passive talent unlocked, Gouba will leave a Chilli Pepper once its duration ends. This will increase the Attack of any character that takes it by 10% for 10 seconds.

  • With the 1st constellation unlocked, Gouba’s attack reduces enemies’ Pyro resistance for 6 seconds.


Xiangling's Elemental Burst - Pyronado

See the full talent scaling here

Cooldown:20 seconds
Energy Cost:80 energy
Duration:10 seconds

Displaying her mastery over both fire and polearms, Xiangling sends a Pyronado whirling around her.

This elemental burst has the following effects:

  • Xiangling will deal a total of 3 hits of damage on enemies in front of her before summoning the Pyronado.

  • Pyronado deals Pyro damage to all enemies it comes in contact with.

  • Until the skill duration expires, Pyronado will carry over your active character even when you switch.

  • Damage calculation, including elemental reactions, critical rate and critical damage, will be base on Xiangling’s stats.

  • With the 4th constellation unlocked, the duration of Pyronado is increased from 10 seconds to 14 seconds.

  • With the 6th constellation unlocked, all party members gain 15% Pyro damage for the duration of the skill.


Xiangling's Normal Attack - Doug-Fu

See the full talent scaling here

Normal Attack:

Performs up to 5 consecutive spear strikes.

With the 2nd constellation unlocked, the 5th attack will apply the Implode status to the enemies. After 2 seconds, it will explode and deal AoE Pyro damage equal to 75% of Xiangling’s attack.

Charged Attack:

Consumes 25 Stamina to lunge forward and deal damage to enemies along the way.

Plunging Attack:

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Xiangling’s Passive Talents:

Passive TalentRequirementDescription

Xiangling's 1st Passive Talent - CrossfireCrossfire

character ascension phase 1Increases the flame range of Guoba by 20%.

Xiangling's 1st Passive Talent - Beware It's Super HotBeware, It's Super Hot!

character ascension phase 4

When Guoba Attack's effects end, Guoba leaves a chili pepper on the spot where it disappeared. Picking up a chili pepper increases ATK by 10% for 10 seconds.

Xiangling's 3rd Passive Talent - Chef de CuisineChef de Cuisine

NoneWhen Perfect Cooking is achieved on an attack-boosting dish, Xiangling has a 12% chance to receive double the product.

Xiangling’s Constellation Info:

Constellation Level:NameDescription

Xiangling's 1st Constellation - Crispy Outside Tender InsideC1

Crispy Outside, Tender InsideOpponents hit by Guoba's attacks have their Pyro resistance reduced by 15% for 6 seconds.

Xiangling's 2nd Passive Talent - Beware It's Super HotC2

Oil Meets Fire

The last attack in Normal Attack sequence applies the Implode status onto the opponent for 2 seconds.

An explosion will occur once this duration ends, dealing 75% of Xiangling's attack as AoE Pyro damage.

Xiangling's 3rd Constellation - DeepfryC3

DeepfryIncreases the level of Pyronado by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Xiangling's 4th Constellation - SlowbakeC4

SlowbakePyronado's duration is increased by 40%.

Xiangling's 5th Constellation - Gouba MadC5

Guoba MadIncreases the level of Guoba Attack by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Xiangling's 6th Constellation - Condensed PyronadoC6

Condensed PyronadoFor the duration of Pyronado, all party members receive a 15% Pyro damage bonus.

Xiangling’s Ascension Materials:

Ascension PhaseRequired LevelMora CostRequired Materials:
Phase 1Level 2020,000

Agnidus Agate Sliver×1 Agnidus Agate Sliver

Jueyun Chili×3 Jueyun Chili

Slime Condensate×3 Slime Condensate

Phase 2Level 4040,000

Agnidus Agate Fragment×3 Agnidus Agate Fragment

Everflame Seed×2 Everflame Seed

Jueyun Chili×10 Jueyun Chili

Slime Condensate×15 Slime Condensate

Phase 3Level 5060,000

Agnidus Agate Fragment×6 Agnidus Agate Fragment

Everflame Seed×4 Everflame Seed

Jueyun Chili×20 Jueyun Chili

Slime Secretions×12 Slime Secretions

Phase 4Level 6080,000

Agnidus Agate Chunk×3 Agnidus Agate Chunk

Everflame Seed×8 Everflame Seed

Jueyun Chili×30 Jueyun Chili

Slime Secretions×18 Slime Secretions

Phase 5Level 70100,000

Agnidus Agate Chunk×6 Agnidus Agate Chunk

Everflame Seed×12 Everflame Seed

Jueyun Chili×45 Jueyun Chili

Slime Concentrate×12 Slime Concentrate

Phase 6Level 80120,000

Agnidus Agate Gemstone×6 Agnidus Agate Gemstone

Everflame Seed×20 Everflame Seed

Jueyun Chili×60 Jueyun Chili

Slime Concentrate×24 Slime Concentrate

LevelMora CostRequired Materials
Level 212,500

Teachings of Diligence×3 Teachings of Diligence

Slime Condensatex6 Slime Condensate

Level 317,500

Guide to Diligence×2 Guide to Diligence

Slime Secretions×3 Slime Secretions

Level 425,000

Guide to Diligence×4 Guide to Diligence

Slime Secretions×4 Slime Secretions

Level 530,000

Guide to Diligence×6 Guide to Diligence

Slime Secretions×6 Slime Secretions

Level 637,500

Guide to Diligence×9 Guide to Diligence

Slime Secretions×9 Slime Secretions

Level 7120,000

Philosophies of Diligence×4 Philosophies of Diligence

Slime Concentrate×4 Slime Concentrate

Dvalin's Claw×1 Dvalin's Claw

Level 8260,000

Philosophies of Diligence×6 Philosophies of Diligence

Slime Concentrate×6 Slime Concentrate

Dvalin's Claw×1 Dvalin's Claw

Level 9450,000

Philosophies of Diligence×12 Philosophies of Diligence

Slime Concentrate×9 Slime Concentrate

Dvalin's Claw×2 Dvalin's Claw

Level 10700,000

Philosophies of Diligence×16 Philosophies of Diligence

Slime Concentrate×12 Slime Concentrate

Dvalin's Claw×2 Dvalin's Claw

Crown of Insight×1 Crown of Insight

Xiangling’s Build:

