The Complete Eula Physical DPS Build Guide

Eula is the newest character added in Genshin Impact’s version 1.5. If you’re lucky enough to pull her from the Wish and are looking for the best build for her, this guide is for you.

In this post, I’ll show you the best Eula Physical Build. We’ll cover the recommended artifacts, weapons, talent priority and some tips when playing her as the main DPS.

If you’re looking for the best characters you can use along with this build, check out my other guide about Eula’s best team comp.

Due to how Eula’s elemental skill and burst work, the best build for her is, without a doubt, should be centered around boosting her Physical Damage.

Eula Physical Build Best Weapon Choices

Showing eula equipped with the song of broken pines 5-star weapon in genshin impact.

The best weapon for a physical build Eula is the Song of Broken Pines.

But not everyone can get their hands on that weapon.

So I decided to list the top weapon choices from 5-star down to 3-star rarities.

Top 3 5-star Weapons
Song of broken pines in-game icon.
Song of Broken Pines

Stat Bonus:
Up to 20.70% Physical Damage Bonus

Weapon Effect:
– Increase attack by 16%.

– Provides Sigil of Whispers charges when using normal or charged attack.

– Upon obtaining 4 charges of Sigil of Whispers, increase attack speed by 12% and attack by 20% for 12 seconds.

– Sigil of Whispers can only trigger once every 0.3 seconds.

– Buffs from collecting 4 charges of Sigil of Whispers can only trigger once every 20 seconds.
The unforged in-game icon.
The Unforged
(2nd Best Choice)

Stat Bonus:
Up to 49.60% Attack Percentage Bonus

Weapon Effect:
– Increase shield strength by 20%

– Hitting an opponent increases attack by 4% for 8 seconds.

– Maximum of 5 stacks (max 20% attack at refine level 1)

– Triggers once every 0.3 seconds.

– Doubles the attack increase of the 2nd effect when protected by a shield.
Wolf's gravestone in-game icon.
Wolf’s Gravestone
(3rd Best Choice)

Stat Bonus:
Up to 49.60% Attack Percentage Bonus

Weapon Effect:
– Additional 20% Attack.

– Hitting an enemy with less than 30% HP will increase the attack of the whole party by 40% for 12 Seconds.

– The 2nd effect triggers once every 30 seconds.

The Wolf’s Gravestone and Unforged have the same base attack. But the Unforged’s effect is a bit better, making it an excellent alternative for the Song of Broken Pines.

Wolf’s gravestone will still perform better than most 4-star weapons. So if you have this, definitely use it for Eula.

Unfortunately, all 5-star weapons are equally hard to get without the rate boost banner. So it is worth looking for a 4-star alternative if you missed the Song of Broken Pine’s rate-up banner.

Top 3 4-star Weapons
Snow-tombed starsilver in-game icon.
Snow-Tombed Star Silver

Stat Bonus:
Up to 34.50% Physical Damage Bonus

Weapon Effect:
– Normal and charged attack has 60% chance to generate an Everfrost Icicle.

– Everfrost Icicle deals 80% attack damage in a small area of effect.

– Enemies affected by Cryo will instead take 200% attack damage.

– Effect can only occur once every 10 seconds.
Serpent spine in-game icon.
Serpent Spine
(2nd Best Choice)

Stat Bonus:
Up to 27.60% Critical Rate

Weapon Effect:
– Gain 6% more damage and take 3% more damage for every 1 second the character is on the field.

– Maximum of 5 stacks.

– Stacks are reduced when your character takes damage.

– Stacks are not reset even if the character leaves the field.
Prototype aminus in-game icon.
Prototype Archaic
(3rd Best Choice)

Stat Bonus:
Up to 27.60% Attack Bonus

Weapon Effect:
– Normal and Charged Attack has 50% chance to 240% attack damage within a small AoE.

– This effect can only trigger once every 15 seconds.

Snow-Tombed Star Silver is the best out of all the 4-star alternatives for a Eula physical build. This is mostly due to the 200% additional damage you can potentially trigger every 10 seconds.

This effect is practically made for Eula. So if you don’t have a 5-star weapon, this is still a great alternative. At Refine Level 5, this weapon can outperform Wolf’s Gravestone at R1.

But some of us (me) are not lucky enough to even have an extra claymore blueprint. So we’d have to look to the second-best alternative, the Serpent Spine.

Serpent Spine’s critical rate is really good for the late-game scaling. And it can even potentially rival the Song of Broken Pines if you can refine it to R5 and get its max stack.

However, it is not very reliable due to the downside of its effect. And it is pretty hard to get its max stack if you are constantly switching. You can mitigate this by using characters that can provide constant shields like Zhongli.

But doing this also has its downside:

You’ll be forced to rely on Eula’s elemental skill to recharge her own elemental burst instead of generating energy through switching. This will make the elemental burst charge longer and consequently lower your damage per second average.

For the 3rd choice, I’m actually looking at either Prototype Archaic or the Sacrificial Greatsword.

