The Ultimate Reroll Guide in Genshin Impact

Do you want to get Jean, Keqing, Diluc or any other 5-star character without spending a dime in Genshin Impact? Then you may want to do the reroll method.

In this post, I’ll show you how rerolling works, the fastest way to do it and some tips to maximize your reroll on each account.

NOTE: As of version 1.1, Mihoyo removed the free Intertwined Fates. Starting this version, the total wishes you can make were reduced from 40+ wishes to 14+ wishes at most upon reaching AR7. This makes doing reroll extremely hard and not recommended anymore.

But should you choose to still do it anyway, everything else is still accurate and the speedrun guide can still help.

What is Reroll and how does it work?

Maximizing free intertwined fate in genshin impact

In Genshin Impact, rerolling is a method used to try and get your desired 5-Star character or weapon by taking advantage of the free Intertwined Fate, Acquaint Fate and Primo Gems given to new players once they reach an adventure rank level 7.

These items will be used to have a chance to roll 3 to 5-star characters or weapons through the “Wish” menu of the game.

Basically, you will use up all your “free rolls” and if you did not get the character you wanted, you will create a new account to start over. You will do this until you’re satisfied with the result.

This method allows players to get multiple chances of getting their favorite characters without spending an astronomical amount of money in Genshin Impact.

To be clear, rerolling isn’t something unique to this game. In fact, this method has existed and been used by a lot of gamers since the dawn of Gacha games.

Why Should you reroll?

In a lot of Gacha games, including Genshin Impact, getting epic characters or weapons is super hard to attain in your first few tries.

To give you an idea, here’s the current drop rate for taking your chances in the Wish system of Genshin Impact:

Including Guarantee
5-star characters
and weapons
4-star characters
and weapons
3-star characters
and weapons

To have a chance at getting a 5-star character, you will need either an Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate and use it in the Wish menu. 1 item is equal to one wish.

You can also convert Primo Gems into either of the mentioned items to get an additional wish. Or pay real-world money to get Genesis Crystals and convert them into primo gems.

With the exception of Genesis Crystals, these items are acquired as a reward for finishing various quests, and opening chests scattered on the world map. Needless to say, obtaining these items will take quite a bit of time.

Doing the reroll method gives you multiple chances to try and get your desired character without spending a dime.

The great thing about Genshin Impact’s wish system is that you’ll get a guaranteed 4 or 5-star drop for every 10 tries. So doing the reroll method really gives you a higher chance to get what you want before starting the game for real.

Will you get banned from Rerolling?

Basically, Mihoyo still holds the right to ban accounts if they suspect that you are buying/selling accounts. But rerolling is totally okay as long as you don’t plan to sell it.

From the Mihoyo Forum website, a user named Lichtはな shared his email conversation with a Mihoyo Customer Representative.

Here’s a line from that conversation:

While the Terms of Service asks you to not share/buy/sell accounts, or that will result in an instant ban, the same is not true for rerolling. Though we highly recommend to avoid rerolling, as multiple account making can be seen as trying to create accounts in order to sell them.

If you want to check the actual forum conversation, click here.

Anyway, I believe this is a smart move from Mihoyo towards getting more paying players hooked into their game.

You won’t be getting everything you want from using the reroll method anyway. At most, it will only give you the best starting point. You will still have to grind, explore and hunt bosses if you want to make your character stronger.

But if a player gets something they want through rerolling, they are more likely to stay in the game. And in the future, they might even consider purchasing some in-game items.

Also, massive account banning will sometimes breed contempt from the players. It doesn’t matter if they violated something from the ToS or how good the game is. Some players will just quit right then and there if they feel it is unfair.

And let’s face it, some players will still totally get away with methods like this even if a game company is strict with its rules. If you can’t fight it, embrace it, right?

How to Reroll fast

Gaining adventure exp from finishing a dungeon in genshin impact

As mentioned earlier, obtaining enough primo gems to actually get a couple of rolls will be time-consuming. However, due to the new-launch event, you will get at least 44 rolls just by reaching adventurer rank level 7.

