Kaeya: Talents, Ascension, Constellations
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Character Overview:

Kaeya Profile Picture

Frostwind Swordsman

Recommended Role:Support
Energy Generator
How to Acquire:Wish

Kaeya Skill Description:


Kaeya Elemental Skill - Frostgnaw

See the full talent scaling here

Cooldown:6 Seconds
Energy Generated:3 Cryo Elemental Particles

Unleashes a frigid blast, dealing Cryo Damage to all enemies in front of Kaeya.

This skill has the following quirks:

  • With the Cold-Blooded Strike passive talent unlocked, the skill will regenerate 15% of Kaeya’s attack into HP with each enemy you hit.

    The more enemies you hit with the elemental skill, the more HP you can regenerate.

  • With the Glacial Heart passive talent unlocked, freezing enemies with the skill will drop extra elemental particles.

    You can only generate 2 extra particles with each skill usage.

Glacial Waltz

Kaeya Elemental Burst - Glacial Waltz

See the full talent scaling here

Cooldown:15 Seconds
Duration:8 Seconds
Energy Cost:60 Energy

Kaeya fuses the frost in the air, summoning 3 icicles that revolve around him.

This elemental burst has the following quirks:

  • Each icicle will deal Cryo damage to all enemies it comes in contact for as long as the ability persists.

  • The icicles will remain active even if you switch active characters.

  • The elemental burst last for 8 seconds.

  • With the 2nd constellation unlocked, the elemental burst’s duration will extend by 2.5 second every time you defeat an enemy during its duration.

    The extended duration will trigger even if you use a different skill or character to defeat an enemy.

    Maximum extended duration is 15 seconds.

  • With the 6th constellation unlocked, Kaeya will summon 4 icicles instead of 3.

    Additionally, activating the skill will immediately regenerate 15 energy for Kaeya.

Ceremonial Bladework

Kaeya Normal Attack - Ceremonial Bladework

See the full talent scaling here

Normal Attack:

Performs up to 5 consecutive strikes.

With the 1st constellation unlocked, Kaeya gains a 15% increase in critical rate when attacking (either through normal attack or charged attack) enemies affected with the Cryo element.

Charged Attack:

Stamina Cost20 Per Second

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes.

Plunging Attack:

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE Damage upon impact.

Kaeya Passive Talents:


Kaeya's 1st Passive Talent - Hidden StrengthHidden Strength


Decreases sprinting Stamina consumption of your characters in the party by 20%.

This talent does not stack with Passive Talents that give the same effect.

Kaeya's 2nd Passive Talent - Cold Blooded StrikeCold-Blooded Strike

character ascension phase 1Every hit with Frostgnaw regenerates HP for Kaeya equal to 15% of his Attack.

Kaeya's 3rd Passive Talent - Glacial HeartGlacial Heart

character ascension phase 4Opponents Frozen by Frostgnaw will drop additional Elemental Particles.

You can only produce a maximum of 2 additional Elemental Particles with each use.

Kaeya Constellation Info:

Constellation LevelNameDescription

Kaeya's 1st Constellation - Excellent BloodC1

Excellent BloodThe Critical Rate of Kaeya's Normal Attack and Charge Attacks against opponents affected by the Cryo is increased by 15%.

Kaeya's 2nd Constellation - Never Ending PerformanceC2

Never-Ending PerformanceEvery time you defeat an enemy while the Glacial Waltz is active, its duration is increased by 2.5 seconds.

You can extend the duration for a maximum of 15 seconds.

Kaeya's 3rd Constellation - Dance of FrostC3

Dance of FrostIncreases the Level of Frostgnaw by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Kaeya's 4th Constellation - Frozen KissC4

Frozen KissWhen Kaeya's HP falls below 20%, generate a Frost Shield that lasts for 20 seconds.

The shield has the following properties:
  • Absorbs damage equal to 30% of Kaeya's Max HP.
  • The shield absorbs 250% of Cryo Damage more effectively.
  • Triggers only once every 60 seconds.

