Ultimate Lynette Build Guide

In this article, we’ll delve into optimizing Lynette’s build, covering aspects such as recommended weapons, artifact sets, artifact main stats, sub-stats, and valuable tips.

If you’re looking to understand how Lynette’s kit works, talent scaling, constellations, and the necessary materials for leveling her up, be sure to refer to our article about Lynette’s character profile.

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Build Overview

For support builds, you want to focus on getting enough Energy Recharge to cast your elemental burst consistently.

You want to aim somewhere between 160 to 220% Energy recharge depending on your team comp and whether you unlocked her 4th constellation.

If you plan to use her as on-field DPS, just focus on increasing her Attack, Critical Rate and Critical Damage stat.

With that setup, having one more Anemo character is recommended to serve as her battery.

Talent Priority

Support Build

Lynnette's elemental skill icon.
Enigmatic Feint
Elemental SkillLevel 9-10
Lynnette's elemental burst icon.
Magic Trick: Astonishing Shift
Elemental BurstLevel 9-10
Lynnette's normal attack icon.
Rapid Ritesword
Normal AttackLevel 1 – 6

When leveling her talents, I recommend prioritizing her elemental skill and burst abilities.

If you intend to use her as a quick-switch character or energy battery, you can keep her normal attack at level 1.

DPS Build

Lynnette's normal attack icon.
Rapid Ritesword
Normal AttackLevel 9-10
Lynnette's elemental skill icon.
Enigmatic Feint
Elemental SkillLevel 9-10
Lynnette's elemental burst icon.
Magic Trick: Astonishing Shift
Elemental BurstLevel 9 – 10

If you have her at C6, it would make sense to level up her normal attack for some added Anemo applications on enemies.

Weapon Options

Support Build

Weapon NameEnergy Recharge
Favonius Sword61.3% Energy Recharge
Sacrificial Sword61.3% Energy Recharge
Skyward Blade55.1% Energy Recharge
Skyrider Sword51.7% Energy Recharge
Festering Desire45.9% Energy Recharge
Fleuve Cendre Ferryman45.9% Energy Recharge

As a support, your optimal weapon choices for Lynette are the Sacrificial Sword or Favonius Sword.

If you’re using either of these weapons and have unlocked her fourth constellation, aim an ER value between 160% to 180%.

This range should ensure consistent burst uptime, even if she’s the sole Anemo character in your team.

The Skyward Blade will also be a good weapon, giving Lynette greater damage than either of the prior weapons.

However, you will also lose some good energy regeneration effects, such as the white orbs produced by the Favonius Sword or the skill reset provided by the Sacrificial Sword.

So you will need higher ER stats, at least around 180%, if she’s the sole Anemo character in your team.

Other notable alternatives include the Fleuve Cendre Ferryman.

At refinement level 5, it grants an additional 32% Energy Recharge on top of the 49.9% provided by the weapon’s enhancement.

Another option is the Festering Desire, which enhances the damage output and boosts the critical rate of her elemental skill.

If you’re looking for a starter option, the Skyrider Sword is a good choice.

It’s only a 3-star option, but it can give Lynette up to 51.70% Energy Recharge at max weapon enhancement.

DPS Build

If you plan to use her as your main DPS, the Mistsplitter offers the highest damage potential.

You can also use the Primordial Jade Cutter to pump more Crit Rate instead.

Additional noteworthy 5-star choices include the Summit Shaper, Haran Geppaku Futsu, and Light of Foliar Incision.

Among the 4-star swords, the top contender is the Wolf-Fang Battle Pass weapon.

However, the newly introduced craftable weapon, Finale of the Deep, is a close runner-up.

The Black Sword and the Blackcliff Longsword are other solid alternatives to consider.

Here’s a quick comparison of all of these DPS weapon options:

WeaponEnigma Thrust
Damage Average
Bogglecat Box Tick
Damage Average
Normal Attacks Average
Mistsplitter Reforged
(3 Stacks Activated)
Primordial Jade Cutter20,0543,8313,437
Summit Shaper
(5 Stacks Activated)
Haran Geppaku Futsu
(2 Stacks Activated)
Light of Foliar Incision
(Effect Activated)
Finale of the Deep
(End Sublime Activated)
The Black Sword1585030282,981
Blackcliff Longsword
(Effect Not Activated)


For the artifact sets, the Viridescent Venerer set is typically the optimal choice for her supportive role.

Alternatively, if you have another Anemo unit utilizing the Venerer set, consider using the Noblesse Oblige set, which can amplify the attack of the entire party.

You can also focus on her personal damage with sets like the 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate to increase her ER and elemental burst damage.

Or use the Golden Troupe set, focusing on her elemental skill damage.

The 4-piece set is a viable option for enhancing normal and charged attack damage and increasing Critical Rate through the set’s 4-piece effect.

Statistically, it can potentially outscale other sets, particularly in terms of normal attack and elemental burst damage averages when accounting for the frequency of Critical Hits against enemies.

Moreover, the effects have a relatively short duration, leading to some inconsistency in maintaining the effect.

When you aggregate the damages from her elemental skill, elemental burst Anemo DoT damage and normal attack average for each artifact set, the resulting chart will look something like this:

Artifact SetEnigma Thrust
Damage Average
Bogglecat Box Tick
Damage Average
Normal Attacks Average
Virisdescent Venerer
(Set Effect Not Active)
Emblem of Severed Fate13,4523,2302,388
Golden Troupe
(Set Effect Not Active)
Marechaussee Hunter
(Set Effect Not Active)
Marechaussee Hunter
(With Crit Hits Average)

Take note that while the Venerer set did not perform too well in the data, its 40% elemental resistance reduction is a very valuable support debuff for your main DPS.

Optimal Artifact Main Stats and Sub-Stats

As previously mentioned, aiming for an Energy Recharge value between 160% and 200% is recommended.

If you’re utilizing an ER-focused weapon, consider selecting an Attack Sands, Anemo Damage Goblet, and a Critical Rate or Damage Circlet for the primary stats.

You can then fulfill the remaining ER needs through sub-stats.

However, if she serves as the lone Anemo character in your team and her 4th constellation remains locked, prioritizing an ER Sands might be more beneficial.

This approach helps prevent energy-related issues.

A solid uptime for Lynette’s elemental burst is still a little better than the damage scaling you’ll get from Attack Sands.

Alternatively, you can use Elemental Mastery for all your artifact’s main stats, focusing on Swirl Damage instead.

However, it might be better to equip those for characters that can fully utilize the EM stats, like Kazuha and Sucrose.

Optimally, you want to get as much Critical Rate and Critical Damage from the sub-stats.

But having Attack Percent or Energy Recharge sub-stats can also be beneficial.

EM is not optimal for sub-stats unless you’re pursuing an Elemental Mastery-focused build for your artifacts’ primary and sub-stats.

But of course, it’s all luck when it comes to sub-stats, so just go with the best available options until you get better ones.

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