So if you are determined to get a 5-star character, you’ll want to level your adventurer rank as fast as possible and then reroll if you couldn’t get it.

To do that, only do the main quest and only get the chest and waypoints along the way. But avoid any monster encounter on the world map.

The most straightforward way is to just finish all 3 dungeons from the quest given to you by Jean. You will level up to level 6 and 3/4 after doing all those.

Then once you completed those, teleport back to Mondstadt and talk to Katheryne from the Adventurer’s guild to get your adventurer’s handbook.

Open your adventurer’s handbook and claim all rewards. This should boost you to level 7 adventurer rank afterward.

Then just claim all the rewards from your mail and use all primo gems, Intertwined Fate, Acquaint Fate from the Wish menu and hope for the best.

But if you want to get to adventurer rank faster, you may want to do a speed run.

Reroll Speedrun Guide

For this speedrun guide, you will effectively skip one of the three dungeons from the main quest provided by Jean. This is a little more methodical than just doing the main quest so make sure to refer to this post while doing the reroll run.

I will only focus on the chests, waypoints, Anemoculus or other important things that you should keep an eye out. I’ll leave out the little details to you as you follow the main quest.

Think of it as pointers while doing your main quest rather than a full walkthrough.

Here’s how you do it:

Prologue/Tutorial/Journey to Mondstadt

Fighting storm terror from the main quest

The game will start with a cinematic scene. You’ll get a couple of these throughout your gameplay and there is no way to skip them. You can force to skip it by closing your application and then returning the game.

But if you’re playing on a mobile phone, it might take longer to load rather than waiting for the scene to end. Plus you’re only saving a few seconds even on a PC so it’s not worth it.

  • Once you gain control of your character, follow Paimon’s instructions on casting skills and activating waypoints. Here’s a tip: Using dash on intervals rather than sprinting is actually faster. It’s very useful even if you’re not doing a speed run.

  • Once you reach the cliff, Paimon will trigger another cutscene. You will see a common chest just before you reach the statue. You can try and get it but make sure you won’t stray too far from Paimon or you will have to restart.

    That chest is not important for this speedrun anyway so it doesn’t matter if you miss it.

  • After Paimon’s tutorial about the elemental skill, you should find a common chest just before you get a quick cutscene of the Stormterror dragon.

  • Once you meet Amber, you will get a common chest but more importantly, you should encounter a waypoint on your way to the Hilichurl camp. Make sure you activate it.

  • Once you’ve cleared the camp, teleport back to the waypoint that we’ve just activated earlier. Then move to your left towards the trees.

    Beyond there, you should see a barrel and an NPC called Lynn. Investigate the barrel and get the fowl and the mushrooms.

    Then cook the Chicken-Mushroom Skewer once. Next, talk to Lynn twice. One for obtaining the cooking quest, and one for finishing it.

    At this point, you should be at Adventurer Rank level 4. If not, then you missed a chest from the previous instructions.

  • Go to Modstadt to trigger another cutscene with Amber. After this, she will ask you to meet her at the top section of Modstadt.

    Press “J” to pull up your quest dialogue and get a pointer helper that will guide you through the specified location. It’s like Google ways but you get cool little yellow trails as your guide.

    Anyway, climb up the wall beyond the fountain and you should see a waypoint to your right. Make sure you activate it then proceed to the designated area of your meeting with Amber.

  • You can cut down the time you spend with the glider tutorial. To do that, use your glider to satisfy the quest. Then quickly move back to the platform you started.

    Next, teleport to the waypoint we’ve activated earlier then talk to Amber.

    After this, you’ll be tasked to defeat the Stormterror dragon and you’ll be stuck with a really long cutscene.

  • After the cutscene with Kaeya, you will unlock the Dressing Room menu. Before going to the Knights of Favonious Headquarters, make sure to activate the waypoint near you.

    From your position after the cutscene, you should see a big building on the other side. Your goal is to climb the top of that building.