Coming soon…

Xiangling’s Stats and Talent Scaling:

Level/Ascend PhaseElemental Mastery BonusHPAttackDefense
level 10 Elemental Mastery91219 Attack56 Defense
level 200 Elemental Mastery2,34248 Attack144 Defense
Ascend Level 10 Elemental Mastery3,02463 Attack186 Defense
level 400 Elemental Mastery4,52994 Attack279 Defense
Ascend Level 224 Elemental Mastery5,013104 Attack308 Defense
level 5024 Elemental Mastery5,766119 Attack355 Defense
Ascend Level 348 Elemental Mastery6,411133 Attack394 Defense
level 6048 Elemental Mastery7,164148 Attack441 Defense
Ascend Level 548 Elemental Mastery7,648158 Attack470 Defense
level 7048 Elemental Mastery8,401174 Attack517 Defense
Ascend Level 672 Elemental Mastery8,885184 Attack546 Defense
level 8072 Elemental Mastery9,638200 Attack593 Defense
Ascend Level 796 Elemental Mastery10,122210 Attack623 Defense
level 90 HP96 Elemental Mastery10,875225 Attack669 Defense
Skill LevelPyro Damage Per Attack
Level 1111.28%
Level 2119.63%
Level 3127.97%
Level 4139.10%
Level 5147.45%
Level 6155.79%
Level 7166.92%
Level 8178.05%
Level 9189.18%
Level 10200.30%
Level 11211.43%
Level 12222.56%
Level 13236.47%
Level 14250.38%
Level 15264.29%
Skill Level1st Hit Swing Damage2nd Hit Swing Damage3rd Hit Swing DamagePyronado DMG%
Level 172%88%109.60%112%
Level 277.40%94.60%117.82%120.40%
Level 382.80%101.20%126.04%128.80%
Level 490%110%137%140%
Level 595.40%116.60%145.22%148.40%
Level 6100.80%123.20%153.44%156.80%
Level 7108%132%164.40%168%
Level 8115.20%140.80%175.36%179.20%
Level 9122.40%149.60%186.32%190.40%
Level 10129.60%158.40%197.28%201.60%
Level 11136.80%167.20%208.24%212.80%
Level 12144%176%219.20%224%
Level 13153%187%232.90%238%
Level 14162%198%246.60%252%
Level 15171%209%260.30%266%
Skill Level1st Hit Damage2nd Hit Damage3rd Hit Damage (2 hits combo)4th Hit Damage (4 hits combo)5th Hit Damage
Level 142.05%42.14%26.06% + 26.06% 14.1% x 471.04%
Level 245.48%45.57%28.18% + 28.18% 15.25% x 476.82%
Level 348.90%49%30.3% + 30.3% 16.4% x 482.60%
Level 453.79%53.90%33.33% + 33.33%18.04% x 490.86%
Level 557.21%57.33%35.45% + 35.45% 19.19% x 496.64%
Level 661.13%61.25%37.87% + 37.87% 20.5% x 4103.25%
Level 766.50%66.64%41.21% + 41.21%22.3% x 4112.34%
Level 871.88%72.03%44.54% + 44.54% 24.11% x 4121.42%
Level 977.26%77.42%47.87% + 47.87%25.91% x 4130.51%
Level 1083.13%83.30%51.51% + 51.51%27.88% x 4140.42%
Level 1189.85%90.04%55.68% + 55.68%30.14% x 4151.78%
Level 1297.76%97.96%60.58% + 60.58% 32.79% x 4165.13%
Level 13105.67%105.88%65.48% + 65.48%35.44% x 4178.49%
Level 14113.58%113.81%70.37% + 70.37%38.09% x 4191.85%
Level 15122.20%122.4575.72% + 75.72%40.98% x 4206.42%
Skill LevelCharged Attack Damage
Level 1121.69%
Level 2131.60%
Level 3141.50%
Level 4155.65%
Level 5165.56%
Level 6176.88%
Level 7192.44%
Level 8208.01%
Level 9223.57%
Level 10240.55%
Level 11260.01%
Level 12282.89%
Level 13305.77%
Level 14328.65%
Level 15353.61%
Skill LevelPlunge DamageLow Plunge DamageHigh Plunge Damage
Level 163.93%127.84%159.68%
Level 269.14%138.24%172.67%
Level 374.34%148.65%185.67%
Level 481.77%163.51%204.24%
Level 586.98%173.92%217.23%
Level 692.93%185.81%232.09%
Level 7101.10%202.16%252.51%
Level 8109.28%218.51% /272.93%
Level 9117.46%234.86% /293.36%
Level 10126.38%252.70%315.64%
Level 11135.30%270.54%337.92%
Level 12144.22%288.38%360.20%
Level 13153.14%306.22%382.48%
Level 14162.06%324.05%404.76%
Level 15170.98%341.89%427.04%

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