Kaeya's 5th Constellation - Frostbiting EmbraceC5

Frostbiting EmbraceIncreases the level of Glacial Waltz by 3. Max upgrade level is 15.

Kaeya's 6th Constellation - Glacial WhirlwindC6

Glacial WhirlwindGlacial Waltz will generate 1 additional icicle which will increase its overall DPS.

Additionally, casting the elemental burst will generate 15 Energy.

Kaeya Ascension Materials:

Ascension PhaseRequired LevelMora CostRequired Materials:
Phase 1Level 2020,000

Shivada Jade Sliver×1 Shivada Jade Sliver

Calla Lily×3 Calla Lily

Treasure Hoarder Insignia×3 Treasure Hoarder Insignia

Phase 2Level 4040,000

Shivada Jade Fragment×3 Shivada Jade Fragment

Hoarfrost Core×2 Hoarfrost Core

Calla Lily×10 Calla Lily

Treasure Hoarder Insignia×15 Treasure Hoarder Insignia

Phase 3Level 5060,000

Shivada Jade Fragment×6 Shivada Jade Fragment

Hoarfrost Core×4 Hoarfrost Core

Calla Lily×20 Calla Lily

Silver Raven Insignia×12 Silver Raven Insignia

Phase 4Level 6080,000

Shivada Jade Chunk×3 Shivada Jade Chunk

Hoarfrost Core×8 Hoarfrost Core

Calla Lily×30 Calla Lily

Silver Raven Insignia×18 Silver Raven Insignia

Phase 5Level 70100,000

Shivada Jade Chunk×6 Shivada Jade Chunk

Hoarfrost Core×12 Hoarfrost Core

Calla Lily×45 Calla Lily

Golden Raven Insignia×12 Golden Raven Insignia

Phase 6Level 80120,000

Shivada Jade Gemstone×6 Shivada Jade Gemstone

Hoarfrost Core×20 Hoarfrost Core

Calla Lily×60 Calla Lily

Golden Raven Insignia×24 Golden Raven Insignia

LevelMora CostRequired Materials
Level 212,500

Teachings of Ballad×3 Teachings of Ballad

Treasure Hoarder Insignia×6 Treasure Hoarder Insignia

Level 317,500

Guide to Ballad×2 Guide to Ballad

Silver Raven Insignia×3 Silver Raven Insignia

Level 425,000

Guide to Ballad×4 Guide to Ballad

Silver Raven Insignia×4 Silver Raven Insignia

Level 530,000

Guide to Ballad×6 Guide to Ballad

Silver Raven Insignia×6 Silver Raven Insignia

Level 637,500

Guide to Ballad×9 Guide to Ballad

Silver Raven Insignia×9 Silver Raven Insignia

Level 7120,000

Philosophies of Ballad×4 Philosophies of Ballad

Golden Raven Insignia×4 Golden Raven Insignia

Spirit Locket of Boreas×1 Spirit Locket of Boreas

Level 8260,000

Philosophies of Ballad×6 Philosophies of Ballad

Golden Raven Insignia×6 Golden Raven Insignia

Spirit Locket of Boreas×1 Spirit Locket of Boreas

Level 9450,000

Philosophies of Ballad×12 Philosophies of Ballad

Golden Raven Insignia×9 Golden Raven Insignia

Spirit Locket of Boreas×2 Spirit Locket of Boreas

Level 10700,000

Philosophies of Ballad×16 Philosophies of Ballad

Golden Raven Insignia×12 Golden Raven Insignia

Spirit Locket of Boreas×2 Spirit Locket of Boreas

Crown of Insight×1 Crown of Insight

Kaeya Builds:

Coming soon…

Kaeya Stats and Talent Scaling:

Kaeya gains Energy Recharge Bonus starting at Character Ascension Level 2.