    But you also have to make sure you’d have enough stamina to climb it to save time. To do that, choose to jump nearest to the right-most area of the building. And make sure that you’ll land near the window. 

    Just mix a combination of climbs and jump until you reach the top. Also, you should be able to replenish your stamina during your climb if you manage to choose the right spot to climb.

  • Once you activate the waypoint from the top, make sure to also get the Luxurious Chest on the area right below it.

    There’s also another common chest below the area of the luxurious chest. Make sure you don’t miss it too.

    Once you get both chests, you want to jump from the ledge near the common chest. And will find yourself in front of the Knight of Favonious office. Pretty, efficient, right?

  • After the meeting cutscene, teleport to the waypoint outside of Modstadt, this will save you a lot of time from walking to the first dungeon, the Temple of Falcon.

Temple of Falcon (Amber’s Assigned Dungeon)

Opening temple of falcon in genshin impact

In this section, I’ll give some suggestions to finish the Temple of Falcon a bit faster. But you could finish this dungeon as you normally would just as long as you don’t miss some of the chests.

  • Before you enter the huge door at the start, switch to Amber and charge your bow with fire. Then let go of your fire and burn the vines to your left and the vines on the right before entering the gate.

    Make sure to get the common chest to your right before entering the path to your left.

  • In the next area, you can save a few seconds by gliding straight to the Hirichurls on the lower platform.

    In this area, you can actually get two chests. The one protected with red runes can be unlocked after defeating the monster with a shield.

    The second one is behind you, it is in the opposite direction of the chest and hidden by explosives. You do not need to get that one as long as you got the first one at the beginning.

  • Once you clear the monsters in the area, quickly switch to Amber and charge your bow. Shoot the explosives near the monster on the right side.

    Make sure to wait for the barrel to explode before entering the area.

    You can avoid the mini-cutscene by doing it this way.

  • Then, a gate will open on the left side. Same as before, charge Amber’s bow before the gate opens then shoot for the red altar once it opens wide enough.

    If you can dash then quickly jump unto the wind current, you can also skip the mini cutscene.

  • Glide your way up to the platform above you. Then land on the ledge near the entrance. You don’t need to go all the way into the hall. Just shoot the Green Stone thingy with your charged shot from where you’re standing.

    This will trigger a cutscene and you will resume the game in front of the Precious Chest.

    Open it then leave the dungeon.

Temple of the Lion (Lisa’s Assigned Dungeon)

Opening temple of lion in genshin impact

This next section is where it gets tricky. This will include the path you’ll take from the world map where some chests and Anemoculus is all part of the speedrun.

  • From the position you spawned outside the Temple of Falcon, move directly to your left. Not long after, you should see a vine. Snipe it with Amber’s charged shot then open the common chest.

  • From the area with the common chest, you should see floating monsters at the top of the tree. Run straight to it then shoot them with your arrows.

    This will spawn an Exquisite Chest.

  • Once you open the Exquisite chest, you should also find an Anemoculus floating beside the tree on the fields below it.

  • Next, you should see the Statue of the Seven if you move your view around from the area where you found the Anemoculus.

    Go towards it and you should see another Anemoculus.

    Get it then activate the statue.

  • Click the statue and select Worship the Statue from the selection then offer all your Anemoculus.

    This is a very important step as this will open a wind current which is a shortcut to the Temple of Lion. You can also get another Anemoculus from riding that wind current but that’s for later.

  • Anyway, climb the huge tree behind the statue next. You should get another Anemoculus from one of its branches.

  • Once you got it, go to the opposite side. Then jump off and glide forward until you see another Anemoculus.

    To get that Anemoculus, walk towards the wind wisp from the ground then switch to your main character. Press your elemental skill to create a wind current so you can grab the floating Anemoculus.

  • Once you got the floating Anemoculus, glide to your left and run until you end up to the area with the wind current you saw from activating the Statue of Seven.

    Ignore any monsters or wild boar you’ll encounter along the way.