The Sacrificial Greatsword can solve the high energy requirement for Eula’s elemental burst but you’ll lose some of your attack power. On the other hand, the Prototype Archaic’s effect is too good to pass up.

Plus, you can solve the energy generation problem by simply adding another Cryo character to your party. So I chose Prototype Archaic as the 3rd best option.

And although Prototype Archaic’s attack percentage bonus is not as great for the late-game scaling, it is a great option for F2P players if you already have it. But if have a spare claymore blueprint, it is better to craft the Snow-Tombed Star Silver instead.

Top 2 3-star Weapons
Skyrider greatsword in-game icon.
Skyrider Greatsword

Stat Bonus:
Up to 43.90% Physical Damage Bonus

Weapon Effect:
– Normal and charged attack increases attack by 6% for 6 seconds.

– Max 4 stacks.

– This effect only trigger once every 0.5 seconds.
Debate club in-game icon.
Debate Club
(2nd Best Coice)

Stat Bonus:
Up to 35.20% Attack Bonus

Weapon Effect:
– Deals an additional 60% attack damage in a small AoE when using an elemental skill, normal or charged attack.

– Damage can only trigger once every 3 seconds.

Since 4-star weapons can be easily acquired mid-game, I only recommend using these two 3-star weapons as your early game equipment.

They will serve as your disposable weapon until you get enough materials to craft a 4-star weapon or pull other weapons from the Wish.

Tip: Feel free to enhance either of the 3-star weapon and any 4-star artifact you can get.

Later in the game, you can use them as part of the enhancement materials.  Those enhanced weapons and artifacts will give high weapon exp points for the equipment you're upgrading.

So you're not really wasting anything should you decide to upgrade some early game equipment to make the game easier when starting out.
Showing eula equipped with the 4-piece pale flame artifact set in the genshin impact's character window.

Using the same artifact to get the set bonus is the best way to boost damage without investing lots of Mora or real-world money.

For a Eula Physical build, the best set you can use is the 4-piece Pale Flame Set.

Pale flame flower slot in-game icon.
4-Piece Pale Flame Set

2-piece set effect:
Physical Damage +25%

4-piece set effect:
When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, the attack is increased by 9% for 7 seconds.

This effect stacks up to 2 times and can be triggered once every 0.3 seconds.

Once 2 stacks are reached, the 2-set effect is increased by 100%.
Pale flame flower slot in-game icon.
2-piece Pale Flame

2-piece Set effect:
Physical Damage +25%


Bloodstined chivalry flower slot in-game icon.
2-piece Blood-Stained Chivalry
2-piece Set Effect:
Physical Damage +25%

When you activate Pale Flame’s 4-piece set effect, you can get an additional 18% bonus attack, plus you get a total of 50% Physical Damage bonus.

On the other hand, the 2-piece Pale Flame plus the 2-piece Blood-Stained Chivalry gives a consistent 50% Physical Damage bonus. You lose the 18% bonus attack but you get the 50% physical bonus consistently.

You might be tempted to go with the 2-piece combo set because of its stability. Not to mention, it is far easier to farm those artifacts if you only need 2 of each per set.

But if you unlock Eula’s Wellspring of Warlust passive talent, you can easily activate the 4-piece effect of Pale flame when you needed it the most.

This passive talent resets the cooldown of Eula’s elemental skill upon using her elemental burst.

This effect will undoubtedly give an unprecedented boost to the Lightfall Sword effect of Eula’s elemental burst.

Choosing the right set bonus and getting the recommended primary stat and sub-stat go hand in hand.

Below is a chart describing the recommended main stat and sub-stats priority you want to get for each artifact:

Artifact SlotRecommended Main StatRecommended Sub-Stat Priority
Flower artifact piece icon in genshin impact
HP (Fixed)Critical Rate and Critical Damage
Plume artifact piece icon in genshin impact
Attack (Fixed)Critical Rate and Critical Damage
Hourglass artifact piece icon in genshin impact
Attack Percent BonusCritical Rate and Critical Damage
Goblet artifact piece icon in genshin impact
Physical Damage BonusCritical Rate and Critical Damage
Circlet artifact piece icon in genshin impact
Critical Rate if you have lower than 60%-70% overall for this stat.

Critical Damage if you have a higher than 60%-70% Critical Rate
Critical Rate and Critical Damage

The hardest artifact to get here is the Goblet with a Physical Damage as the main stat and the circlet with Crit Rate or Crit Damage main stat.

You only need 4 of the same set. So if you have to choose which one will come from a different artifact set, choose either a Goblet or the Circlet.

As for the circlet’s main stat, it depends on the current critical rate and critical damage stat ratio of your character. You want to get a good balance of critical rate and critical damage to raise your damage per second.

The same is true for the sub-stat of each of your artifacts. But you don’t have much control over this one. So the best you can do is hope that each 4th enhancement will increase either the critical rate or critical damage.