Level/Ascend PhaseEnergy Recharge BonusHPAttackDefense
level 10% Energy Recharge97619 Attack66 Defense
level 200% Energy Recharge2,50648 Attack171 Defense
Ascend Level 10% Energy Recharge3,23562 Attack220 Defense
level 400% Energy Recharge4,84693 Attack330 Defense
Ascend Level 26.7% Energy Recharge5,364103 Attack365 Defense
level 506.7% Energy Recharge6,170118 Attack420 Defense
Ascend Level 313.3% Energy Recharge6,860131 Attack467 Defense
level 6013.3% Energy Recharge7,666147 Attack522 Defense
Ascend Level 513.3% Energy Recharge8,184157 Attack557 Defense
level 7013.3% Energy Recharge8,990172 Attack612 Defense
Ascend Level 620% Energy Recharge9,508182 Attack647 Defense
level 8020% Energy Recharge10,312198 Attack702 Defense
Ascend Level 726.7% Energy Recharge10,830208 Attack737 Defense
level 90 HP26.7% Energy Recharge11,636223 Attack792 Defense
Skill LevelSkill Damage
Level 1191.20%
Level 2205.54%
Level 3219.88%
Level 4239%
Level 5253.34%
Level 6267.68%
Level 7286.80%
Level 8305.92%
Level 9325.04%
Level 10344.16%
Level 11363.28%
Level 12382.40%
Level 13406.30%
Level 14430.20%
Level 15452.10%
Skill LevelSkill Damage
Level 177.60%
Level 283.42%
Level 389.24%
Level 497.00%
Level 5102.82%
Level 6108.64%
Level 7116.40%
Level 8124.16%
Level 9131.92%
Level 10139.68%
Level 11147.44%
Level 12155.20%
Level 13164.90%
Level 14174.60%
Level 15184.30%
Skill Level1st Hit Damage2nd Hit Damage3rd Hit Damage4th Hit Damage5th Hit Damage
Level 153.75%51.69%65.27%70.86%88.24%
Level 258.13%55.89%70.59%76.63%95.42%
Level 362.50%60.10%75.90%82.40%102.60%
Level 468.75%66.11%83.49%90.64%112.86%
Level 573.13%70.32%88.80%96.41%120.04%
Level 678.13%75.13%94.88%103%128.25%
Level 785%81.74%103.22%112.06%139.54%
Level 891.88%88.35%111.57%121.13%150.82%
Level 998.75%94.96%119.92%130.19%162.11%
Level 10106.25%102.17%129.03%140.08%174.42%
Level 11114.84%110.43%139.47%151.41%188.53%
Level 12124.95%120.15%151.74%164.73%205.12%
Level 13135.06%129.87%164.01%178.06%221.71%
Level 1445.16%139.59%176.29%191.38%238.30%
Level 15156.19%150.19%189.67%205.92%256.40%
Skill LevelDamage
Level 155.04% + 73.1%
Level 259.52% + 79.05%
Level 364% + 85%
Level 470.4% + 93.5%
Level 574.88% + 99.45%
Level 680% + 106.25%
Level 787.04% + 115.6%
Level 894.08% + 124.95%
Level 9101.12% + 134.3%
Level 10108.8% + 144.5%
Level 11117.6% + 156.19%
Level 12127.95% + 169.93%
Level 13138.3% + 183.68%
Level 14148.65% + 197.42%
Level 15159.94% + 212.42%
Skill LevelPlunge DamageLow Plunge DamageHigh Plunge Damage
Level 163.93%127.84%159.68%
Level 269.14%138.24%172.67%
Level 374.34%148.65%185.67%
Level 481.77%163.51%204.24%
Level 586.98%173.92%217.23%
Level 692.93%185.81%232.09%
Level 7101.10%202.16%252.51%
Level 8109.28%218.51%272.93%
Level 9117.46%234.86%293.37%
Level 10126.38%252.70%315.64%
Level 11135.30%270.54%337.92%
Level 12144.22%288.38%360.20%
Level 13153.14%306.22%382.48%
Level 14162.06%324.05%404.76%
Level 15170.98%341.89%427.04%

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