    You will know if you’re near the area I described once a big blue slime respawns.

  • Ride the wind current all the way to the top. Before getting to the max altitude, you should see an Anemoculus.

    If you missed it, simply look down and align yourself to the same position as the Anemoculus. Then use your plunging attack to force yourself downwards and obtain the item.

    Then go up again and move towards the Temple of Lion where you’ll meet Lisa.

  • Once you enter the dungeon, move towards Lisa then go to the path to your left.

    You should see a wind current up ahead. And to its right, there are a couple of crates. Destroy then and open the common chest.

    Then ride the wind current to access the platform above.

  • Once above, you should find the resurrection point. And if you look to your right, there is a group of crates where you’ll find another common chest.

    Get it then proceed to the gate.

  • The next area will be a challenge where you’ll need to defeat all Pyro Slimes within 20 seconds. Just make sure to activate the altar with Lisa’s normal charged attack then quickly charge Lisa’s elemental skill.

    Release it once it is fully charged then attack the slimes.

    Once cleared, get the common chest then proceed to the next area.

  • In the next area, use the same strategy. Fully charge Lisa’s elemental skill, then normal attack any leftover HP from the monsters.

    You will find another chest here if you target the exploding barrel. It’s not totally needed but I’d get it just for safety, it doesn’t hurt your speed of clearing the dungeon that much anyway.

  • In the next area, use the wind current to glide upwards but do not enter the hall you’ll see at the top. Instead, glide towards the left ledge and land from there.

    Next, follow where the ledge will lead you. Then once you’ve reached the edge, jump and use your glider forward. Make sure you have full stamina before gliding.

    Anyway, your guide here is the wall to your right. Just follow where it leads then once the wall ends, turn right and you should see a platform where you can land.

    You have effectively skipped the boss fight with the Large Hydro Slime doing it this way.

  • Now move your way through the moving platform and proceed to destroy the Green Stone to complete the dungeon. Open the chest to get 100 adventure exp then leave the domain.

  • Once you leave the dungeon, move to the path to your left and you should find an Anemoculus.

    You’ll also notice that you’re still at level 6 adventure rank.

    Don’t worry I got you covered.

  • Once you’ve obtained the Anemoculus, teleport back to the Statue of Seven. On your map, it’s the waypoint near the Windrise text.

    Offer all your Anemoculus to the statue which you boost you up to AR 7.

  • Teleport back to Mondstadt and claim your adventure rank reward from the Adventurer’s Guild

And that’s it for the speedrun! All that’s left is to claim your Primo Gems and Intertwined Fate from your mail.

Then go to the Wish menu and pray that you get the character you want.

How to Maximize your Free Rolls?

Exchanging stardust for acquant fate in paimons bargains

There isn’t really much you can do about maximizing your free wish rolls as of the version 1.1 update. You can potentially get more Primogems if there is an existing event when you made the character. This will get you up to 20 rolls if should you choose to make the wish on the Beginner’s banner.

But without counting any Primogems from events, the best you can get is about 14 wishes, 12 of which are Acquaint Fates within 30 minutes. This includes the extra wishes you can get if you use the Stardust exchange.

Okay, now that you dedicated about 30 minutes of your time leveling to AR 7, you want to maximize the number of Wishes you can make in a single account.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Use 10 wishes to the Beginner’s Wish menu using 8 Acquaint Fates.
  • Use 10 wishes to the Ballad in Goblets using the free Intertwined Fate.
  • Use 10 more wishes using your Primo Gems. You can use it on either the Ballad of Goblets or the Standard one.

    The standard one is better if you don’t want to get Venti. Venti’s chances are boosted by 50% in the Ballad of Goblet’s banner. But the actual chance to get a 5-star character remains the same.

    The 50% chance advertised in the banner only takes effect once you get the Gold Star which signifies you’ve managed to draw a 5-star character. Having Venti’s chances boosted at this point will only mess up your chances to get other characters like Keqing, Diluc or Mona.

