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In this post, we’ll take a look at how energy recharge works, why you’ll want to invest in this stat and the nuances of energy generation.

What is Energy Recharge?

Energy Recharge is a stat that amplifies the base energy you gain from each elemental particle and orb. A higher energy recharge stat will allow your character to cast elemental burst at a higher rate.

This stat is closely tied to the energy generation mechanics of the game.

The Energy Generation Mechanics:

Elemental burst needs a certain energy cost before you can cast it.

Energy is an asset that enables the use of elemental burst for every character in the game. You gain this by picking up elemental particles or orbs during battle.

This is like the concept of mana points found in other games.

Let me explain this further.

Before casting your elemental burst, you will need to fill the energy gauge as shown in the image below.

This gauge is a visual representation of the energy cost of your skill. Depending on the particular character, the elemental burst will have a 40 to 80 energy cost.

To fill this gauge, you will need to generate elemental particles or elemental orbs.

How to generate energy consistently:

There are 4 consistent ways to generate elemental particles and orbs:

  • Using elemental skill – using elemental skills guarantees the generation of elemental particles.

    Characters that have the “charged” option will generate more energy if you choose to hold the elemental skill instead of just tapping them.

    There are exceptions for this such as Lisa’s skill. Her skill will only generate energy if you charge the skill first.

    A few others are Noelle and Barbara’s skills.
  • Normal Attack – Every 4th normal attack will generate 1 energy for the active character on the field. It is not shared across all characters and doesn’t generate an elemental particle.

    It is also unreliable due to the small energy it can provide. So, if you want to gain energy fast, you should not be relying on this method.
  • Damaging monsters – Dealing enough damage to an enemy will also drop elemental particles. The damage threshold varies depending on the monster but most monsters drop elemental particles once their HP is around 50%.
  • Defeating monsters – Killing a monster will always generate an elemental particle. Moreover, killing an elite monster will give you an elemental orb.

Energy generated through these methods varies on the type of elemental particle/orb. It also varies if the character is on or off the field.

How Energy Recharge Amplifies Energy Generation:

Elemental particles and orbs will increase the energy gauge for all characters in the party (both on and off-field)​​​​​​​. So the energy recharge stat will also work even if the character is not in the field.

However, the active character in the field will regenerate more energy than the rest of the party. Also, you get more energy if the elemental particle matches the element of your character.

Any energy you gain is then further enhanced by your energy recharge stat. By the way, all characters in the game start with a base energy recharge stat of 100%.

Below is a chart showing the energy you gain for your whole party at base energy recharge and with each type of elemental particle/orb:

On-Field CharacterOff-Field Character
TypeSame ElementDifferent ElementSame ElementDifferent Element
Element-Specific Particle2.
Element-Specifc Orb8.
Generic Particle1.
Generic Orb5.

At higher stat, you multiply the amount of energy you get for each particle by your energy recharge percentage stat.

Let us put this into context and use Xingqi’s elemental skill as an example.

Xingqi’s elemental burst has an 80 energy cost. Whenever you use his skill, it will generate 5 water elemental particles.

At base energy recharge stat, you will gain 13.5 energy every time you use his skill. Meaning it will take about 6 elemental skill cycle before you can use his elemental burst.

At 200% energy recharge stat, every particle will give you double energy. This means you will only need 3 cycles of elemental skill at most to get your elemental burst up again.

Elemental Particle vs Elemental Orb:

Elemental particles provide a smaller amount of energy than elemental orbs. And unlike elemental particles, you need to walk near elemental orbs before you can gain energy from them.

Both can either be element-specific or generic.

Generic vs Element-Specific Particles:

Element-specific particles will provide more energy with the matching element of your character. But, it will also give less energy to characters that aren’t matching its element.

On the other hand, generic particles will provide an equal amount of energy regardless of the element. But it will also provide lesser energy.

Generic orbs are white colors and do not represent any element. While element-specific particles will have the same color as the element they represent.

5 Ways to Increase Energy Recharge Stat:

There are a couple of ways to increase your energy recharge stat.

These are:

1. Energy Recharge on artifact set bonus

In the early game, the easiest way to increase this stat is by using The Exile and Scholar artifact set.

Both sets give the following bonus:

Artifact Set2-set bonus4-set bonus
The ExileEnergy Recharge +20%Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for all party members (excluding the wearer) every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. This effect cannot stack.
ScholarEnergy Recharge +20%Gaining Energy gives 3 Energy to all party members who have a bow or a catalyst equipped. Can only occur once every 3 seconds.

This is great since you do not need to enhance or refine anything to get a boost in your energy recharge.

Both sets only have a maximum rarity of 4-star. Thus, this isn’t the ideal set if you want to maximize each of your character’s stats.

The problem is, none of the 5-star artifacts has the effect that the exile and scholar artifacts give.

This leads us to the next way…

2. Energy Recharge as a main stat on hourglass slot

If you haven’t noticed it already, there are certain main stats that you can only get on certain slots.

Energy recharge, in particular, can only be acquired through the hourglass slot.

Check out my artifact database post to get more information for all the possible stats you can get with each slot.

Anyway, it might be a little difficult to hunt a 5-star artifact with this main stat. But it will be worth it since you will not be bounded by the 4-star artifact limitation.