A good rule of thumb is to get at least a 60-70% critical rate before focusing on critical damage.

Eula inherently gets an increase on her critical damage bonus starting at character ascension level 2. This means it would be harder to boost her critical rate than boost her critical damage.

Tip: Getting the right artifact with the correct main-stat and perfect sub-stat is extremely hard.
The most important thing is getting the right primary stat on the suitable artifact set. Having this is enough to finish the hardest content in the game, like the Spiral Abyss.
So the sub-stats can go in the back-burner, at least until you've farmed enough equips for your support characters.
Building up the artifacts for your support characters will do more for your overall DPS than getting good equips for one character only.

Early Game Artifacts

During the early phase of the game, just equip whatever artifact you can get your hands on. As long as you enhance one of the 3-star weapons I’ve recommended above, you should do just fine.

And as you progress further, you’ll start getting 4-star artifacts. You’ll do well with a 2-piece Berserker and 2-piece Gladiator set. But the optimal set is still the one I’ve recommended above.

At this point, you should enhance them as long as it matches the main stat from the table above. Do this regardless of the set or sub-stat.

You can be a little lenient on the Circlet slot and an attack percentage main stat will be good enough.

As mentioned earlier, you can use them as part of the enhancement material if you come across a better artifact or one that matches the recommended set.

At AR 30, you will start getting some 5-star artifacts from domains. Only enhance 5-star artifacts if they have a good main stat. Otherwise, stick with your upgraded 4-star.

Most of the game content, except for the Spiral Abyss, is not that hard. So do this until you get to Adventure Rank 45, where you are guaranteed to get 5-star artifacts on any domain.

Eula Talent Priority

Showing the in-game damage scaling for eula's elemental burst in genshin impact.

The level of your character’s talent plays a huge role in increasing the overall damage potential. This effect is especially true for characters whose role is to be the main DPS, such as Eula.

As such, you want to level up all Eula’s talents as high as you can.

But given that you will need boss materials starting at talent level 7, you want to plan which skill you want to level up first.

Here’s a chart of the recommended talent leveling priority for Eula:

Talent NamePriorityTypeRecommend Max Level
Glacial illumination elemental burst
Glacial Illumination
1st PriorityElemental BurstLevel 10
Favonius bladework edel - eula's normal attack
Favonius Bladework – Edel
2nd PriorityNormal AttackLevel 9
Icetide vortex elemental skill
Icetide Vortex
3rd PriorityElemental SkillLevel 9

You want to distribute the talents evenly until level 6. Then level up both the elemental burst and normal attack evenly until level 9. 

Eula’s elemental burst deals absurd physical damage. Partner this with a team comp that lets you proc the Superconduct elemental reaction so you can boost this damage even further.

But the downside is, it requires 80 energy to activate. Thus, you want to find a way to do damage more reliably. That’s where your normal attack comes in.

On a side note, including another Cryo character in your party will serve as a powerful energy generator for Eula. You can check out my guide about energy recharge to know more about this.

Anyway, you can choose to leave normal attack at level 9 if you don’t want to consume the Crown of Insight for her. Unlike Xiao, Eula’s normal attack doesn’t impact her overall DPS the same way.

I would recommend leaving the elemental skill at level 6 for now.

While Eula’s elemental skill has pretty high damage scaling per level, its damage is based on the Cryo element.

If you’re worried about the physical damage dealt by the Hold option of her elemental skill, don’t be. The damage scaling of the Shattered Lightfall Sword is base on your elemental burst and NOT your elemental skill.

Furthermore, Eula is a claymore user. So the attack scaling of her normal attack is relatively high per talent level. Therefore, we will get more impact on leveling the elemental burst and physical normal attack first.

Keep in mind though that the elemental skill’s damage scaling is high enough that you don’t want it to leave it at level 6 forever. Plus, at 4 seconds cooldown time, its uptime frequency is pretty high.

If you want to see how her talent scales at higher levels, check out Eula’s character profile page.

Anyway, you want to level up her elemental skill talent once you’re done with the other two talents.

Tips for Playing Eula as the Main Physical DPS

Eula's elemental burst in-game animation.

Let me give you some quick tips when playing Eula as your physical damage-dealing main DPS.

These are pretty basic, but they will help you understand Eula’s gameplay as the main attacker nonetheless.

  • To maximize your damage, always use the Hold option of your elemental skill whenever you have 2 Grimheart charges.

  • Upon unleashing the elemental burst, try to land as many hits to your opponents as you can. You can do this by alternating your normal attack and elemental skill as soon as it finishes its cooldown.

  • Do not switch Eula out after using her elemental burst to avoid the Lightfall Sword from exploding prematurely.

  • When Eula is at least at character ascension 4, her elemental skill’s cooldown resets upon unleashing the elemental burst.


Optimizing Eula for the physical build maximizes the effects of all her talent arsenals.

Partner her with some good support characters and you got yourself a good lineup that can clear all floors of the Abyss Dungeon.

Did this build guide help? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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