  • You still have Primo Gems at this point. Now go to Shop>>Paimon’s Bargains>>Stardust Exchange. Exchange your stardust for 4 Acquaint Fates.

    This will give you enough Acquaint Fates to summon 10 more wishes from the Beginner’s Wish Banner.

  • Once you made your wish from the Beginner’s Wish Banner, go back to Paimon’s Bargains and exchange your stardust to as many as your leftover stardusts can for Acquaint Fates or Intertwined Fates.

    Note that you can only exchange 5 each per month.

When should you stop rerolling?

Ideally, you want to stop rerolling once you get a 5-star character that you like. But due to the reduced number of wish tries, I would NOT recommend rerolling altogether.

In my opinion, rerolling is not worth it if you’d be satisfied with 4-star characters. I mean, you can pretty much acquire them sooner or later since a 4-star character is guaranteed on every 10 wishes.

Here is the list of the current 5-star characters:

Tier List RankDescription
DilucPyro/ClaymoreSS– Extremely high damage output especially when paired with elemental reactions
– Melee attacks causes high damage especially after using the elemental burst
– Charge attack has the highest damage output out of all current characters
QiqiCryo/SwordSS– Very easy to cause elemental reactions through his elemental skill
– Regenerate HP of all members through his elemental skill
– Elemental skill remains even after switching
VentiAnemo/BowSSVery high damage output and the ultimate skill is very easy to full
KeqingElectro/SwordSS– Fast and flashy normal attacks
– Elemental skill has a very versatile function
– Can teleport using an elemental skill, which is very helpful for exploration
JeanAnemo/SwordS– Elemental skill can hold enemies for a long time
– Wind element works well with any elements
– Elemental burst provides very high healing to all parties
MonaHydro/CatalystS– Normal attack is hydro damage
– Great for mob control, the best non-healer support character
– Synergize well with other characters to cause elemental reactions

For me, I wanted to get Diluc before starting the game for real. Therefore I stopped rerolling once I got him.

I also got Mona and Jean on 2 separate accounts while recording a Youtube video of this same guide. Talk about lucky, eh?

But also consider the drop-rate charts I’ve included above. Then consider spending 30-40 minutes on each account. Will it be worth your time?

If you decide to do this, you better be extremely patient.


While it is still very possible to get 5-star characters right off the bat, the removal of the free Intertwined Fates reduced the number of wishes you can make from 40+ to only 14. Statistically speaking, this is about 3 times lower before the version 1.1 update.

At this point, I would not recommend doing rerolls. Instead, I would suggest playing normally and saving up Primogems until you have enough for the guaranteed 5-star drop.

It is still very possible to get 5-star characters right off the bat. But

With every account, you will get 40+ tries to obtain your target character. However, every account creation and grind to level 7 AR will take approximately 25 minutes or more even with a speed run.

And since the chances of getting 5-star characters are very low, you may have to dedicate a huge amount of time until you get satisfied.

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  1. Hi, thanks for leaving a comment. miHoYo indeed reduced the freerolls on version 1.1. I have updated the post and added a note to the introduction. In a nutshell, I would not recommend doing this method anymore.

  2. Hi, I tried rerolling recently but when I got to AR 7, I don’t get Paimon’s mail. Were there some things that have to be done or do I miss some things? Please guide me since I already made 2 new accounts and all of them don’t get Paimon’s mail even when I already advance to AR 10.

    • Unfortunately, as of patch version 1.1, they removed the bonus wishes so the most you can do with rerolling is about 14+ instead of 40 wishes. You may get additional Primogems depending on the currently active event when you rerolled but that’s it.

      We doubt you can get to 40+ wishes with those events so as mentioned at the beginning note on the post, we really don’t recommend rerolling anymore. The best way is to save up your Primogems for the rate-up banners and get enough rolls for pity.

      You are guaranteed a 5-star at 90 rolls but we notice that your rate of getting 5-star significantly goes up at 70+ rolls.


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