3. Energy Recharge on artifact sub-stat

Having a 200% energy recharge for your support is enough in most cases. This is attainable using a weapon and an artifact with an energy recharge as the main stat.

If you want to go even further, you can also try to get energy recharge as part of the sub-stat.

Note though that sub-stat is random on any artifacts. Moreover, enhancement increases the effect of only 1 sub-stat every 4 levels and on random too.

This makes this the hardest method to increase your energy recharge.

Unless you’re done building up all other characters on your team, this method is not recommended. You can always use an enhanced artifact as material for a better item later.

For now, use what you can then worry about getting that perfect sub-stat later.

4. Energy Recharge Weapons

Like artifacts, certain weapons also increase energy recharge as the main stat. The more you enhance them, the more you can increase your energy regeneration rate.

But due to the difficulty of attaining 5-star weapons in the game, you might have to settle for 4-star weapons for this one.

Here is the list of weapons that increases energy recharge and how to get them:

Weapon NameWeapon TypeRarityHow To Acquire
Sacrificial Bow
Sacrificial Bow
Favonius Warbow
Favonius Warbow
Wine and Song
Wine and Song
Favonius Codex
Favonius Codex
Otherworldly Story
Otherworldly Story
Favonius Greatsword
Favonius Greatsword
Sacrificial Greatsword
Sacrificial Greatsword
Skyward Pride
Skyward Pride
Favonius Lance
Favonius Lance
Prototype Grudge
Prototype Grudge
Skyward Spine
Skyward Spine
Favonius Sword
Favonius Sword
Sacrificial Sword
Sacrificial Sword
Skyrider Sword
Skyrider Sword
Skyward Blade
Skyward Blade

TIP: The Sacrificial weapon series can perform better than a 5-star weapon due to its effect.

At refine level 1, it has a 40% chance to reset the elemental skill of your character. This will allow you to generate elemental twice as fast if it triggers. This is super good and definitely recommended for your support characters.

You can check out my Genshin Impact weapons database post for a list of all weapons you can find in the game including their effects.

5. Characters with Energy Recharge ascension

There are also some characters that will increase energy recharge during character ascension.

These characters are:

  • Bennett
  • Kaeya
  • Mona
  • Venti

These characters usually work best if you can cast your elemental burst at a higher rate. So it’s a great idea to increase their energy recharge stat further.

Tricks to recharge energy faster:

Now that we understand energy recharge down to the bone, let me share some extra tips to increase your elemental burst uptime even more.

  • When using elemental skills, do not switch right away to other characters until you get the elemental particles he/she generated. This will ensure a faster accumulation of energy. Otherwise, most particles are wasted for the non-matching character elements.

  • Having at least 2 characters with the same element will help with elemental resonance. But even better, it is also great for your energy generation tactics.

  • If you’re in dire need of elemental burst for a certain character, try switching to that character as soon as you pop the elemental skills of others. This trick is even better if the characters have the same element or once you killed some monsters on the field.

Is the Energy Recharge stat worth it?

The energy recharge stat is worth investing in for support characters. Having a high energy recharge will dramatically increase your elemental burst’s uptime. This, in turn, will indirectly increase your damage per second or character effectiveness.

It is especially good for your healers and other characters that deal explosive damage through the elemental burst.

Even your main DPS character can enjoy this stat. I would, however, recommend having this on a sub-stat only. Then focus on attack-related stats for the main.

6 thoughts on “Genshin Impact Energy Recharge: The Ultimate Guide”

    1. Glad to hear that! Oh yea, Benny could benefit a lot with Energy Recharge. Unlimited Fantastic Voyage!

  1. umm, how about characters with skills that are passive like hutao? Is it gonna be solely random generated on basic attacks or her skills? I tried her blossom damage and it doesnt generate energy particle.

    1. Hi Firdaus! For Hutao specifically, she generates 3 elemental particles on the first hit (either normal attack charged or plunge) after activating her elemental skill. Then another 3 particles if you manage to land a hit (last hit) before the buff from the elemental skill expires.

  2. I want to use Sucrose as a battery for my spiral abyss team with Xiao as the main DPS. From reading your article, this is my understanding. Please tell me if/where I got lost.
    Every elemental skill generates a set number of elemental particles. When Sucrose uses her Skill, she generates 4 anemo particles and if she stays on the field to receive them, she will gain energy (energy gained = Sucrose’s ER * 2.7 * number of particles) while Xiao will also gain back some energy (energy gained = Xiao’s ER * 2.4 * number of particles).
    If I instead switch to Xiao to receive the particles, I should receive a larger amount of energy (energy gained = Xiao’s ER * 2.7 * number of particles).
    Based on this, am I correct to conclude that if I use Sucrose as a battery for Xiao, it won’t batter how much ER I stack on Sucrose and should instead focus on how often I can get her to use her Skill?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Great question! I should probably add a line or two in the article to provide more clarity on this mechanic.

      But to answer your question, yes, this is spot on.

      The actual amount of energy that a character can receive, whether they are on or off the field, will depend solely on that specific character’s energy recharge stat. So yes, Sucrose’s ER will not matter if you plan to use her as a battery for Xiao.

      A better alternative is to equip her with the Sacrificial Fragment so you can generate more elemental particles for Xiao. Then for her stats, just focus on Elemental Mastery as your first priority.

      Hope this helps and thank you so much for dropping by!

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